Saturday, 21 November 2009

Wet, Wild and Windy.

The wind is howling, buffeting against the house with such force that it occasionally shakes from the onslaught. Rain pelts down turning the duckpond into a giant murky puddle where leaves surface only to be swooshed down once more as yet another heavy cloudful is thrown upon them. How different to yesterday, a day of sunshine and blue skies. Granny-mother and I took the two girls out for an afternoon trip to the beach to see if the breezy day would blow away the last of the poorliness, a need for fresh air after being shut inside for much of the week.

We grabbed some sweet cherry tomatoes and cucumber slices as well as somwe of the apple and sultana buns made earlier in the week from Lucy's very own recipe.

Our little waterbaby did her usual, stripping off tights and shoes to paddle her feet in the icy water. The tremendous winds of late have stripped much of the beach of sand leaving a rocky landscape we barely recognise. No doubt a change in wind direction will see its return some time soon as is usual at this time of year, but for now it is a lunar landscape most unfamiliar to the girls, but to be explored nonetheless.

Lucy sat mermaid-like on a rock to read her book which she is so enjoying that she whips it out at any and every possible moment to lose herself in its pages once more.

And Isabella hoisted the skirts of her ladybird outfit which she had been wearing for the day. Such a sweet sight to see a brightly clad ladybird skittering surefooted over the rocks complete with snug winter coat over the top!

At last the chill began to descend as the afternoon moved on and we headed to Granny-mother's for warm drinks and cake. Home once more, the girls played quietly, exhausted by their windy outing and I retreated to the kitchne to turn some windfall apples and the squash grown on our allotment into spicy chutney. I love chutney making as it takes me back to when I was a child, the smell drifting through the kitchen as my Mum did the same.

Such gorgeous colours

I intend to cosy up by the fire now and complete some Noel Christmas Tea Cosies ready for next week's orders. A lovely thing to be making on such a miserable dday.

Have a lovely weekend xx


  1. Well, your little invalids look like they are picking up a bit. All that sea air must be good for blowing the bugs away!

    Have a good weekend.

    Pomona x

  2. What a brave little girl to paddle at this time of year. If that doesn't kill all the germs nothing will!

    Nice to see them out and about after being poorly.

    What a lovely childhood you are giving your family, it's lovely to see.

    Sue xx

  3. Glad you all had a nice time yesterday - isn't it dire today? We have the wind lashing rain against the windows and especially on the Velux windows and it is dark so early too.

    Just for a brief moment when I saw your lovely chutney in the pan I thought there was a mouse included in your recipe!!

    Enjoy your evening with hatches all battened down and snug by the fire.


  4. Brrrr!!! Very cold to be barefoot on the non-sand. I never thought that the wind might blow the sand away! Lovely pictures as usual! xx

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day. I made chutney for the first time this year and it was so satisfying.just need to label them up for presents.Hope the wind calms down soon and the sand returns.

  6. I love chutney too. In fact I might have to go away and have some! glad the girls are better.

  7. I shivered when I thought of bare feet and legs in that cold water!
    Your tea cozies are lovely - I can almost smell the spiced tea.
    On Monday I'll be going to Cornwall - but in Ontario, and much colder than your Cornwall!

  8. Beautiful post, Pipany and I LOVE your tea cosie! I love chutney too.

  9. Goodness that little lass is brave - her feet must have been FREEZING! It's lovely to have taken a visit to your beach as ever. Your teacosy is very lovely - the delicate holly is perfect.

  10. Wow to go down to the beach ven in winter, that will blow the cobwebs away.
    Love the tea cosy too.

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