Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Views from the River Bank.

The tide was out and mud was present; thick, gloopy, squidgy river mud which for once had no particular smell. Penryn River Mud is somewhat renowned around here for that pungent pong of an ebbing tidal river. I, of course, quite like it.

Doesn't it make you want to stick you feet into it? Actually, now I think about it the river was flowing gently back in, not ebbing, the drift of the tide seeming not to move and yet rapidly setting the boats lined along the banks free from their muddy moorings.

I love the way boats tilt at almost impossible angles, waiting to come to life again like some sleeping ocean creature.

This houseboat fascinates me, though I have no idea why. I have walked along the bank where the path runs high above it many times and still am no wiser about it.

So pretty in all its guises: high or low tide, rain or sun, the river is just magical.

Well, that's me for today. Hopefully tomorrow will be a post about this and all things related

or maybe I have now guaranteed it won't happen just yet - curse my doubting heart. We'll see and in the meantime...

Have a lovely day x


  1. I'm sat at work at my desk. (Lunch hour I hasten to add!)reading this post, wishing I was there rather than in the office timetabling staff and paying invoices. Roll on next summer when I'll be back in Cornwall.


  2. hi pip,
    i have been reading about all your celebrations... 'happy birthday' davey! love the hallowe'en 'motly crew' too. looks like you had great fun.
    your home life and family are wonderful pip, as are you.
    i adore these sweet holly hearts.. hope the Christmas sales are going well,
    warmest wishes
    ginny and the girls xxx

  3. I have over stayed my lunch break too but enjoyed the riverside ramble Pipany. I too would find the house boat a source of interest probably coz I would give a whole lot to be able to live on one!

  4. Love those Christmas hearts! Love too the pics of the river - it's amazing those yachts just standing there so high out of the water isn't it? I could almost feel the squish of the mud between my toes and smell the seaweedy perfume!

    Jane x

  5. Hi pipany.
    Lovely pictures as always. Love the little hearts,what is it about hearts that is sooo appealing?!
    Are you going to be at the christmas vintage fair on the 14th?

  6. The river and boats look so appealing. I wish I lived near water but then I'd probably never come inside and work. The Christmas sachets are very pretty!

  7. Such lovely hearts and pictures.
    House boats facinate me too. I would like to try a holiday on a house boat someday. How lucky you are to be able to take a winter stroll along the river, it must really blow all the webs away! and make you feel alive.

  8. I would love to sit down or walk by a river and contemplate my surroundings. I am fascinated by boats and love to look at them but I cannot go on them unless they are moored! x

  9. I really love the Christmassy hearts - very pretty and festive!

    Pomona x

  10. Love those little Christmas hearts - look out for your postman - little parcel on its way!

  11. Couldn't resist on this cold dark and blowy evening a trip over to your sunny blog (It is always sunny in Cornwall) But do say sometime what river this is. I have no idea. I suppose you could make a tapestry of boats lying on their sides. Talking of which what might you have tucked away in your emporium of goodies that might be a useful contributor to Theo's stocking? Babbit is still going strong!

  12. Boats bob, bob, bobbing along - I could sit and watch those all day too.

    Have a lovely evening,

    Nina x

  13. Lovely sea views. You and Nina are making me long for the sea but I won't be there until next fall now. Beautiful embroidery as usual, Pipany.

  14. love the hearts - christmassy but not in your face!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Hi Pipany, beautiful hearts ! They are so festive xx

  16. Lovely pictures. I used to live near Walney Island and that too had boats moored in the bay that sat waiting for the tide to lift and right them back to their true positions, this post brought back so many happy memeories of walking hand in hand with Lovely Hubby when we first met.

    Thank you.

    Sue xx

  17. Hi Pipany
    I'm a new blogger and found yours recently from Sophie Perks Ward's blog. You make me feel very nostalgic as I grew up in Penzance with wonderful views of the boats in Newlyn harbour and St Michael's Mount. Luckily my parents are still there so I still get a fix once in a while! Keep up with the lovely photos!


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  19. Oops, told you I was new but hopefully you can find me now!!!


  20. Pipany, I love the slanting, tipsy boats, and agree that they are great subjects for some embroidery.

    Your holly berry hearts are perfect! I think that you will be making lots of them. xo

  21. Pipany, your river photos make me long for another trip to Cornwall ... we had lovely days by the Helford River and the Fal Estuary ... *sigh*. Wouldn't mind having a little nosey in that houseboat too!
    I love the delicate embroidery on those little hearts - they are going to be very popular I think.

    Jeanne x