Thursday, 26 November 2009

Focus on the Positive.

A sunny, crisp morning here today, so let's start with a cup of my current obsession: mango, orange and cinammon tea. So good that I am getting through boxes of the stuff.

No cake to offer though. This dismal sight greeted me which means baking is on the agenda I guess. What do we fancy? Lemon cake is appealing at the moment and I wonder if it is the need for bright zesty colours and enlivening tastes in these dark, wet months that suggests it to me.

I have had a quick ramble through the garden inspired by Pomona's wonderful post today. She took us on a tour of the amazing vegetables in her own plot, the leeks and cabbages and so much more. Instead of making me rue the fact that our allotment and garden haven't produced as much as we had hoped this year, Pomona's take on things made me focus on what we did gain: wonderful carrots and parsnips, spinach and potatoes, blackcurrants and gooseberries just for starters. I won't labour the point as I have recorded it all in far more detail in past posts. What I am trying to say is that instead of always feeling we could do more, I actually am pleased with all we do manage despite being so busy. We always grow a lot of our own fruit and veg, make wines, cordials and fruit gins, cook with our own produce and so what's to feel bad about? Thanks for the inspiration Pomona x

So, what did my morning ramble reveal? The papavers have sent up masses of bright green leaves that will need a covering of mulch before the icy winter sets in and bulbs are already pushing their grey-toned leaves through the soil. Irises and daffodils can be found...

and in the long forgotten greenhouse I found these runner bean plants still winding their way of the bench.

Seedlings sprouts, purple sprouting broccoli (my most favourite veg though I love them all) and cabbages struggle on despite my appalling neglect

yet it fills me with hope that there is still time to do things as nature doesn't always follow the rules either.

Still some amazing colours to be found.

Further on at the end of the garden Red the hen is finally growing back some feathers after going through the moult. She is still a shadow of her former self, but so much better and will soon come back into lay. Ever seen a hen in moult? Think bad hair day; very bad hair day!

Back in the warmth of the house and the Christmas puddings are waiting for me to put fresh covers on them and stow them away until needed. The spicy, boozy, fruity smell is so gorgeous and brightens my day very nicely.

And on the worktop sits a very pleasing pile of embroidery waiting for me to add the finishing stitches

Hopefully the sun will last and the children and I will head off in search of views such as these from yesterday after school.

So beautiful.

Bye for now x


  1. Fancy me being an inspiration to someone! You have made my day, Pipany, thank you so much! Funnily enough, our regime of benign neglect has actually worked amazingly well - mainly because of the mild weather, I think. I also think the answer is to sow plenty but do it in batches so you have reserves, and although at one point I was tearing my hair out over a garden full of celery, now I am grateful for it! And I am hoping for lots of self-sown fun next year, but you never know - I love the idea of seeing what nature produces for you, and not being too rigid about it all.

    Pomona x

  2. All i can say is your garden's looking a whole lot more productive than mine!! The sight of those bowls of pud is making me feel quite peckish and if you're making a cake today, surely the carrot is hard to beat. However, to ring the changes lemon with poppy seeds would get my vote. The kettle's going on again here!!

    Kate x

  3. The sun is shining here too and it's made me feel so happy! So much so I've waxed lyrical this morning ...
    Lovely photos as ever Pipany and your garden looks like it will be offering up goodness for some time yet.
    Enjoy the rest of this wonderful day.

    Jeanne x

  4. A wonderful tour Pipany and your plot is looking far better than ours at the moment!

    Happy baking - I say definitely a Lemon cake,

    Nina x

  5. Thank you for the positive post Pipany. The garden pictures lifted my spirits and I can just imagine the smell of the Christmas puds.x

  6. What a beautiful area you live in! I think you are right and that we should concentrate on what we do achieve rather than on what we don't! Love that hen - yes I do know what a hen in moult looks like and it's not a pretty sight but from those bad hair days comes a beautiful sleek feathered chicken! Seeing the positive again eh?!


  7. I bet those christmas pudds smell good pipany!!
    I am hoping to get my christmas cakes done in the next few days,tin permitting!!
    How i wish i was looking across at those wonderful views! x

  8. Hello!
    Thanks for popping by,those Christmas puds look lovely, bet they smell delicious too!I do love a lemon cake although I haven't made one for ages!
    I'm excited to be making Suffolk puffs/yo-yo's this week, I'm working on a garland for my Christmas decorations!
    Have a lovely day!
    Rachel x

  9. Everything is just so soggy here. It looks great where you are. Enjoy the ballet.

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