Friday, 13 November 2009

It's Friday!

Hurrah, another Friday, another weekend. My day will be a little different than planned as Isabella is home from nursery which means I shall be bringing the sewing room into the kitchen to complete orders. I really don't like doing this, but needs must and so I thought a little thinking about the good things ahead may brighten this dark, wet day. First up is my coffee in my most favourite coffee cup bought from that lane-side stall in pretty Coombe by the river.

I have bought the Christmas edition of Country Living ready to read in bed with Dave over a pot of coffee. I am most proud of myself as I have thus far avoided even opening it in readiness for my treat, carefully avoiding any blogs which may peruse its hallowed pages. I must admit to a slight disappointment over the cover though which somehow didn't grab me as much as usual. Never mind, I still can't wait to flick through its festive pages (sad? Me?)

I will try to find the colour in this very dark patch of weather. A quick look around the garden in the drizzle today revealed the brilliant reds of nasturtiums and dainty mauve heartsease peeking through the overgrown flowerbeds. How pretty the droplets garlanding the petals.

We will collect the last of the windfalls to use in tart tatins, the sweet caramelised slices nestling on buttery pastry...yum.

I may start my new book (thank you Davey).

I WILL finish this present and cross another one of the list. I decided the way to tackle the handmade presents this year was to make a present jar in much the same manner as the holiday jar I use for 'things to do', popping the names of people I need to make for onto folded paper and picking one out when I am ready to start a new project. It made the list less daunting and I get the fun of not knowing what/who I am making for next. Ok, I now realise I am perhaps a little sadder than I suspected!

I will enjoy the sight of these gorgeous crab apples as they turn from gold to red. Shame they are only ornamental, but beautiful nonetheless.

Most probably there will be some reading of these lovely books and some ideas gleaned for things to eat.

Then again, I may make one of these

We will also be taking the children to the little farm we visit every year to walk in the fields searching out the perfect Christmas tree. We then tie a label around it with our names on and there it sits waiting till the day we arrive to collect it, fresh and fragrant ready to join us for the season. Such a lovely thing to do

So, there we are and now I must work on making some of these

while looking out at these


What are your plans for the weekend?

Have fun x


  1. Oh Pippany what a stunning post so full of colour, beauty and hopefulness - just what I needed on this dismal Friday morning.

    I don't think you are at all sad - lovely idea to have the names of those who are to receive a handmade gift in a sort of lucky dip. Brilliant.

    Have a lovely weekend - I know you will as you can find beauty even on the greyest day.


  2. Yes, lovely to see all that colour on what is such a grey day here.

    I think you are full of good ideas - sad never. Who doesn't save up little things as special treats? When I'm eating I always save what I consider to be the tastiest morsel until last. That's a bit sad.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. A lovely post - I've just got home, the kettle is on and I could really do with a slice of that yummy looking cake. I especially like the idea of claiming your Christmas tree in November, what a fantastic idea - I've never heard of that before!

    Enjoy your day.

    Kate x

  4. Hi Pipany.I will need to make a cake like that one after seeing your post : ) I'll be interested to see what you think of the book-I never finished it finding it really hard to devote the time it deserved I think and now that the film is out Im not sure whether to keep reading or just go and see it! I generally do not like to read and watch so Ill try to finish the book I think.It is very beautifully written and I love anything with a 'Clare' as there are so few of us on paper and on screen ; ).x

  5. I think you are going to love the Time Travellers Wife - it is so so romantic!

    I also love your positivity about looking for bright things and light...I need to take a leaf out of your book I think! It is just so bleak and grey outside right now though... :(

    Oh and how I yearn for some of your tart tatin! Hmmmmmm.... with some cinnamon cream that would be lush! xxx

  6. Not much at the moment Pipany as our weekend is going to be consumed by sleepovers and skateboarding - the children that is, not I!

    Though looking at the skies today and the weekend forecast probably alot of cosying in and lighting fires with a good bottle of wine , chocolate and friends.

    Have a good one,

    Nina x

  7. hi pip!
    the heartease photo is so amazing...
    i have been creating doves today too as we have a wreath making workshop tomorrow so i am finishing making up another sample for the class ... so think of me tomorrow busily working whilst you are eating that yummy cake, reading your books and taking a trip to the farm won't you?!
    ps. we have a advent in country living pg 44!yay!
    have a wonderful weekend
    ginny x

  8. I have just ordered The Time Traveler's Wife from Abebooks - but I don't think it will arrived before the weekend. It's a pity you are so far away- I could come and sit by your fire and eat some of that cake while we knitted socks and gloves together for Christmas!

  9. Stunning photography as always Pipany! I like the sound of the family going to claim your Christmas tree! Such fun! This weekend I will attempt to make a sticky gingerbread cake and bake some other treats too!

  10. Pipany, reading your post is a treat for me at breakfast time!

    That cup and saucer is a real find. I have got a similar Cornishware dotty egg cup, and wish I could find more pieces over here. Not so easy, not easy at all.

    I don't think I've ever before heard the flower name heartsease, but not I will always remember it, because of your amazing photo.

    Best wishes for all those doings in your cosy kitchen. Have a grand weekend. The tree hunt sounds like lots of fun. xo

  11. I hope Isabella is not ill. Loving the photo of the pretty! Enjoy your weekend and your tree choosing. Our tree is alreay here being lovingly tended as it is one we bought to grow is still only about 3ft high but we love it and once it is sat on the table and decorated, it looks lovely and we can take it with us when we move house too! x

  12. You will enjoy the TTW Pipany - its great. I was disappointd with the film though...

    Just received my Country Living too so looking forward to flicking through that at the weekend.

    Weather is dismal so I think the cinema again!

    Have a great weekend.

    Jeanne x

  13. Not sad at all! Enviable in fact. I hope you enjoy the Time Travellers Wife. I loved it (and Bread and Preserves. Aren't the River Cottage Handbooks fab?!). What a lovely blog to read while the rain hammers down outside (especially that lovely photo of the fire.)

  14. Lovely splash of colour on such a drab and miserably wet day. I love the idea of the present jar- will love to see some of the gorgeous presents you make!

  15. The christmas tree idea is sooo lovely,i have never heard of that before!
    Have a wonderful weekend,i am off to the vintage & handmade fair!! x

  16. I thought that The Time Traveller's Wife was amazing - I really hope you love it. For some reason the cover made me think it would be a less edgy, modern read than it actually is, but once I'd got my head around that bit I adored it and cried for about the last 100 pages. Be warned may neglect your family and work horribly until you've finished it - it's one of those books that can consume you until you've read the final page!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend. x

  17. Can I come with you? My planned weekend isn't so relaxing. I am 'working' (at the shelf place) on Saturday and Mr M is working on Sunday. Hope you have a lovely time. xx

  18. It was lovely to talk to you today. the only problem was wanting to be right there in your kitchen! Thanks so much for making my babbit. I am as ever astonished by how industrious you are and love your pictures.

  19. As the weather forecast is so awful for tomorrow I am going to bake and sew with a little knitting thrown in for good measure. I like the idea of the present jar, I'll note that down for next year and the cake well mmmmmmmmm is all I can say.

  20. What a lovely post - sometimes your blog reads like the ideal magazine CL or Country house and Interiors - this isn't a criticism more, wistful envy!
    I loved TTW and hope you do too.

  21. I like the idea of a present jar... might use that one! You'll enjoy your new book - I loved it!

  22. Great way to organise your list! Lovely photos. I adore Summer but where would we be without the beautiful change of seasons?! x