Monday, 16 November 2009

A Weekend Recap.

A very wild start to the weekend gave way to beautiful sunshine and blue skies for the most part. We had expected to abandon all plans to choose our tree for christmas, but the rain held off and we set forth label in hand. Through the avenues of spruce we trudged

Tricky decisions to be made about size and height and width and...

Tree chosen, label attached. Pretty golden light filtering through the boughs.

Hurrah! The first of our christmas traditions is done and sits waiting for us to collect it at our leisure. Er, Isabella just loves having her photo taken...hmm.

A bright and golden afternoon saw me clearing the garden, cutting back and mowing lawns. We love this bedding down at the end of the year and though there is still much to be done including tulip bulbs to plant by the armful, I have made a start and even managed a major clean out of the hen and duck pens while Mr Davey took the children for a late afternoon run on the beach. I finished just as the sun began its gentle drift behind the hedge leaving balmy light in its wake.

The girls were most pleased, especially when I offered extra food as a treat for 'helping' me. Any of you who may be hen-keepers you will know just how nosy and interfering hens are whenever there is any sign of action and our three are no exception.

Cake making did take place with Lucy making a batch of fairy cakes. It was lovely to teach her all about creaming and folding, the whys and the wherefores of the different methods. Isabella joined in, but was mostly interested in the licking of utensils, but I hope that she will absorb our love of cooking by osmosis as she drags a chair to the table, apron neatly tied and hands waved to show they have been washed at some point almost every single day. We didn't manage to finish using the windfalls, but there's always tomorrow isn't there?

And so to today, a day of sunshine and billowy breezes which shake the leaves from the trees turning the lanes to prettier versions of their summertime selves. This morning's pictures of the river show a calmer scene than is apparent at the seafront and makes a lie of the fact the King Harry Ferry to St Mawes on the other side of the Fal has tied up for the day due to adverse weather conditions.

Yes, truly a beautiful start to the day

But now I must off to finish a batch of these Holly & the Ivy Christmas Stockings for today's orders. I have been most pleased with the responses to my Christmas range and the orders coming in are a pleasing mix of decorations and gifts. So lovely to think of my notebooks, lavender sachets and hearts being opened on Christmas morning.

Have a lovely Monday x


  1. It sounds like you had a busy weekend. I can't wait to see what the Christmas tree looks like once it's decorated. And thank you so much for reminding to plant my tulips bulbs!!

    PS where's the houseboat?

    Kate x

  2. As always a lovely post - I feel I am actually with you doing all those things. We did keep chickens once upon a time and they are such lovely inquisitive birds - your photos took me back! Loveled the pic of the sun going down behind those red leaves - all is well with the world at least for that moment eh?!

    Jane x

  3. Beautiful post, love your photo's. Busy weekend for you but doing all those lovely things that just tie in the end of the year.

    Hope you have a good week


  4. That is a great picture of the family walking off in line to choose the perfect tree! x

  5. A wonderful weekend Pipany and I love your tree tradition.

    Looks like the weather wasn't too bad where you were too.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  6. Hi pipany,
    look at those lovely chickens,i can just imagine them following you around the garden!
    I think thats a lovely idea picking your tree like that especially all together as a family.
    I went somewere lovely this weekend,pop by later & see were i went! xx

  7. Once again I marvel at how much your family manages to do on a weekend!

    The tree selection must have been so much fun. And great to divide your resources so that you and those lovely hens could get lots done while others ran on the beach!

    And, how terrific to start the baking appreciation lessons early with those girls of your yours.

    Congrats on getting all those orders, and getting them filled, too.

    Thanks for taking us to Cornwall for another fabulous weekend.

  8. I love your Christmas tree hunt - such a great idea and I'm reminded about tulip bulb planting too! We had downpours on Saturday but Sunday dawned bright and sunny so we made the most of it in the garden too!
    Lovely post as ever Pipany and mention of the King Hal Ferry and St Mawes has made me wistful for your neck of the woods again ... sigh!

    Jeanne x

  9. This sounds so restful and for my weary soul! Much thanks for that! x

  10. Oooh smashing looking tree and what a lovley family tradition. We always go to the same nursery for ours but they are already cut.

    Your hens look very charming ladies, I am hugely envious. I'd love to have some feathered friends but our garden is too small.

    But my favourite picture is the crab apples, lovely colours together with the trug.

    Hope the stockings go well for you. Have a super week

  11. How lovely to pick your own tree. I think the days will fly and it will soon be time to actually put our trees up! Glad you're doing well with your orders, well deserved.
    Hen xxx