Saturday, 12 January 2013

And so the New Year begins, all shiny and fresh and full of promise.

Many plans have been and are being made with a need to push my business further this year, to expand what I do and look at how to enable me to do so.

Already changes are happening in our tiny house with a new doorway through meaning I no longer have to venture outside to get to my studio. This is a major breakthrough for me and means I can continue to work when the children are home from school without being away from them. I also don't have to get wet when it rains...which it does...incessantly.

New wholesale customers are being added to my list and this excites me. A lot. I need to add more and also explore some other avenues which are presenting themselves. It's all feeling like the fates are leading me down a path and I must make sure I help them out by doing my research.

But other things have also been happening (cue usual embarrassing photos):

Walks on the beach....

A New Year's Hobbit party

With our lovely Hobbit friends (I think I will be in trouble for this)!

Dancing and good food and much laughter. Just brilliant!

The whole Christmas holiday was wonderful but already seems so long ago. Now it is time for me to move into the present and that means considering my products added back in the autumn sold well, including a lot of hand embroidered birds on little girls' bags

and journal covers 

and there are now travel journals 

Yes, it's mostly good and very busy....thank goodness.

But I must still make room for those moments such as this...

And breathe.... x