Thursday, 20 September 2012

Summer Meeting Autumn

My favourite time of year I think full of good things such as.... grabbing quiet time with a cup of tea, watching the spangled spiders' webs glistening in the early morning haze

Gathering the windfalls from the gnarled old apple tree and peeking into the wooden writing room nestled just behind.

Making colourful pizzas using our own basil and other ingredients grown in the garden. Brightly coloured meals taking us from the heat of the day...

to the cool of the evening when batches of sticky, chocolatey, gooey brownies stick to the ribs and stave off the chill.

Foraging for rosehips and blackberries after school and at the weekends. Lucy is turning into a determined forager just like her Mama (and I can hear the older ones groan as they used to get fed up with me telling them I would only be a little while longer which inevitably turned into another hour)

Bottles of rosehip syrup stowed away for the winter to be sipped warm or in milk - yeulch, but Mr Davey and Isabella like it thus. Also very lovely drizzled over ice cream or yoghurt which balances its sweetness better for me.

The garden produce is coming to an end though our courgettes and runner beans were rather late coming to fruition to begin with. If it stays warm I think we may have plenty yet. Peas were not so good but make lovely snacks for us all picked straight from the plants and eaten whole. Masses of kale has been consumed and I will be planting more to keep my red cabbages company.

Dave grew THE most amazing hollyhocks, one of which is about seven feet tall and covered with pale pink blooms. This cerise one sits alongside the giant as does a deep, deep burgundy beauty. I have no favourites as each one my eye falls on is stunning in its own way.

So many butterflies. I left one of our figs on the sill and watched as one Red Admiral after another landed for a feed on the sweet juices. Speckled Woods fluttered down too and have been wonderful for Isabella's growing interest in all things bug. She now has her own magnifying glass, so fascinated is she with wildlife.

While I worked on our diminutive veg plot, Dave had much success with the cut flower side of Poltisko Farm (not really a farm but we dream). Wonderful, glorious dahlias have been filling the house for weeks now and look set to continue. I love their colours and shapes - strange to note how many people have come to like them recently when they were not so popular a while ago. 

Of course, no summer would be complete here without some pictures of a trip out in Mermaid appearing. We mosied up the river toward Restronguet and Mylor and found beauty along the way. 

Did I mention beauty? Well yes, I am biased!

A sand spit in the middle of the river provided a place for comorants to rest and soak up the sun as we drifted past.

Hmm, the Usual Suspects were up to mischief as ever. Isabella helmed the boat for a bit as she scoffed a pasty...a good Cornish maid.

Elias spent much of the trip like this. It's his favourite place to loiter when we are sailing around and he is auditioning soon for the part of a ship's figurehead. Any takers?

Beautiful boats were passed at regular intervals. Another lovely trip out in our dear little Mermaid.

And between all this summery-autmness I have been very (very) busy with work, both with current orders, new designs trying to come to fruition amongst it all and the big build up to Christmas well under way. Yes, I know you don't want to hear that but in the world of the small business it has been talked of since about June!

A little detail shot of a recent commission - A blossoming tree of French Knots.

Evenings by the fire are now beginning with the twilight descending ever-earlier. How I love my fireside with its flickering flames and crackling of logs. Is there anything better than this?

Bye for now xx