Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Berry tea Cosy by Me!

So the holidays are here at last and we seem to have upped the workload even more here at Poltisko Farm (which it isn't but we can dream - a farm that is). I am busily sewing together orders and samples and working on price lists for the flurry of people who have requested them; in the meantime Mr Davey and I also decided now was as good a time as any to tackle the house which is truly lacking in the ahh factor while overflowing in the yucky factor. More of that another time though. For today berries and cherries are what's on my mind - remember these?

and these?

Well these gorgeous jewel-like fruits from our garden inspired this latest addition to my Berries Range ... may I introduce my Berry Tea Cosy.

The design is worked in freehand and hand embroidery

with a little applique (of course).

And so when I see berries

and cherries

I see a Berry Tea Cosy!

Seem to be thinking a lot about tea lately... x

Friday, 22 July 2011

Cornish Harbour Tea Cosy.

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for a day to photograph some of my new designs, a day where there is no rain, no dull light - just a summer's day. Unfortunately, Cornwall refuses to help and the skies remain leaden and overcast with the occasional peeking out of the sun when I am engrossed in other projects and unable to take advantage. Today I decided enough was enough and these pictures would suffice until I can get better ones to replace them with and so I would like to introduce you to the first of my Nautical Range: the Cornish Harbour Tea Cosy.

I have been wanting to work on some designs from a cushion I made a couple of years ago for Mr Davey's Mum where I used the view from her window as a basis for some applique and hand embroidery. I realised that this view of a distant lighthouse across the river, boats nestling sheltered within the harbour and little cottages clustered around the bay was typical of the many seaside places dotted all over our beautiful Cornish coastline. Perfect to reflect what I see everyday.

The tea cosy is made from a cotton/linen fabric with a striped ticking lining and features bright little hand embroidered cottages so evocative of any of the harbours - St Ives, Mousehole, Porthleven - take your pick!

A jaunty boat sails on a shiny blue sea, the whole overlooked by the protective presence of the lighthouse as it perches on the rocky outcrop. So there you have it: my Cornish Harbour Tea Cosy available from here.

Here's hoping for better light next time! x

Monday, 4 July 2011

Day Tripping.

Not much to say for once but plenty of pictures of a Sunday pootle on the river in Mermaid. Impossibly blue skies matched by equally blue seas as we aimed for Trefusis Beach.

The harbour is busy now with a myriad craft including the local ferry boats which go to the Helford, St Mawes and up the river to Truro and Malpas. I know I'm name-dropping but I'm aware a few of you know the area and may like to think back to some of these familiar places.

We made our way past Flushing quay - so pretty with its gorgeous houses high on the banks which belonged to the Packet captains in their heyday. They always make me think of Verity Blamey waiting for Andrew to return as she looks along the harbour from her window (Poldark again - please read all 12 forthwith!)

Once on the beach we ate, paddled, drowsed in the hot sun and just enjoyed that wonderful sense of rest that comes from stepping off a boat onto warm sands where you can't do anything other than 'be'.

There was enough breeze out on the water to ensure plenty of entertainment

and Isabella provided yet more as she had a lesson in swimming with Daddy. She actually swam two strokes on her own!

Could that face possibly smile any wider?

A little snooze under a fluffy towel was in order after so much activity

and then a spot of fishing on the way home - no fish were caught in the making of this blog (as flipping usual!)

but we had fun...

as did this lot who had escaped yet again to take up residence in the garden in our absence...hmmm, there will be words.

See you soon x