Friday, 22 July 2011

Cornish Harbour Tea Cosy.

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for a day to photograph some of my new designs, a day where there is no rain, no dull light - just a summer's day. Unfortunately, Cornwall refuses to help and the skies remain leaden and overcast with the occasional peeking out of the sun when I am engrossed in other projects and unable to take advantage. Today I decided enough was enough and these pictures would suffice until I can get better ones to replace them with and so I would like to introduce you to the first of my Nautical Range: the Cornish Harbour Tea Cosy.

I have been wanting to work on some designs from a cushion I made a couple of years ago for Mr Davey's Mum where I used the view from her window as a basis for some applique and hand embroidery. I realised that this view of a distant lighthouse across the river, boats nestling sheltered within the harbour and little cottages clustered around the bay was typical of the many seaside places dotted all over our beautiful Cornish coastline. Perfect to reflect what I see everyday.

The tea cosy is made from a cotton/linen fabric with a striped ticking lining and features bright little hand embroidered cottages so evocative of any of the harbours - St Ives, Mousehole, Porthleven - take your pick!

A jaunty boat sails on a shiny blue sea, the whole overlooked by the protective presence of the lighthouse as it perches on the rocky outcrop. So there you have it: my Cornish Harbour Tea Cosy available from here.

Here's hoping for better light next time! x


  1. That's gorgeous, and very evocative of Cornwall. I love it.

    Sue xx

  2. It's lovely Pip, really pretty, I love all the little houses... I do wish I lived in Cornwall, those little harbour villages are to dream of! Hope the weather brightens up for us both - miserable and gloomy here again today, have had rain for a week now, definitely not picture taking weather! xxx

  3. Pipany, it's so lovely to have you back. Your tea cosy is so beautiful. The simplicity of the design expresses your life in Cornwall and that is heartwarming.

    The weather has been grumpy and rainy here too.

    I love seeing what you are creating.

  4. Beautiful work Pipany and so evocative of Cornwall! The sun is out at last here in Oxfordshire today!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Rachel x

  5. Such a lovely applique and embroidered tea cosy - it really does remind me of Cornwall! It would be lovely as a picture too - I love those little curved harbours that you have captured with your stitching. Sending you sunshine wishes for the weekend!
    Helen x

  6. Very pretty and fresh looking. A reminder of summer days - whatever they are!!! x

  7. Another goodie for your wonderful new-look website. Beautiful indeed, this Cosy is so very Cornish. I do love the lighthouse. Nice one my 'ansome !

  8. Oh it's so lovely! I think I may have to make do with a Cornish Harbour tea cosy rather than the real thing. Alas we will not be making it down to Cornwall this summer as other far-away places beckon. I'm convincing myself that perhaps its for the best if the weather carries on like this! We have always experienced such glorious weather in Cornwall.

    Anyway I digress. Off to your wesbsite now!


  9. Customer comment - Lovely but tea cosies in our house need to be lined with tea-coloured fabric otherwise they look yukky after the first week!

  10. What a delightful looking tea cosy!!!

    Happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  11. I love this...It really brings back my many memories of beautiful Cornwall...Fingers crossed that the weather may be improving over the weekend!....
    Susan x

  12. Oh I love it ... so totally evocative of the Cornish seaside yet kinda Scandinavian in it's blue and white simplicity too :)

  13. Pipany, every detail of this design works beautifully to create a wonderfully abstract and true view of your lovely Cornish area.


  14. Hope you have had better weather this weekend and been out in that lovely boat. I love the tea cosy. I have just finished knitting one for our old brown pot but yours is much more fun - might have to treat myself.
    Hope everything is going well with you and your family - summer holidays are here at last - all the boring school routines out the way. Karen X

  15. It's gorgeous Pip - and I'm with you on the light.

    Happy Summer holidays,

    Nina x

  16. Beautiful stitching - it looks lovely whatever the light!

    Pomona x