Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas x

Late as ever, but I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas full of peace and love and fun. Thank you to all the wonderful people who have made 2010 such a fantastic year for Pipany the business, and also for Pipany the person!

So many plans for next year which I can't wait to work on, but for now love and best wishes to you all,
Pipany xxx

Friday, 3 December 2010


Things I am noticing:

1. It is cold. This is for the terminally unobservant who may not have noticed. I felt it needed saying as I am perishing cold and trying to sew with mitts on ... and this is Cornwall!!! Obviously I am a wuss as most of you are enduring far worse than me, but there we are. Playing Christmas songs takes my mind off it for a while (and copious amounts of mulled wine helps - no, not now! I am a responsible parent!!!)

2. There was a chilli trying to ripen in our courtyard, bless it.

I rescued it and turned it into a delicious Thai dish (hmm, not sure that actually constitutes 'rescuing' does it?) with much ginger, coriander and a bunch of spring onions. I would like to say I am telling you this in a manner reminiscent of the wonderfully buxom Nigella, but frankly I am sadly lacking in this department and my shoulder blades would make a better show of it.

3. The ducks are eating as though it were their last meal. The pond has frozen solid and has to be smashed each day to allow them to swim. Why on earth one would wish to dip one's feet not to mention one's nether regions into a punishingly cold pond of mucky water is quite beyond my understanding, but then I am not a duck (though have frequently been called quackers). Groan.

4. There are still plenty of berries left in the garden for the birds and other wildlife.

From where I sew I watch the myriad antics of mice, a sweet shrew and an endlessly changing parade of birdlife including a pied wagtail who hovered outside the window for ages chirruping away that he was starving and would appreciate it if I would supplement the berries with some other stuff. I may not be a duck, but I have a Do-Little-ish understanding of other birdlife and their twitterings y'know.

5. The camera does lie. This fact was brought home to me by two pictures I took of this morning's sunrise which was in fact pink of hue. The camera took my sunrise and changed it to the golden-bathed images you see here

very lovely in a sort of early eighties Tampax commercial kind of way, but not what I was looking at which was more like this:

So, there we are. Enough of my noticings and back to cold and chilly sewing. Normal tone will be resumed next week when I may have thawed a little!

What are you noticing today? x