Monday, 11 March 2013

Winter's Fond Farewell...I hope!

Our one Cornish day of very little snow seemed to give Clarence & Pecan something to think about. The very idea of swimming in an icy pond makes me feel ill, but they are ducks and care not a jot.

However, the hens had never seen snow & were thoroughly disgruntled, staying in their tree until hunger drove them down.

And then it was gone with not so much a a snow day off from school. Hey ho, I want spring now and the signs have been there, though this week has opened with the Arctic chill returning. So many layers needed to keep warm when sewing or indeed, for doing almost anything.

Whatever the weather, the beach calls and I love seeing all the moods from soft golden melancholy  

to bright & breezy. 

Of course, I also love coming home to comforting food such as Mr Davey's gorgeous meatloaf with all the trimmings,

followed by a slurp or two of something lovely by the fire.

The sun has made an appearance on and off, and even felt hot once or twice. The shadows remain long throwing deep contrasts onto river scenes.

Dear Castle Beach - what would we do without you? (Have now had a hair cut and can see without drawing the curtains)!

Isabella has already been in the sea. She just cannot keep out it seems. My little mermaid was always such a water baby.

Warmth and chill tied together in a dance of seasons. Spring will win out...eventually.

We can see the promise of it

Can you?

But for now, the fire draws me close in its warm embrace, crackling and hissing and sending wafts of scented smoke. 

Keep warm x