Sunday, 30 December 2007

A perfect Christmas

Hello to you all. I hope your Christmas was everything you hoped it would be. Here at Poltiskofarm we had a real mix - a wonderful busy Christmas Eve with all seven children gatherered around the table for an enormous buffet supper of baked ham sticky with brown sugar and spicy with cloves, quiches and mini garlic pizzas, cheeses and homemade pickles. I spent a lovely day baking and mixing ready for the evening and remembered to add gooey, fudgy brownies to the list as all the family have a thing about these. One by one the children arrived and as we all squeezed around the table in our tiny kitchen and I looked from the excited face of a nineteen month old isabella perched in her high chair to the equally excited face of a nearly 24 year old Tom sitting at the other end, I felt so lucky to have the life I have. I know it's a bit schmaltzy but it's true; I am one lucky girl. We rounded the evening off with It's A Wonderful Life (of course!) and the hanging of the stockings!

I won't regale you with every detail of the rest of our Christmas (not that it's over yet of course) just leave you with a few not very good pics of the wlaks, dinners, etc that we have enjoyed so far. Hope the rest of your holiday is peaceful and look forward to catching up with you all soon