Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Newts and Things.

They're back! Yes, I'm afraid it's the time of year when my obsession with the newt begins and as I was ambling around the garden over the weekend, pulling a little of the winter debris from the garden this little chap crawled onto my hand. How gorgeous he is and our wildlife pond is absolutely teeming with them.

Just look at those tiny 'hands'.

I tried to photograph them in the water, but it is a hopeless task which I will no doubt spend far too much time trying to achieve as is my wont.

A wander round in the all too brief sun revealed progress in the borders with soft pulmonaria bringing bees forward to investigate

A haze of blue forming under the little brambley apple tree

We have been 'enjoying' some rather wet, blustery walks of late. Sunday saw us strolling through the fields by Old Mawnan Church to Parson's Beach.

Bright sulphur-yellow gorse wafted its coconut bun scent as we walked

and the leaden sky should have warned us of the rain about to drench us.

Isabella took care to drench herself ... just for a change.

I was very atmospheric as the light darkened

and the rain drifted slowly across the water

A last look at the rocks before heading once more for home

Isabella carried by Daddy and wrapped in his jacket to keep her wet, muddy little body warm.

That's me for today - are you sure you can't see the newts in the pond? No, me neither...sigh.

Have a lovely day x

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A Brief Interlude.

The rain stopped for a brief moment and bakingly hot sun replaced it - for a while. A chance to splash through rock pools with the two Bellas who both are at their best when outdoors and wet.

Just one more stone...please...

The light was beautiful and so needed after all the dismal rain filled drab of the past few days.

Shells and pebbles and salt washed stones lay tangled with ribboned seaweed.

Some preferred to enjoy the sun by lying on Lucy's newly-washed quilt. Hmm, not sure I made it with the cat in mind.

Isabella continued the watery play on our return helping with the cooking in the process, but mostly sloshing copius amounts of water...everywhere.

The tart - funny word isn't it? - was delicious though I say so myself. Definitely one I will make again if I can remember what was in it: caramelised onion, red cabbage and spinach with toasted hazlenuts and a cheese and breadcrumb topping was what I had to hand, but anything would probably do.

But the last two days have been all about the rain. Wet walks with child and dog, wet trips out to feed livestock, wet trips to the school. Oh joy. Hope the sun pops back soon so that I can get outside to enjoy the lovely flowers trying so hard to hold their heads up in the deluge.

Maybe tomorrow. Have a lovely day x

Monday, 22 March 2010

A Flowery Post.

Hello again. Thank you for all the lovely get well wishes for my sweet friend who is indeed recovering a little now. Wouldn't some sunshine help? Today we have rain...again. It was bright first thing and I raced out with the camera before the wind rose bringing torrential rain in its wake. A touch of spring is what I was after and I found it in these clusters of primroses

The winter flowering cherry is very late this year, but looks so beautiful now with its froth of blossoms.

Forget-me-nots scatter there vibrant blue throughout the borders

and will eventually entwine with the myriad tulips now showing promise despite being planted so late (February!!!). Just goes to show it is always worth a shot doesn't it?

Inside, the window is lit by this pretty miniature rose

Such swirly skirts and even a delicate waft of perfume.

All very lovely, but in truth I want the sun to accompany me, warm on my back as I plant these little beauties.

I can't wait.

Have a lovely Monday x

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Hello Again.

It's been a while, a long, long while, since I last managed to post here. A mix of things have meant little time has been found to pop onto the computer, though I have sometimes managed a quick peek to see what you are all up to. A very special and dear friend has been hit by a truly hideous bout of poorliness and agreed after a little (lot) of persuasion to stay here until she is well agin - very selfish of me really as I get to spend lots of time with her. Other things have been going on in the meantime such as walks every day with her gorgeous dog and our lovely children at Tehidy Woods.

A very pretty afternoon.

Sam and Isabella cutting out pastry animals together; I love that our twenty year old is still happy to play with his three year old sister.

Walks on various beaches with Bella and Bella!

Rolling over and over down a grassy bank...

Mist rolling gently in across the bay coating the scene in an ethereal haze.

Noticing the beauty all around

That's it for now I'm afraid. Not the best of pictures, but more soon as things are now getting back to normal. By the way, thank you so much for all the lovely emails asking if things were ok - what an amazing bunch you are!

Have fun x

Monday, 8 March 2010

All sorts.

Lots of pictures to share with you today starting with this little visitor to our snowdrops. I know I said the other day that those photos would probably be the last of these pretty flowers for the year, but as I sat on the step in warm sunshine on Friday I suddenly spotted something moving around...

Such a gorgeous contrast with the pure white of the petals.

I watched for ages as it scurried up and down, in and out, occasionally flexing its wings.

They really are one of the prettiest of insects aren't they?

It is the first ladybird Ihave seen this year so far an tells me the weather is definitely warming though it seems hard to tell sometimes. gradually little creatures are coming out of hibernation.

I could have gone on clicking away for indefinitely.

We had a lovely weekend full of friends and family as the big build up for Lucy's twelfth birthay began - don't these birthdays get ever-longer? It is actually today, but a sleepover was to be fitted into the weekend first and her three sweet friends stayed over on Saturday night to eat a party tea (yes, pre-teen they may be but they still wanted a party tea...hurrah!). Davey's chocolate cake was top of the list of course.

Presents were opened and most had a cupcake theme as Lucy is apparently known as the Cake Goddess by her friends!

Sunday was a beautiful bright, billowy, blustery day with a freezing easterly wind that brought tears to the eye and the surfers onto the seas once more.

Jade green waters positively bubbled and frothed onto the clean golden sand.

This is the other Bella in our lives, my friend Lou's gorgeous girlie. She raced and caught sticks, the icy winds whipping her up as much as the seas. She was very tempted to join the surfers a time or two, but decided to leave it as her board was at home!

It really was the most exhilarating morning.

Even the sporty ones decided to just watch for a while as nature showed off for us all.


Well that's it for today. Thank you for the lovely comments on my new Lauren tote bags which are already selling well. Looking forward to showing the next products as they are a little departure from my usual.

Happy birthday Lucy-Lou, our sweet, precious, funny, clever and totally beautiful girl. We love you xxxxxxxxx

Bye for now x