Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A Brief Interlude.

The rain stopped for a brief moment and bakingly hot sun replaced it - for a while. A chance to splash through rock pools with the two Bellas who both are at their best when outdoors and wet.

Just one more stone...please...

The light was beautiful and so needed after all the dismal rain filled drab of the past few days.

Shells and pebbles and salt washed stones lay tangled with ribboned seaweed.

Some preferred to enjoy the sun by lying on Lucy's newly-washed quilt. Hmm, not sure I made it with the cat in mind.

Isabella continued the watery play on our return helping with the cooking in the process, but mostly sloshing copius amounts of water...everywhere.

The tart - funny word isn't it? - was delicious though I say so myself. Definitely one I will make again if I can remember what was in it: caramelised onion, red cabbage and spinach with toasted hazlenuts and a cheese and breadcrumb topping was what I had to hand, but anything would probably do.

But the last two days have been all about the rain. Wet walks with child and dog, wet trips out to feed livestock, wet trips to the school. Oh joy. Hope the sun pops back soon so that I can get outside to enjoy the lovely flowers trying so hard to hold their heads up in the deluge.

Maybe tomorrow. Have a lovely day x


  1. I saw on the weather map that you were getting lots of rain down there - hope it's more of the gentle refreshing spring sort today or even better, some sunshine.

    Pip, your photos are always so wonderful - the ones of the pebbles and seaweed are just lovely. Thank you for always making my day as I dream of Cornwall!

    Jeanne x

  2. We were threatened with rain all day today but it's currently glorious sunshine - hope the weather people are similarly wrong about your forecast!

  3. my husband likes a good 'tart'! sorry to lower the tone...
    hope all is well, sending you lots of love
    ginny x

  4. I can almost smell the salty sea air! Not long now Pipany. Soon we will be begging for a reprieve from the hot sun on our backs!!! At least all the rain is building up reserves in the ground and when it is rainy we are more unlikely to have frost! The 'tart' looks delicious. I feel inspired at having a go making one myself.x

  5. Pipany, we are alternating very warm and sunny days with very wet and windy days over here. I thought that March was supposed to leave like a lamb?

    Those salt-washed rocks are beautiful. That vegetable tart reminds me how long it's been since I baked anything. Thank you for the inspiration.

    (Love Isabella's indoors water sports photo.)


  6. Well that tart looks delicious!
    Your photos are, as ever, enough to make me want to hop a plane and find a Cornish beach.

  7. That tart sound lovely. Great photos as usual.

  8. The last few days have been rainy here too, although the sun came out this afternoon so fingers crossed.
    That tart looks scrummy.

  9. Oh, Pipany! You have such a good eagle eye for lovely simple pleasures! I can often, somehow, smell and hear your posts too. I sure wish I could taste this one!!! That tart looks so mouthwatering! (too may "!"s =] ) Also, thanks for all of the trips to the beach that you are kind of enough to bring me along on.

    Love, Katy

  10. I'm loving your little cat on the quilt - we do have such similar looking cats (the tabby ones that is - I'm sure your home doesn't have an overweight large white polar bear in it...although she is incredibly soft, so you might want one).

    The tart (yes, it is a funny word, there's something tight-lipped and prim about the word...even though it does have connotations quite the contrary to that)looks delicious and is making me want to make one for our tea tomorrow.


  11. Love your pictures. I can almost smell the seaweed and feel the sun on my face.

  12. Glad that you managed to find some sun between the showers Pipany - the tart looks delicious! Bye for now, Lesley

  13. As always Pipany I feel refreshed and as if I have been on the beach with you! That tart does look scrummy - must give it a go myeslf.

    Jane x

  14. you do miss the sunshine when it goes but at least at this time of the year you know there is more to come

  15. Looks like you have had way more sunshine than we have although yesterday was lovely and today is sunny and breezy. Fab photos as always!

  16. Aaahhh... refreshing... Hope all is well there with all of you, and your friend is doing better too. :o) Happy Weekend ahead ((HUGS))

  17. Thanks so much for blowing my cobwebs away - I can smell the sea from here.

  18. I can totally see why the cat was drawn to the quilt - it looks so inviting! The tart sounds delicious too.

  19. Lovely post & photos! Love to see them,as always!There's a blog award for you over on my blog...

  20. Your tart (as you say a very funny name!) looks gorgeous - however did you come up with those ingredients, even if I had them all to hand I probably wouldn't have thought to put them together!
    I didn't realize your black and white dog is called Bella - so is my little black and white dog!
    Have a good week,
    val xx