Friday, 5 March 2010

New Lauren Tote Bags

It's Friday and spring is making the sky zing here in Cornwall. It is even quite warm in the sun and so I thought I would share the first of my new spring range with you to add a little more colour. I think most of you worked out that the fabric glimpse I showed the other day was bag related: two new Lauren Tote Bags, those ever-practical bags which I use for everything (and I do mean eeverything - trips to the beach, into town, picnics, change-bag for babies, art bag for student...the list goes on). This first one is the Lauren Tote in Leaf

I love the tonal range in this fabric with its strong yet subtle colours. I know that shouldn't make sense, but if you think of the way poppies are so delicate and yet positively drenched with colour then maybe you will know what I mean. I live in hope.

It seems to ensure it goes perfectly with almost every other colour I have tried it against.

Big enough to carry my towel, book, knitting, embroidery supplies, wet wipes, food and my sketching stuff...all you need for an average day on the beach really.

I did look something of an idiot photographing these on the quay, but I am so often there clicking away now that I think most of the boat owners choose to ignore me , particularly when I am lying across the car park trying to get a shot of an especially interesting piece of rope.

As a contrasting but equally zingy alternative there is also the Lauren Tote in Apples & Pears.

Gorgeous lime green and soft grey on a white background with touches of black to lift it.

The design is of apples and pears (!!!) in a bright contemporary print which I must admit makes my heart lift every time I glimpse it.

Perfect spring colours aren't they?

So there you have the first products in the new pipany spring
range: the Lauren Tote Bag in Leaf

and the Lauren Tote bag in Apples & Pears

I hope you like them and there will be plenty more to follow.

Have a great friday x


  1. What lovely bags. I definately love the apples and pears design and loving that green.

    Lovely pictures of them too! Must be all that lying down and stretching about in car parks! lol.

    Have a lovely weekend, lets hope the Spring like weather stays!


  2. Yes, they are zingy!! I love them...

  3. Gosh so much loveliness - both the previous snowdrop post and this one. Gorgeous prints and that leaf one is perfect. I've already been dropping really BIG hints.

  4. I feel a purchase coming on!! Love the Apple and Pear bag.

    Have a happy sunshiney weekend Pip.

    Jeanne x

  5. I love the double large pockets on the outside! Pipany, these bags and these photos look like something out of Country Homes and Interiors magazine! Lovely!

    Kate xx

    P.S. I would do crazy things too just to get a mental picture of a nautical rope. You're so funny!

  6. They are so pretty it is hard to choose a favourite. I think the apple one is more spring and the leaf more late summer/autumn!!! x

  7. The sky has been beautiful and blue here today too, but a little on the nippy side still.

    Love the new bags espeacially as you can fit soooooo much in them.

    Have a fabulous weekend Pipany (and co)

    Nina xxx

  8. Love the lime green and soft grey one. Yeah, spring at last!

  9. Oooh Pip they are sublime! You are clever, and I think I might need one.

    Your photographs are always fabulous, and Im glad to discover Im not the only person who can be found prostrate on the floor or hanging over a farm gate to take a pic of something fabulous!!

    Much love
    Julia x x x

  10. great bags - any more orders from Black Sheep yet?!

  11. These bags are delicious, Pipany! I just love the simplicity of design and bright, graphic fabrics...Just the thing for spring/summer ahead! Beautiful work... Happy Weekend to you & yours! :o) ((HUGS))

  12. Really love these Pip - bright, fresh, zingy, (Oh! just noticed Jude has said zingy too. Still, it's a good word...!) and perfect to welcome in some warmer days.
    Happy weekend, my friend.

  13. Wow these are beautiful bags, i especially like the apples and pears tote, brilliant for the summr and all the stuff for the beach.
    Hope you have a great weekend

  14. Love the fabrics especially the leaves, it looks fantastic made up into youe Lauren Tote.

  15. I can't decide which one I like the the best, they are absolutely gorgeous Pip. Just the right start to welcome the spring, and your lovely photography complements them so well. I look forward to your next creations. x

  16. Your bags are so pretty, Pipany. Love the fabrics so much.