Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A Little of This & That.

A beautiful morning full of spring and light. I am feeling cheery and the playful sea suits my mood with its leaping froth and curling waves, spray flying high into the sky and sprinkling my face like a shop bought spritzer only without the chemicals and smelling so much better.

Spiky maram grasses with a milky backdrop

and the swirling skirts of dancing sea.

The camera takes in the bright sun and darkens the scene making sunset hues appear where in reality there are the harsher tones of early spring. I like the effect nonetheless.

Jade, aqua, turquoise ... all sound so appealing don't they?

Isabella and I made more of our bird feeders as we could hear the manic chattering in the front garden hedge. This mixed hedging of lilac, ivy, holly and so much more provides shelter for all manner of wildlife from hedgehogs to slow worms, toads and of course a whole variety of bird life: coal tits, blackcaps, blackbirds, goldfinches and so many more are seen regularly and have only recently decided I am not trying to poison them with my fatty offerings of grub. I still have the bird chart to make however, but am more on top of the tasks this week so who knows...

The red roses (a gift from Dave some weeks ago now) have faded to a crisp dark, dark red version of their former selves and are so beautiful as they dry, the sun turning the petals into stained glass windows of light.

That is my start to the day then and now I am off to continue working on the new projects I have bubbling away like that busy sea. Hopeful I will be able to share them with you later this week, some familiar in style and some completely new to me which I have enjoyed working on so much. In the meantime, here's a little glimpse of one of them

I hope your day is going well? x


  1. Lovely photos of the sea, Pip, on a day like this, I wish to be there. Also loving the fabric in the baggy photo, very Orla Kiely-esque.
    hen x

  2. Doesn't the sun shining make so much difference. The sea looks glorious. Have a good week Pipany.

  3. Those sea pictures are so beautiful! And what is that just glimpsed in the other pictures?!?? What ever it is, in that fabric and those colours, I need it!

  4. PS: Meant to add (but got distracted by the lovely fabric glimpse) that when my flowers fade they are just dead flowers but with yours turn into art!

  5. Lots of lovely photo's there. As ever. The sea does look very inviting. Not to have a dip of course but to gaze at.

    The roses do look very beautiful too. Even with their faded beauty.

    The bag looks very pretty too. Look forward to seeing what you are working on next.


  6. A very tantalising glimpse ... look forward to seeing more!

    Gorgeous photos as ever Pip, I want to be near that torquoise sea.
    I'm so happy the sun is shining - what a difference a few days make!

    I do that with roses too;)

    Jeanne x

  7. Mmmmmmm....the beach!

    We headed their this morning and it was just blissful.

    Have a beautiful Spring day,

    Nina xx

  8. Beautiful inspiring pictures Pipany. I would love to be by the coast right now. I am looking forward to seeing the bag in full. The fabric is lovely, bright and modern. x

  9. Love that fabric, can't wait to see the finished article.

  10. Gorgeous pics, as ever. That jade green sea is just beautiful.
    Those bird feeders look clever, the darn squirrels steal all mine, H and I made a batch recently and Squirrel Nutkin's bad grey cousins gnawed through the string and ran off with them!

  11. Oh, the colors of the sea in these pictures are so fresh and gentle and spring like. Just absolutely beautiful!

    Thanks! Katy (hug to you - that was so refreshing)

  12. Those sea views always dazzle, Pipany... those shades of blue & green make my heart sing!...*sigh*... LOVE that glimpse of that bag... and will be eager to see what you're creating/working on now. I'm working on some new jewelry designs these week--having fun playing with some new materials. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS)))

  13. Those pictures of your new project look very interesting! Looking forward to seeing more - the pictures of the sea have been a real tonic today, beautiful - just wish I could be there myself!

    Julia x x x

  14. Beautiful sea photos! Bet the birds will enjoy the feed!
    Rachel x

  15. As ever - beautiful photos - the colour of the sea is amazing.

  16. Joy in pictures - thanks Pip, they're amazing. What a brilliant start to the day.

    I can never get the fat to harden properly to make seed balls - got any tips? (Its usually what's left oer from a chicken/roast potatoes - do I need to chill it?)

    Have a super week.

  17. The photo of the wave is SO pretty. I love the wide variety of soft colors in the wave!

  18. I want whatever is being made from that fabulous fabric--even if it is a hat or a tea cozy

  19. Lovely, Pipany. I love how you and Nina (Tabiboo) live close to the sea but you never take it for granted. And I LOVE how you both share. It's the only way I'll get to visit my sea this year.

  20. Have a terrible squirrel problem here at the fairyglade, makes it sooo difficult to put out fat cakes for the little birds. Have tried so many times. I caught the last one running up the lane with the whole bag in it's teeth, I kid you not!! Love the beutiful sea colours, maybe a colour scheme for a summer afghan or quilt perhaps? Can see a tiny triangle of sea from my office window..looks khaki green today, not as pretty as aqua. Dev x