Friday, 26 February 2010

A Moment in Time.

It's been a frustrating week where I seem to have worked hard yet achieved little that was on my list. New things cropped up and needed dealing with pushing other tasks to the back of the (long) queue. Never mind, it is Friday and I managed to capture this lone early morning surfer taking advantage of the easterly winds which bring waves to our south coastal shores.

The sun shone brightly and though Isabella and I were quite a long way from him there was such pleasure in watching the rise and fall of the waves, the manoeuvring of the board in sync with the movement of the tide.

All three of our sons surf to varying degrees with Tom being something of an expert while the girls have not yet been bitten by the bug. I however, despite being a north coast girl growing up in the land of surf, only achieve drowning duck status. Davey and I are much better suited to snorkeling or diving, but oh how I love to see the surfers at one with the sea.

Completely wrapped up in a world of his own.

A dancer of the waves

Oh for the ability to capture what we actually saw instead of these blurry images.

We finally tore ourselves away to get on with the day ahead

and as we left, a friend came to play.

Not the best of photos, but a peaceful moment in an otherwise busy week. I hope yours has been good?

Happy Friday x


  1. Great photos.

    Whenever we are in Cornwall, we take time to sit & watch the surfers.

    My boys love to bodyboard but my role is one of minder of the towels & the picnic ;)

  2. Well I am not a swimmer, but I have to say surfing does always look fun, if a little scary.

    Your photo's are beautiful, I could almost see the waves moving and hear them crash back against the sea and smell the salty air. Mmm a coastal fix. Just what I needed.

    Hope you get all you need to done. Its a horrible feeling the hamster on a wheel one.

    Have a great weekend.


  3. Wonderful photos. Our two finally started bodyboarding on holiday last year, which means I get to have a go now as well :-)

  4. Looks like surf is up over at your end of the pond.

    Have a lovely weekend Pipany,

    Nina xxxxxx

  5. Your post really captured the feeling of being at the beach. Did you know that I'm from California? Sitting on the shore and hearing the waves and the rhythm of the whole atmosphere really does wrap you up into your own world. Very soothing!

    Love, Katy

  6. Lovely sequence of photos. At last we had some blue skies today. I've had one of those weeks too....thank god it's the weekend!
    Have a good one, my lover! (as any local would say...!!!)
    Diana x

  7. I think these photos are quite good actualy Pip - the surfer is almost in silhouette - I love the one where he's 'dancing'

    We've done some great snorkelling on our travels but having very little balance I would be useless at surfing!

    Have a wonderful weekend. Jeanne x

  8. Ha ha, no surfing in the Med....
    Thank you, lovely photos.
    Have a restful weekend

  9. They are gorgeous photos!! I tried surfing back when I was a teenager with no great success great fun though!

    Your sea pictures are some of my favs, I can almost smell and taste the salt when I see them!

  10. Lovely pictures. I wish I was brave enough to surf. I can barely put my toe in the water! Have a lovely weekend Pipany.x

  11. Lovely photographs all through your blogsite. Shiver, shiver those surfers make me feel cold just looking at them

  12. Wowo, they're wonderful ohotos Pip, very exhilirating just to look at. Roll on the summer, fingers crossed I might get a bit of a dip when we're down your way. Not sure I'll ever try sufring though, looks far too exciting for me!
    Have a super weekend,

  13. Beautiful photos. He does look like a dancer on the waves!

  14. Your pictures remind me of sitting in the Tate St Ives and watching the surfers one very cold winter day! I love your summer top - what a talented husband!

    Pomona x

  15. I've never tried surfing, but I love to watch the surfers up near Tofino - it really is a ballet.

  16. What a lovely post, I can just feel the cold air, smell the salt and see the golden glow of the early morning sun. We are so lucky to live in this wonderful county. You seem to like all the places we do, we are specially fond of St Ives (in the winter) and Coombe is a beautiful place like a secret little treasure. I wish my husband could knit, I am impressed! Jane x

  17. Gorgeous photos. I love the colour of the sea where the sun is shining though the waves. It's almost as if you live in a different country. Here the sea is still grey and sulking. I like to watch the surfers at Newgale too.

  18. mmmm surfer men! can it get any better?? :D i doubt it ha ha xx

  19. We love to watch the surfers too, plenty of them on Porthmeor Beach! xxx Beautiful photos x

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