Monday, 8 February 2010

Doodles, Daffodils and it's Done!

Such a lovely weekend with really warm sunshine on Saturday. Warm enough to send us outside onto the courtyard with a cup of tea which turned into a late lunch and a leisurely glass of wine later on. So hot we couldn't bear to come back inside. I did manage to tear myself away much later in the day to finish the clean up of my sewing room and found this sketchbook, one of many I doodle in hoping for design ideas to leap out at me.

I had quite forgotten this particular book and enjoyed flicking through the pages.

Jugs of flowers feature fairly regularly, which I had not been aware of. This is odd because I have never actually used them as a design, but do have a passion for jugs overflowing with posies from the garden. There are usually several to be found dotted around the house.

Hmm, every so often I get a child (Lucy) asking for a picute of something like this Flower Fairy. Think she has something of a boxer's nose, poor soul.

And cats also tend to catch my eye, particularly as I would like to be the one curled up in the comfort of a snuggly quilt.

Still, that's enough of that. More important and infinitely more interesting things are afoot because of this....

Yes, cheers all round for Mr Davey please as he has finished knitting his first ever jumper. Isn't it gorgeous?

Of course if I could find the bit on the camera that allows action shots instead of running around after an ever-reluctant Isabella then you would see it in all its beautiful glory. Hey ho, here it is nonetheless and needless to say that it is once again an item knitted in the gloriousness that is Sirdar Crofter wool.

I love it and think my dear Davey has done an amazing job. He's already ordered his next project which is an odd ribbony wool top...for me! Woohoo! I'll share it with you when the goods arrive.

So, that's me for today.

What did you get up to? x


  1. Hi Pip,
    What a fabby jumper, lucky you to have such a clever man! Your little girl is adorable too. Lovely snaps from your part of the world, thank you, it's freeezing again here today!
    Hen xxx

  2. Great jumper, well done to Mr Davey!
    It was beautiful with us on Saturday and now it has started snowing AGAIN!!!!!

  3. It was nice here too yesterday but not warm enough to have lunch outside although we did have our afternoon cuppa outside more to save taking off our gardening shoes than because it was hot! Those sketches are beautiful and I can see one of your embroidery designs coming from both the jug of flowers and the mushrooms. I wish I was as talented as you obviously are. That sweater too is great - I must get some of that lovely yearn and have a go at something for myself as it looks lovely.


  4. Well done Mr Davey - that jumper is fantastic - makes me want to take up the knitting needles again - though I doubt I could produce anything like this!

    Your sketches are wonderful Pip - shall we see some of them appearing in your designs? A jug of posies would be lovely.

    We had a lovely day on Saturday and I did manage to get out in the garden - Sunday however was grey and dismal which was a shame because we were out and about on that day - typical!

    Jeanne x

  5. Well done Mr Davey - what a super jumper! Lovely to see your sketches.

  6. Always lovely to see dafodills in flower even if we had ours in Cyprus in December!

  7. I had no idea that you were such a talented sketcher, they're great.
    Well done Mr D on your jumper and such a cute model!

  8. Lovely jumper what a talented Hubby you have.

    Sue xx

  9. . . . love the jumper - I can't knit . . . love the sketches - I can't draw either . . .so well done to you and to Dave.

  10. hip hip hurrah mr davey - you are an official knitter :)
    love the jumper as you would guess!
    my delivery of crofters yarn has gone missing in the post from Kemps :(
    they are sending more including the new pattern book for Crofters Chunky - oh my :)
    have a happy week lovely lady
    t x

  11. Well done Mr Davey and 'oh my' Pip what lovely doodles.

    Wish the weather was nicer here - grey, sleet and then snow later, again!!!!

    Have a fabluous week,

    Nina xxxxxxxxxxx

  12. You had sunshine and warmth? We have dismal and snow again! Mr Davey is a very talented jumper maker. I am looking forward to seeing his next completed project. Your sketches are super and I could see the little cat curled up in cushions as an embroidery design.x

  13. Your drawings are very good, jugs of flowers and twigs would translate into lovely designs.
    I's like a Mr Davey to knit for me!What a fab jumper!

  14. Heavens to Betsy - you do knit the most gloriously beautiful things. You're making me want to knit - eek! Of course, your daughter is the perfect "model" because she looks so comfy cosy. JOY!

    What did I get up to? shopping. sigh. but now, all my "acorns" are stored up for the month and I'm refreshed by your post. Thanks!

    Kate x

  15. Well done talented Mr Davey.That jumper looks fab on Isabella. Ican't believe you had such gorgeous weather at the weekend. It was raw with cold here. I'm very jealous.


  16. Well Done Mr Davey! Can you teach me to knit like that please? I would be ever so grateful! Thank you! LOL!
    Your post has put a spring in my step as it looks like Spring might actually be peeking around the corner! Cx

  17. All things bright and beautiful :) just the way it should be

  18. Hello Pipany. Lucky you to have been able to have lunch outside. We are still at the freezing mark over here...daffs won't be around for weeks to come. At least we were spared the snow that covered lots of our east coast over the weekend. Our next chance for about a foot of snow comes this Wednesday.

    I do like those pages from your sketchbook. Looks like you sketch in both ink and pencil. Same true for me...when I actually do get those sketch books open!

    Dave's premier jumper is a winner. There really is something about that yarn that just encourages a knitter to keep going. Little Isabella is beautiful in pink.

    Best wishes. xo

  19. wow how clever is he! that is so lovely and what a great fit x x

  20. Those daffodils are calling my name! Lovely sketches and doodles... Drawing is such fun. And 'bella's jumper is FAB!! Glad you all have such a sweet weekend...Happy Week ahead, Pipany :o) ((HUGS))

  21. Happy Monday Pip,
    love your sketches and love the jumper. well done Davey, it's fab.
    wishing you all a lovely week
    ginny xx

  22. your sketches are lovely and the jumper is gorgeous !!!

    I sold my first lot of hens' eggs at my gate - so exciting !!!

  23. wow hasn't he done well! -love dseeing your sketches

  24. Gorgeous jumper and it really suits the little one!

  25. My goodness is there no end to Mr D's talents? REALLY Impressed and lovely pics

  26. Bravo Davey! Star knitter! I'm very impressed...
    Love your sketches, Pip, very inspiring.
    My email has gone haywire today...hopefully back on track tomorrow and I will wrire
    ...can't wait for friday!
    D xxx

  27. Gosh warm weather? Its been really bitter here in the S/W. Lucky things.

    Love your doodles, wish mine looked as good as yours! lol.

    Wow what a beautiful jumper. Love the colours. Love the fact that your other half did it too. I cant imagine mine doing something like that. It just would be "quick enough" for him! What a clever (and patient)man you have there.

    Lovely pictures as ever. Wishing you a great week.


  28. Clever Mr Davey, what a gorgeous jumper and a very pretty model, obviously. You have stolen the sunshine, it was foggy all weekend up here. However we have had some jolly sunshine today, although it did start to snow on the walk home from school - harumph :)
    Your drawings are lovely.
    Twiggy x

  29. Love the daffodils. We are in the middle of a snow storm here. The jumper looks so warm and cozy.

  30. WOW!! you lucky devil having such a clever man! Lovely lovely jumper (and lovely girl!), and lovely sketches! I like jugs of flowers too! Hopefully this summer, following my seed swap last year, I will at last be able to have jugs of flowers!

  31. Oh! Both your doodles and the jumper are wonderful! I love the jugs of delicate flowers and your style - just gorgeous. What a jumper! What a fabulous milestone.

    So sorry to hear that you have trouble posting comments. How strange. I do think my word verif is a bit tricky sometimes. It's lovely to know you're reading though Pip


  32. Hello Pipany

    I always take great delight in peeping into other artist's sketchbooks! Lucky you having a warm spell, so nice I imagine to be able to sit outdoors sipping wine!!
    The jumper is beautiful too, a real credit to Mr Davey!! Makes me feel like learning to knit too...!

    Much love
    Julia x x x

  33. Gosh that jumper is scrummy yummy! I've been thinking about doing a bit more drawing and sketching lately, just need a bit more time... as we all do.

  34. Doesn't it look great! Your little lass does look cosy.

    Hope to see those jugs of flowers transformed into embroideries, they look beautiful. And the curled up cat too - what lovely ideas. Can't wait to see them.

    Have a lovely weekend Pip.

  35. I love your sketches - they are lovely. Your daughter is adorable and the jumper is indeed superb!!
    well done family!

  36. I keep trying to persuade the Head Chef to knit, but he won't bite! What a lovely jumper - I am wearing some Crofter socks today - perhaps we should start a club!

    Pomona x

  37. How lucky you are, a man that knits! Mine digs lots of holes! He's getting rather bored because of all our snow, but he won't pick those needles up I'm afraid! Dev x