Saturday, 27 August 2011

Where Did the Time Go?

It has been a long absence from blogging and I miss it, so a brief look at what we have been up to during this less than balmy holiday: Cooking and eating... lots.

Enjoying special times with the various members of our large and ever-expanding family.

Finally back to collecting freshly laid duck and hen eggs. Three very sweet new hens are now living in the hen pen - Flossie (named by me), Flower and Rose (named by Isabella). So much better than some of the previous names given to our poor hens: J.Lo, Chiquita, Fiddy....

Very tame these three (why do I keep writing as though Yoda had taken over my speech?!). The children can pick them up and feed them from their hands with no difficulty at all.

Much fruit picking from the Merryweather damson in our garden

to the bowlfulls of Victoria plums snapping the branches just outside the hen pen. So juicy and masses in the freezer for when we have more time. We have also collected Kea plums from the lanes around pretty Coombe.

It really is rather lovely isn't it?

Lucy has kept us supplied with endless dishes of cakes ...yum!

Ans there have been parties galore, days out with friends, much decorating of the house (yawn, but necessary) and much else besides. Oh, and best of all, autumn is on its way...Hurrah! Foraging and fires and leafy walks; wrapping up in scarves and mitts; glorious colours everywhere; knitting and jam making and stirring big pots of chutney and so much more that I associate with my favourite of seasons.

I'm quite excited; how about you? x

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Photography Tales.

So far the holidays have been just lovely with some sun, some warmth, much chilling out and a fair amount of work to boot. A good mix in all, especially when plenty of scrumptious meals like this are added in.

Today consisted of a lazy start where the coffee pot seemed never-ending and a trip to Penryn Quay was called for in order to get some photos for the website. The light was perhaps a little harsh by the time I got there but it was so good to see these familiar sights - yes, I still have my rope obsession (which is not quite as bad as it may sound!).

How beautiful is this shade of aqua? I have another obsession at the moment based around this colour and we are currently turning out tiny bathroom into an aqua inspired place to dwell where the walls reflect soft tones into the bathwater and a newly laid wooden floor replaces the manginess of earlier and is bliss to walk on....sigh... Oh and if anyone has an old and quite possible tatty cupboard they would like to give me to finish then room then please feel free. Always worth a shot isn't it!

Just love the way these ropes tangle around rusty rings. Even the concrete bollard takes on a more appealing look. No? Ok, I do tend to romanticise wherever possible but it works for me.

I was really there to take some photos of new products such as this new addition to my Lauren Tote range - this colourway is Autumn Leaf and is now available here.

I have quite fallen in love with the russet tones of this one and now feel a need to make some clothes for the autumn based around olives and soft orange but more of my dressmaking adventures another day as I have only got as far as purchasing a pattern so far!

While I was there I had another go at photos of my Cornish Harbour tea cosy as the light had been so bad before. There was the slightest of breezes gently billowing over the harbour and I think I provided a fair bit of amusement for the fishermen on the quay as I raced across the ropes to save the cosy before it hit the water!

Two photos was all I managed before my dignity was completely lost - note to self: DO NOT undertake product photography on a breezy day wearing a short skirt! Anyhoo, here we are: Cornish Harbour Tea Cosy by Pipany.

Hope you're enjoying your day x