Saturday, 27 August 2011

Where Did the Time Go?

It has been a long absence from blogging and I miss it, so a brief look at what we have been up to during this less than balmy holiday: Cooking and eating... lots.

Enjoying special times with the various members of our large and ever-expanding family.

Finally back to collecting freshly laid duck and hen eggs. Three very sweet new hens are now living in the hen pen - Flossie (named by me), Flower and Rose (named by Isabella). So much better than some of the previous names given to our poor hens: J.Lo, Chiquita, Fiddy....

Very tame these three (why do I keep writing as though Yoda had taken over my speech?!). The children can pick them up and feed them from their hands with no difficulty at all.

Much fruit picking from the Merryweather damson in our garden

to the bowlfulls of Victoria plums snapping the branches just outside the hen pen. So juicy and masses in the freezer for when we have more time. We have also collected Kea plums from the lanes around pretty Coombe.

It really is rather lovely isn't it?

Lucy has kept us supplied with endless dishes of cakes ...yum!

Ans there have been parties galore, days out with friends, much decorating of the house (yawn, but necessary) and much else besides. Oh, and best of all, autumn is on its way...Hurrah! Foraging and fires and leafy walks; wrapping up in scarves and mitts; glorious colours everywhere; knitting and jam making and stirring big pots of chutney and so much more that I associate with my favourite of seasons.

I'm quite excited; how about you? x


  1. Ah lovely to catch up with you Pipany, the summer months caught up with me too and I have so missed blogging. Your photos are gorgeous, hasn't your granddaughter grown? She looks adorable and yes the boats look so inviting in that pretty bay x

  2. Love your autumn descriptions - I am very excited as per usual over the approaching season. Cannot wait for all the colours and especially for Halloween, it's my favourite festivity. Glad you have had a nice summer.


  3. beautiful photo's..lovely to see little snapshots of your summer
    Wow! that is a mighty amount of plums! we planted a victoria plum last autumn and have had quite a lot of plums considering it is still a baby.
    Your chickens look very sweet
    jooles x

  4. Dear Pipany,

    How wonderful to see you back! Yes, the season of mellow fruitfulness is almost upon us and I too have many happy thoughts about the next few months. Those Victoria Plums are luscious! They bring to mind an illustration I had in a book of Aladin of the jewels in the cave, do you know the one I mean? And I love that photo of the apple tree weighed down with treasures. I once wrote an article about the poetry of fruit names. The beauty of fruit and vegetables is that they combine the practical and the aesthetically pleasing.

    I must say your chocolate tart looks delightful ;-)

    Autumn is such a poetic season, don't you think?


  5. When you put it like that - yes I am excited too! Those photos are so beautiful and though we have missed you this post was worth the wait!

  6. Hi Pipany,

    It all looks lovely and delicious! Those cupcakes....and the plums! I don't know how to get them out of the tree. How did you get them down? Is that little baby your granddaughter or your daughter? She looks so sweet!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  7. What gorgeous tranquil photos, I especially love the photo of your cute little grandaughter, how gorgeous is she!

  8. How lovely to see you back pipany. I love your last photo. Just perfect early autumn.

  9. Pipany, you have returned with a true harvest of beautiful words and photos!

    Thank granddaughter is such a sweetie, I am sure that she will be well spoiled.

    All the baking and ripening fruits make me soooo hungry.

    And that sparkling light that fills your photos shows just how special a place Cornwall is.


  10. Such gorgeous photos and you have taken the edge of my sadness about the end of the summer and my girls all going back to school by reminding me of all that autumn has to offer.

  11. Hey Pipany
    All i can add is "Hurrah for Autumn" because it's my favourite time of year too,Love reading your posts
    Best Wishes
    Sue xx

  12. Same here Pip - can.not.wait!

    Happy weekend to you all.

    Nina xxx

  13. I miss the end of summer and miss the kids terribly when they are out at school all day but I must admit Autumn is my favourite season too and I am looking forward to it! Cx

  14. Your photos are gorgeous, I really loved seeing the apple tree and your pretty garden. How adorable your granddaughter is looking! Love all the beautiful pictures, it's great to see them. Have a happy week, Pipany.
    Helen x

  15. Dear Pipany,

    I am shyly popping back in to tell you I am hosting a giveaway which, I think, might be of interest to you... especially as part of it is to celebrate approaching autumn.

    I hope you don't mind.

    Warmest wishes,


  16. Thank you for reminding me about the good bits when I am lamenting the shortening days and end of the holidays.

  17. Ah Pipany it's lovely to see you posting again. I've missed your blog. What beautiful photographs though, particularly of your daughter and grandchild = absolutely scrummy.

    And those Vic plums? My favourite ever!!

    Hope to see you posting again soon x