Monday, 17 June 2013

Of Creeks & Seas & Ponds.

And so it seems summer has been and gone, over in the blink of an eye. Cornwall languished in the heat and outings were grabbed wherever & whenever as the previous few years have conditioned us to the unlikelihood of the good weather lasting. 


Such trips have included a meander around lanes billowing with the frothy heads of elderflower and verges positively massed with cow parsley. Add pink campion and the tall velvety spires of foxgloves to the mix and  you have the epitome of an English country scene. So very beautiful. We explored the romantically named Anna Maria Creek & Polwhaveral, sauntered through quaint Port Navas with its impossibly picturesque cottages, and ambled back through the village of Constantine.

The balmy days allowed for me undertaking some studying in the garden with an icy glass of Prosecco close to hand as it helps the brain cells to function better - that's my story & I'm sticking with it!

And of course, hot weather definitely calls for platters of fruit with luscious blueberries, tart black & red currants, and slices of almost over-ripe melon, the whole having a light dusting of icing sugar to turn the dribbling juices into a mouth-watering syrup. Yum.

Many trips to the beach were on the agenda & have included Swanpool, Maenporth and Castle as these are all within five minutes from the school. I don't like to waste time travelling when heading off after the school run.

These breezy pictures were of Maenporth where it was deliciously hot despite the breeze.

Me and my girl just messing about.

Isabella was busy ... as ever. Look at those waves. I could watch their incessant rolling for ever.

Seaweed needing investigating for hidden treasures.

Such a lovely way to end the day. By the time we wander home we are all so relaxed and it feels like another day.

Playing 'catch me if you can' with the sea.

In other news on the Poltisko Farm front, Dave has started transforming the front garden into a vegetable garden once more. We threatened to do this a while ago but you know what it's like with a big family. Actually with any family time is short & things take over don't they? Still, one bed is now dug. manured and ready to go. Nice view eh?

Perhaps the (potentially) most exciting thing of all though is the impending news of baby ducks. Our very clever girl, Pecan, has been sitting on a beautifully made nest for a while now, leaving it only to grab a quick bath in the pond and some food before returning to nurture a clutch of eggs.

I so hope they are fertile and hatch for her so that we have ducklings gliding around on the pond once again. The picture shows Pecan and her sister May as babies two years ago when they were hatched by Biscuit. Unfortunately only Pecan remains of that batch.

Such an amazing thing to experience right outside your back door. Fingers firmly crossed.

Fingers also firmly crossed for a return of the hot weather and meals taken out in the garden.

In the meantime, it's back to knitting by the fire! x