Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Good Things.

Good things happening here lately? How about games in the garden between two pretty girls?

Hula Hoops and..


tickling and...

laughing until you nearly cry.

For Mamma there is the fun of watching (and joining in) and relaxing in the dappled shade of our very beautiful garden with flowers opening all around.

Frothy seas of limanthus flowers with their poached egg faces encouraging hover flies I hope

That blue, blue, blue of forget-me-nots

Scarlet poppies with those gorgeous dresses of softest silk

and pretty, scrumptious chives.

Our house nestles behind this lush scenery and quietly watches all that goes on.

Biscuit, one of our silver-cheeked appleyard pair of ducks, is once again sitting on her nest which now has plenty of soft feathers added for extra warmth.

She popped off for a quick feed and drink so I was able to grab these pictures before she noticed. I think she is actually doing it properly this time - ducks are notorious for leaving a nest once they are bored - and has sat constantly for a while now. Fingers crossed there may be little ones to show you in a few weeks.

But for now I must leave the garden and head back to the sewing room where there is a list of orders waiting for some hand embroidery to finish them off.

The computer is finally mended and so I will post more regularly again - shorter ones you will be glad to hear!

Have fun x

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

A Birthday, a Garden & a Bluebell or Two.

No computer, no internet, no blogs...not a good time. It's been a testing few weeks where such things are concerned and we are not sorted yet, but hope springs eternal. In the meantime, here are some of the things we have been up to here at Poltisko Farm: trips to the beach, though often well wrapped against t4h cold breezes blowing in over the ocean

A blog giveaway from the lovely Tracey of Funkeymonkey blogspot. I won a gorgeous Cath K mug which holds a goodly cuppa

The lovely package also included Green and Black's chocolate and a pretty soap along with these napkins which happen to match some of my mugs. Thank you so much Tracey x

Gardening has been very much on the agenda with tulips and forget-me-nots tangling together and surrounded by bluebells and fast-growing paeonies.

The one hundred bluebell bulbs sent as a present from Dave when I was pregnant with Isabella are spreading beautifully by the garden wall and mix with ramsons of pure white.

oh, how I love bluebells;



Walks in the woods with streams for both Bellas to play in, though Bella dog gets much wetter!

Translucent leaves against pale cold skies.

A three hour jaunt due to getting lost in the woods. Little Isabella did so well, especially considering she is recovering from chickenpox.

An outing for the youngest three to a local theme park, a treat from lovely big sister Matzen and her boyfriend. It was a treat for Dave and I too as we were childless for a whole five hours which NEVER happens! Lunch at an Italian restaurant was our treat to celebrate...yum.

Aren't they sweet? Thank you Matty xx

Yet more pottering in the garden

Delicate alchemilla holding crystals in her soft leaves

The seemingly endless billowing of blossoms heralding the coming fruit (I hope)

and some weeding. Aren't the dandelions prolific this year? Isabella tells me we need to make more dandelion wine and I realise I have not tasted last year's yet. I will report back on this.

They are pretty though.

And finally, our gorgeous girlie's fourth birthday.

We love you Isabella xxx

Hope to catch up with you all again soon. I miss you! x

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Just popping by to say we are having problems with the computer - it crashed!! Back as soon as can get it fixed (fingers crossed). x

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Tuesday Moments.

I'm afraid today's pictures may bear little resemblance to the subject matter of this post; I have been so very hopeless at taking my camera anywhere lately and so possibly will have to troll old archives to give you the gist of what I am wittering on about. For example, I have no pictures to show you just how sparklingly beautiful Swanpool Beach was this morning as Isabella and I sat on the warm sand to while away the time before nursery, but it did look a lot like this ...

Nor have I photos to show you the three ducks which surfed the lazy waves as we laughed at the sight of their little legs furiously paddling, visible to us with each glass-clear rise of the jade waters until they finally beached just in front of where we sat. They waddled up to us and sat companionably chatting right beside our sandy spot. if I moved my hand I would have stroked the silky back of each one of them. After a quiet moment or two they picked themselves up and continued on their walk, crossing the road and ambling back to the Swanpool after which the beach is named. No, no photos typically.

To add further to the general failings of my photography I also have little in the way of images to show you the lovely Friday I spent with dear Diana, my very special friend of Pebbledash fame. No pics of our knitting, the gorgeous doughnuts Diana bought for us to scoff or the wine now long since consumed (how well she knows me!) or the laughing over the subject of tailor's dummies and their possibly inappropriate names - too embarrassed to share the childishness of my humour with you just now, but the name I have bestowed on mine makes me laugh!! I did manage to snap Walter for his fan club however.

Diana also made this beautiful notebook for me using her own images and binding the different papers inside it herself. It is so lovely and I have already jotted little notes to myself in it: things and words that pop into my head at any given time which I like the sound of. Thank you so much for such a lovely day Diana x

And now for some things I did photograph today. The courtyard outside the girls' bedroom holds pots of all kinds and is where we sit sipping wine, though today I took an early cup of coffee there to hide away for a quiet five minutes before breakfast bedlam hit yet again...bliss.

I love these bellis so much.

The view from the bathroom looks through the cherry blossom to Davey's writing room with its bright red tulips beneath the apple and plum trees giving it the air of a child's drawing.

Incidentally, this was also the view from the bathroom window today : a little girl desperately trying to open an umbrella on a very blustery day.

Oh the utter...


A quick look at how the garden is coming on reveals gorgeous cherry blossom

the first of the bluebells opening along the bank to form a carpet mixed with garlic flowers and primroses

Bright, bright tulips contrasting with the zingy green rhubarb leaves

A pretty spot to rest on a bench, apple blossom scenting the air and soft grass underfoot.

A daisy, a daisy for my lady's hair ...

Hope your Tuesday is going well x