Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Good Things.

Good things happening here lately? How about games in the garden between two pretty girls?

Hula Hoops and..


tickling and...

laughing until you nearly cry.

For Mamma there is the fun of watching (and joining in) and relaxing in the dappled shade of our very beautiful garden with flowers opening all around.

Frothy seas of limanthus flowers with their poached egg faces encouraging hover flies I hope

That blue, blue, blue of forget-me-nots

Scarlet poppies with those gorgeous dresses of softest silk

and pretty, scrumptious chives.

Our house nestles behind this lush scenery and quietly watches all that goes on.

Biscuit, one of our silver-cheeked appleyard pair of ducks, is once again sitting on her nest which now has plenty of soft feathers added for extra warmth.

She popped off for a quick feed and drink so I was able to grab these pictures before she noticed. I think she is actually doing it properly this time - ducks are notorious for leaving a nest once they are bored - and has sat constantly for a while now. Fingers crossed there may be little ones to show you in a few weeks.

But for now I must leave the garden and head back to the sewing room where there is a list of orders waiting for some hand embroidery to finish them off.

The computer is finally mended and so I will post more regularly again - shorter ones you will be glad to hear!

Have fun x


  1. What a joyous post Pipany - it's really made me smile this afternoon. These beautiful images of your girls will be really precious in years to come I expect.

  2. A lovely post Piapny. I am glad your computer is working again as I have missed your regular posts. The girls do look gloriously happy having fun outdoors. Your garden is beautiful. Pure paradise. x

  3. The simple things in life make us smile dont they?
    I hope there will be some little ducklings soon?!!

  4. Lovely, lovely post. Glad to have you back Blogging.

    Looking forward to seeing ducklings, I'm so tempted to get some ducks for our ponds, but we already have some wild ones that visit, so it might cause trouble!

    Sue xx

  5. What a pretty post - love the pics of your girls & all those gorgeous flowers.

    Look forward to duckling pics soon :)

  6. Lovely post - those flowers are so pretty and your garden looks a real delight.


  7. Ahh,
    It is the simple things in life that give us pleasures.

    This blog is truly beautiful - your words, your photos...and those girls.

    Big hi from me.

  8. So nice to see 'good things' and to know that the computer problems have passed. Love the raggedy tulip, what an unusual shade.

  9. I missed your last couple of blogs and had so much gorgeousness to catch up on. Happy birthday Isabella (what a fabulous cake). And your garden is looking so beautiful. My fingers are crossed for Biscuit and her eggs!

  10. Glad the computer probs are getting sorted - I have missed your breath of fresh air" from Cornwall!! Hope you are all well.

  11. Glorious glorious pictures. Very beautiful girls and lovely flowers. I know the frustration of having your computer away mine has come back after barely 24 (very long) hours. Ah my right hand is back!
    Fingers crossed for the ducklings.

  12. What a lovely post .. your girls are beautiful, and I can't wait to see what happens with those eggs! x

  13. Beautiful piccies as usual. You can't beat having fun out of doors.

    I'd love some ducks but think Archie might not so much .... x

  14. Oh what a joy to read this post, Pipany. Such prettiness...everything, the flowers, your home, and your sweet girlies. Just lovely!!!

  15. Hurrah you're back!!
    Your garden's looking scrumptious. I'm still clearing the ravages of the winter but hopefully it will catch up by the end of the summer.

  16. Welcome back Pipany - isn't it awful when the computer goes on the blink?
    Beautiful garden, beautiful daughters - beautiful post!