Saturday, 5 June 2010

So Much to Share.

Hmm, I seem to recall I was going to blog regularly once more. I think that was what I said wasn't it? Ah well, the best of intentions and all that. So what's been happening since last time? More taking of an afternoon stroll with parasol to hand.

Almost got it now.

A big fat roast dinner with my three eldest all in one house at the same time, not something that happens much now, but lovely when it does.

Davey sorted our extremely overgrown campfire area and restored it to its former beauty. We have already had so many evenings sitting by its warmth, drinks in hand and barbecue food close by.

Sometimes Lauren worked on her degree by it...(please note the decanter lurking close by filled with the most gorgeous mix of our homemade blackberry wine blended with a red to make the BEST wine EVER!

Sometimes we just ate by it or had quizzes with Lucy as quiz master

but always we have enjoyed it - lots.

In the garden the blackcurrants, gooseberries and redcurrants are growing away with promises of scrumptious things to come

and dear Biscuit is still sitting beautifully on her eggs...hurrah!

Davey is making elderflower wine and I will probably be making the first batch of elderflower cordial later today. I just love the stuff don't you?

Well, the work front has been busy... manic actually with a whole pile of these Little House Notebooks being embroidered and packaged before heading off to new homes.

I really enjoy making these notebook covers with their mix of hand and freehand machine embroidery, particularly since I added the option of personalising them with a name. I stitch away and wonder about the person receiving it, whether they will use it for sketching or lists - I do love list - or thoughts about life.

Who knows?

I also had my Ship, Ship Sailing Game featured in Cornish World, one of the lovely magazines centered around life here in Cornwall and the many artists who run businesses in our gorgeous county (including me that is!).

A lovely end to the week I must say.

Well, that's me done. Sorry it was so very, very long.

Bye for now x


  1. Love all your crafty bits Pip and well done for the mag feature!!!

  2. Congratulations on the recognition in that magazine - well deserved, for sure! Looking at that groaning table made me realize that my family could probably enjoy a nice fat roast dinner this weekend! I'll have to make that happen.

  3. Lovely to catch up and see that everything still looks idyllic over at yours!

  4. This is just a quick comment - I'll return later - just to say I love the family meal photo. It's wonderful and fun. Bye for now, Lesley

  5. Wonderful catch-up! I love the expressions in the photograph around the dinner table. Again your garden is so far ahead of mine - elderflowers already? I might have to have a word with mine!

  6. Missed you Pip, but it sounds like you have been having fun and I was able to catch up with reading your older blogs! X

  7. Pipany, none of that apologizing, please.

    All that you have been up to seems great, full of positive energy, an embrace of a loving family, the skill and creativity of someone who can translate nature and memories to embroidery both hand and machine driven (Pip...that is you I am writing about.) and you also somehow find the time to put up this post that will inspire the rest of us.

    Thank You! xxx ooo

  8. Gorgeous pictures in the sun. Those notebooks are fantastic. Such beautiful stitching.

    Have you got a blackberry wine recipe? Sounds like something I would like to have a go at.


  9. Well done on the magazine feature. I love those notebooks & am thinking it may be time I treated myself! Love the fire too x

  10. Oops! I missed a post! I've just finished reading back and, then, I reread some older posts, because, you're wonderful! =]

    So! It looks like you were having a lot of hams for dinner! Your family is so beautiful. I love the photos of your girls playing in the backyard. We have a fire pit, too. I just posted about it but it has not reached its full potential yet.

    It's so fun to see all of your creative ideas. I read in the catalog (magazine?) that your great grandfather was Danish. Ah ha! My grandfather and grandmother were Danish, too.

    Your photographs of the flowers are just beautiful. Beautiful! A post from you is always a joy and a refresher. They fly by in a blink and never, ever feel long. It's very happy to hear from you.

    Love, Katy xo

  11. Oh it looks so idylic can I come and visit?

  12. Your notebook covers are simply divine,great to see traditional hand embroidery being done. Our elderberries are not flowering up here in the north yet. Well done on your magazine feature,so well deserved.

  13. Well done on the magazine feature. Your new designs are looking good too.


  14. What a lovely post to read. Full of all the best things, especially family and food.

    Congrats for the magazine article.

  15. lots of lovely things in this post - thanks for sharing - love family meals too

  16. I love the look of your barbecue area! Our outside sitting has become an alternative kitchen and is proving its worth, while not looking very beautiful at all.
    Glad to tell you baby Joseph was playing enthusiastically batting Babbit last week. The arms, legs and ears are all so enjoyably floppy. Thanks so much.

  17. Congratulations on the magazine feature Pip, hope it brings you some lovely orders.

    How wonderful to have a family campfire, defintiely on my list for our garden (not quite sure where!) as the boys get a bit bigger.

    You've do have such a lovely garden but all the lovelier with a big happy family to fill it. What special days together.

    Enjoy the week. Hope its not too wet down there!
    Love Stephx

  18. Hi, Pipany! So lovely to catch up with you... Summer looks off to a great start there in the West Country. :o) LOVE those stitched notebook covers--they are so sweet. Your garden is looking so wonderful... Oh, and congrats on the mag feature--hooray! Happy Days ((HUGS))

  19. Congratulations on the magazine article Pip - hope it brings in some lovely orders for you - btw I remember that I asked you about the bunting - I will definitely put in an order as soon as I get a chance!

    No need to apologise for the length of your posts Pip - every word and photo of your life in gorgeous Cornwall is savoured!

    Your garden looks lush and as for your campfire and the home made wine - when can I come visit?!!