Tuesday, 29 June 2010

A Time To Chill.

So, what's been happening here? Lots of people turning up and staying for scrumptious meals of cherry tomatoes, basil, olives and great slugs of fruity olive oil, the whole adding to the summery feel and being roasted to add to pasta

or made into summer tarts with rich buttery pastry to eat with homegrown salad...yum.

Playing on the courtyard while Mama and Papa quaff wine in the sun.

All that hard work moving shells around means a rest is required. Nothing like a stretch on a soft handmade quilt is there?

The apples are growing larger and the light slants across highlighting the odd curves of this variety.

The figs are fattening and should taste so wonderfully sweet, syrupy juices dripping off chins with any luck (and a continuance of the hot sunshine).

Back in the house strange things are taking place. Now, this may look like a jelly explosion to you, but it is actually school homework - can you not see it's a cell complete with nucleus, cytoplasm, etc? No? Ah well.

Time for another evening chill out around the campfire, but today we have drizzle. Who knows, it may change back to hot sun by then.

Have a lovely day, whatever you are doing x


  1. You make me hungry just reading this. Gorgeous photos.

    Enjoy the sunshine when it comes back...it will!

    Sue xx

  2. Hahaha! I'm laughing because I'm a 6th grade teacher and making a model of a cell is one of the assignments I give my students. I have seen MANY jello cell models. I'll give that one an A if you can name all the parts. Lovely pictures as always. The tart looks grand. Is it just pastry dough, sauteed veggs, olive oil, basil, etc? I want to make one. (BTW, you could make a cell model using your tart ingredients. I had a student make a pizza cell model, it was delicious!)

  3. What a way to enjoy the summer. Just relaxing, fabulous. Hope the drizzle has blown over and the sun is out again.

    Have a lovely evening.

  4. Dang, Pip!!! I was just embracing winter and open fires and comfort food..... And now I want summer back.....!!!!

  5. Compared to you, we've not had any summer at all over here. No apples, no berries, no warm days on the patio sipping wine. Rain, cool days, dark skies....I'm ready whenever summer decides to make an appearance.

  6. Ah Pipany...there you are...enjoying the sun and cooking up all sorts of delights!!

    I'm going to try this borage and pea soup....sounds delish!

    Have Fun...Salle x

  7. I'm so hungry after reading this post! Lovely photos Pip.

    Have fun in the wonderful Cornish sun!