Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Of Ducks and Birthdays and Boats.

A strange thing happened here at Poltisko Farm during the night: Biscuit, our nesting duck, moved her entire nest and the eggs within a few paces to the left of where she had built it. Next to it lay one broken egg and one tiny, perfect little duckling, one not quite ready to hatch I would say, but not far from it. I have no idea if she moved because she had been threatened (the new spot is slighty more tucked away behind a lump of wood) or if there was some other reason, nor do I know whether the remaining eggs will now hatch or if they have been damaged by the move.

All I do know is that she seemed quite calm as she scoffed her breakfast at high speed, returning to turn the eggs with that amazing agility before settling down once more. So we shall wait and see what lies in store.

The alchemillas are flowering beautifully once again.

I so love the way the droplets of rain or dew are held by its soft leaves, suspended like so many jewels to dress the fairies' hair....maybe...

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the garden more earthy pleasures are taking place!

Elias has turned fourteen - today actually - and so the weekend called for one of Mr Davey's chocolate cakes of course.

Chilling out in the afternoon sun, tummies full of cake and chatting about nothing in particular as bees droned on the weigelia close by.

I did try to capture them as the flowering branches were covered in fat bees, but wither I was too slow or they were too fast.

I haven't shown you Penryn River for a while.

was this morning cast in a steely light, the foreboding clouds shifting slowly to reveal a sulphur glow beneath.

Rusted rings and chains twined with old weathered rope stood in stark relief in the still morning.

Have a lovely day x


  1. What a shame for the poor duckling....lovely photos Pipany, the cake looked scrummy x

  2. Oh the picture of the duck is so lovely. Fingers crossed for the other eggs. Hmm, could really do with a piece of that scrumptious looking choccy cake now!
    Hen x

  3. Fingers crossed that the rest of the eggs hatch ok.

    Scrummy looking birthday cake - can never have enough chocolate.

  4. Happy Birthday to your young man and I hope the eggs are OK - here's keeping my fingers crossed.

    Nina xxxxxx

  5. Save me a bit of cake!!
    Those red thingies look like lily beetles to me - need immediate squashing.

  6. I want to say, thanks for the lovely post - if you don't mind me saying it again.

    When I worked at the British tea room, in California, the owners bought 1,000 lady bugs for their beautiful English Country Garden, there. It was a total love-fest for 2 or 3 days.

    I have two Weigelia bushes that I bought, last fall, on sale. I've never really noticed or seen one before; so, we're trying to figure out where to plant them.

    Pipany, I got a camera for my birthday, yesterday!!! A Canon 450D. I am having so much fun! (My birthday's on the 24th). My post in the meadow was me trying it out.

    I hope the duck eggs are okay!

    Love, katy xo

  7. Pipany, there's so much to comment in you post!

    First of all, belated happy birthday to Elias! May his wish come true.

    And may the duck with the eggs have lots of little duckings following her soon.

    And ... that cake surely did look like one I would want to slice and gobble up.

    And...the picture of the rusty chains and rope is so beautiful! Have you considered doing some of your fabulous embroidery based on ropy shapes? I know you have, but just wanted to ask.

    All seems so good in the land of Pipany. Looking forward to the next report!


  8. Hi Pipany,

    Congratulations on your sons birthday! I am glad the weather on his birthday was still good enough to celebrate it outside.

    The pictures from your garden are beautiful!

    Enjoy the day!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  9. This post makes me miss our duck, Ace. He would run for the school bus when my son would get home. I love ducks. I love your blog, too. Your pictures are fabulous!

  10. What a lovely day, indeed!
    I hope that you end up with a duckling or two after that emergency move.

  11. Your blog is a visual delight!