Thursday, 24 June 2010

Lavender and Bees and Sweet Paeonies.

Our peony (or paeony if you prefer) is flowering and looking the best she ever has. I wanted to share her delicate beauty with you, the way the soft petals flush from white to palest pink, sometimes with a slightly creamy centre, but somehow I couldn't do her justice. Doesn't this look bland and uninteresting?

Disappointed with this picture, I ambled onto the border and had a look underneath the weighty blooms to find this...

So much prettier don't you think? I may well find some other 'neath the blooms' images appearing here in future.

The flower theme has continued in my sewing room where I was commissioned to make a covered notebook with the words 'Lavender and Bees' and a free reign with the design. I always enjoy these orders... well, right up until the moment when it is posted from whence I fret and worry that the customer will not like what I have designed after all and the, "No, no, there's no need to send images for approval", bit of the communication suddenly seems a really bad idea.

Fortunately this one was received with much pleasure - in fact, so far I have remained very lucky in that I have not yet had a complaint from a customer. Of course, I regret saying that and now await the influx of emails to the contrary!!

A real pleasure to make, particularly as I completed some of the hand embroidery sitting in my own garden with the gentle drone of bees as they buzzed busily in and out of the pots of flowers by my chair. So lovely.

What's flowering in your garden? x


  1. Aren't peonies gorgeous, we have a lovely soft peachy one out at the moment and it is stunning. Such a pretty notebook. I wish my embroidery was as good as yours. Dev x

  2. Love peonies!!! and that notebook is so gorgeous xx

  3. Aahh Peonies, I had some in my Wedding Bouquet 5 years ago & I still have the dried petals in a keepsake box...just beautiful! Your notebook is amazing!! x

  4. I love peonies, they are so beautiful. Your stitching is too, thanks for this lovely summery post xo

  5. Love the notebooks!
    Peonies are one of my favourites,we have two types flowering in snowdrop cottage garden at the moment. x

  6. Lovely as always - can't imagine anyone ever not being delighted with what you produce. Love those backs of flowers pics too. Thanks for popping in to see me and glad you enjoyed the gardens. We really do live in a beautiufl country don't we?

  7. Pipany, I can't believe any of your customers would EVER complain about your work, it is so delightful. I love the book cover, you clever thing.

    The peonies in my garden are mostly red. But what else is blooming? Well, the azaleas and rhodis are mostly over and comfrey is the bully in the border. Everything is growing so TALL this year - must be making up for lost time after all the snow! We have pink roses, red roses and yellow roses; pale pink carnations, sweet smelling honeysuckle, blue and pink geraniums, yellow poppies, multi-coloured petunias, pale mauve clematis, yellow iris, blue nepeta, lime-green euphorbia and ladies mantle; white daisies, blue salvia, cream lupins, yellow loostrife and purple heuchera, blue cornflowers and yellow buttercups. The elderflower is just coming into bloom, belatedly this year like so much else, so soon I will be able to make some more of the yearly cordial. I love summer in the garden, don't you? And still much more to come.

    Have a lovely sunny day in your beautiful Cornwall.

  8. Pipany, the peonies are exquisite, in each picture. It's great that you show many angles.

    That book cover is also terrific. I love the way that you "got" the lavender blooms in your embroidery.

    Bravo! might consider cookbook covers (washable, of course.) There could be all sorts of possibilities of imagery to translate to applique and embroidery?


  9. Oh the book is so sweet Pipany - as sweet as your blog! And as someone who has commissioned from you, I can tell everyone - do commission Pipany to make you something and you won't be disappointed. Pipany made me lovely personal little 'cushions' for the bride and bridesmaids when my daughter got married.

    I havent been reading blogs, and have missed yours, so must get back to it! Missed you on Pc too Pipany.

  10. My daughter is just now getting into embroidery. I will show her the photos of your covered notebook. I love it! The bees are hanging out with my lavender, too. I'm not at home at the moment, but I hope when I get back I will see giant sunflowers! Thanks for the food suggestions, now to find recipes!

  11. hello pip,

    she is a beauty, i always love taking photos of the underside of flowers and your peony shows a delicate blush.
    what a lovely commission to do.

    i hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine.
    we are fruiting in our garden but the foxgloves are blooming as is a beautifully scented woodbine which catches my senses everytime i pass it.
    warmest wishes to you all from us all
    ginny x

  12. LOVELY embroidery, Pipany! And those peonies have me *swooning*!! Our pink peonies are in bloom, lots of daisies, aquilegia, and roses coming soon. Just love this time of year! Happy Summer Days ((HUGS))

  13. Hi Pipany,

    Your notebook is very pretty! It looks very sweet and colourful. Your peonie is beautiful too. We have peonies in our garden as well, but they decided not to bloom, so it's just a huge bunch of leaves ;-)!

    Wish you a good weekend!

    groetjes Madelief

  14. Peonies are one of my all time favourite flowers. I agree you found a real secret by going underneath, perhaps you will become an 'Undercover Photographer" Really beautiful. As is your Lavender and Bees note book, I am not surprised your customer was very pleased indeed!
    Val xx

  15. Those peonies are ravishing! And the sweet bees too. Too clever, you are. (PS - nice to read you again!)

  16. Pipany I adore peonies, mine have opened here too. I love your embroidery. You are so talented. x

  17. The notebook is adorable Pipany. I certainly cherish my Autumn one!

    Your peony is beautiful - I look forward to more 'neath the blooms' images - such a lovely idea.


  18. That is a really stunning bloom!
    And your embroidered note book is really beautiful, I love the detail that has gone into it, its amazing!

    Love Julia x x x

  19. Beautiful notebook ~ can't imagine that it wouldn't or indeed that any of your pieces wouldn't be loved immediately!