Wednesday, 16 June 2010

What I Haven't Done.

Oh where are the days going? There are so many things I feel I am not getting to, so many things I can see that need doing. For example, I haven't potted up the sweet peas bought in such anticipation weeks ago. They sit on the courtyard sneering every time I pass by, darn things.

(Look away all ye of a nervous and fragile disposition).
I haven't cleared our drive which now acts as a dumping ground for all that should be placed in a skip. It is hidden from view until I open the gate ... which I do every time I head off to my sewing room. (I am shaming myself in the hope of producing action on my behalf).

While we're about it, allow me to introduce you to our garage, another 'job' pending. Hopefully we are tackling this in the summer holidays, because otherwise I think it will take over the entire house!

On a more aesthetically pleasing note, I would like to show you a little of the fabric I bought in a charity shop: 4 metres of this gorgeous silky lawn mix which is similar to a Liberty lawn and could well be Liberty lawn. I bought all four flowing metres for £5.00. Yes, enough to make floaty tops and skirts or to just drape beguilingly along with

another floaty fabric in a beautiful shade of green which isn't apparent from my hasty photo. The pattern is wonderful too and would make the most lovely of tea dresses (I love the thought of a tea dress somehow as it conjours up images of dainty china and daintier-still cucumber sandwiches alongside pretty piles of iced cakes on cake stands).

A wonderful eight metres of fabric for just £10.00. Just too perfect but all I have managed is to gaze at it and sigh with longing at the idea of making something lovely to wear. Soon I hope. I also hope I'll remember to make time to enjoy these pretty dog roses and their soft fragrance; so ephemeral like the flowers themselves, here one second, gone the next.

I want to stroll along the river banks and soak up the peace

Ahh, I can see the sparkly waters in my mind as the ripples flicker in the bright sun.

And I wish I would make myself pick up my knitting in the evenings, though it seems that lethargy creeps over me before I realise it, stealing life from my legs and rendering me little more than a partially comatose rendition of my former self! Sorry Davey, you'll have to wait a little longer for your jumper (well, I ask you...fourteen balls of wool indeed!).

But perhaps most of all, I WILL get around to putting my latest addition of my pipany range up on my website so that I can show you my sets of cards and postcards, all made from prints of the various photographs I take and put on here, and now selling (nearly) as a result of all the kind and lovely comments I receive from many of you suggesting I do so.

There, I have said it and now action will have to follow - after all, tomorrow is another day! x


  1. We have just had our fourth skip collected and there's still more to come! I shall be first in line to buy some of your cards its a lovely idea.Karen X

  2. I am so glad someone else has a garage like ours although you do at least have room to walk through and don't have to find a small space to put each foot as you navigate the "stuff"!! I am looking forward to seeing the notecards and will probably buy some if they have your lovely photos on them! I think it is important to have some balance in life and a stroll along the waters edge is just as important as attempting to clear all your rubbish - we all need a little quiet time for our souls I believe! As always a thoughtful and lovely post.


  3. Pipany, those sweet peas seem very happy, they are positively thriving, so don't feel guilty that you haven't planted them. I love the fabric and the harbour photos, the clutter will clear all in good time, and probably be replaced by more clutter if you are anything like me!! Lovely that you are doing so many creative things and I am looking forward to viewing you new range.

  4. Sometimes life is just like that isn't it. I have so many projects on the go, a mega massive garden, a new and very naughty puppy, a hormonal 11 year old worrying about "Big" school, an ironing pile the size of Cuba...oh dear I am worn out just thinking about it all, never mind doing something about it! Dev x

  5. Oooh i'm glad it's not me that has a) got a 'to do' list longer than Mr Tickle's arm and b) not planted the sweet peas out yet!!

    What a find that fabric is! you lucky devil!


  6. the weather is too nice to knit with wool - any way he doesn't need it at the moment!!!!!!!

  7. I am sure your sweet pees are not really sneering at you. As for all your jobs - welcome to my world (and most other people's world too. Lovely fabrics, you've bought. Tremendous bargains to be had in charity shops.

  8. Our garage is just like that too, we have what Twiglet calls, Daddys old banger, a car that hasn't been on the road for 3 years !! lots of bike bits and around 9 bikes!! and goodness knows what else, I avoid going in there these days :)
    I'm pleased you have made your lovely images into postcards, perhaps you could also make some little books with your lovely words to accompany the pics?
    Have a great weekend.
    twiggy x

  9. Hi Pipany
    Beautiful fabric i am very very envious and those pictures of the river so pretty! i can almost imagine the sound.
    Have a great weekend i hope you manage to get around to your pending chores xxx

  10. Hi Pipany,

    So much to do, so little time. Very familiar :-)! Luckily the summer holidays will start soon. I hope you will find time to plant your sweet peas, clean up your garden and finish your website, but have some time as well to enjoy your family and the beautiful part of England you live in.

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  11. What a fabulous fabric find! Gorgeous.
    Will pop over and have a look at the site in a mo. At your recomendation I have started using moonfruit for the new Studio Barn website but I HATE it! Think I need to go back to the beginning and start again - thats if I can work out how to!

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