Monday, 21 June 2010

Snapshots of a Day.

A trip out of the county - a rare treat as Cornwall is not the quickest of counties to get to or indeed, to leave. Our destination was Bristol to visit our daughter Lauren's end of year degree exhibition. The sun shone as we headed down through fields of cut grass where swallows dipped and soared, climbing ever higher into the blue, blue sky. (Note to self: don't lean to one side thus making hips look wider than they already are and don't pull faces while muttering at Davey to 'get on with it'!)

Proof that I do indeed use my own products - I took a Lauren Tote in Apples & Pears fabric with me for the day for those who may be interested.

A tour of the ground led to a rose garden in full bloom. Oh, the smell. It was beyond words and we spent ages sniffing each and every rose, some of almost every hue available.

It would have been impossible to find a favourite as each one had such a variety of scent from apple to sherbet, musk to vanilla and more yet.

So bright was the day that the camera (and I) struggled to do any of this little garden justice.

My own dear thorn amongst the roses.

And a rose beyond compare...though of course I am somewhat biased.

Just so very beautiful.

I now want roses by the bucketfull in my own garden, despite the fact that Cornwall is not the easiest of places to grow them. Our sandy soil is so hungry, but generally once they get going they seem to thrive. It's the getting going that's the challenge. I did note the copious mounds of manure over all the beds, far more than I would have expected so I feel this is where the secret lies.

Back over the fields and a delicious lunch while we discussed the exhibition. I thought the standard of work was incredible and have come away feeling inspired, always a good thing about a trip away.

A tiny peek at an element of Lauren's project which I shall leave as it stands for you to muse over: a vending machine, a scent of something evocative and the notion of action making memories. Hmm, it is very complex and really rather clever.

Rather like the maker really.

I do love her so x


  1. Lovely Roses, Pipany. I find powdered eggshells brilliant for my roses,and with the B&B I always have plenty.The fabric is beautiful. Great to get bargains. I blogged about some recently. It's just the time to do all the projects.You must be very proud of Lauren.Isn't it great to get away for a family day? The children are all growing up so fast.

  2. Lovely to see you out and about Pipany! I think it has been a wonderful year for roses so far. My climbing rose has had the most blooms on it ever! I love your dress by the way - pretty and summery! x

  3. Beautiful photos! Lovely family!

  4. Hi Pipany,
    Looks like you had great fun together.Your eldest daughter looks like you!! x
    P.s Glad you like my new boudoir!! x

  5. Aaawwwww Pip, such wonderful, loving warm words - your day out looks marvelous.

    Nina xx

    ps. ssshhhh the sun is shining 'finally' here and I don't want to jinx it!!

    N xx

  6. Such a lovely post, Pipany. Daughters are a particularly special gift, I think - but then I am very biased!

    PS If my hips were as small as yours I would not be worrying about camera angles - as it is I would have been trying to hide part of myself behind the children ;-)

  7. What a lovely family day out Pipany - I can almost smell those gorgeous roses.

    You must be so proud of Lauren - her project looks intriguing!

    I always find lots of inspiration from trips away and days out. It's always lovely to come home though ...!


  8. Gosh three posts to catch up on (how did I miss those?) It sounds like a lovely day was had by all - beautiful roses and you must be so proud of your clever daughter too. (And I'm still drooling over the cupcakes and fabrics in the previous posts.)

  9. What a lovely family you have Pipany, and they are all growing up soo fast. I too love roses, they have just opened up here. Glad you had a lovely day.

  10. Sounds like a perfect day... I'm still trying to figure out what hips you are talking about though. You look lovely!

  11. Bravo to Lauren! With you as her mom, Pipany, how could she not be a star.

    Your photos are full of glorious sunlight, and your family always brings its own unique light to each of your posts.

    Bravo to the entire family. Please do take a bow! xo

  12. What a lovely outing, LOVELY to see you & your family. And those roses...*SWOON*... Can almost smell them through the screen...mmm... Thank you for taking us along. And thank you, too, for the sweet comment at my place--everyone's been so wonderful lifting us up during a tough time. :o) Happy Summer Days ((HUGS))

  13. Well done Lauren. A Fine Art degree? My eldest son was at Bower Ashton about 10 years ago and I've many happy memories of Bristol.

    Loved catching up with your posts.

  14. Beautiful photos of beautiful subjects as always Pipany.