Wednesday, 19 May 2010

A Birthday, a Garden & a Bluebell or Two.

No computer, no internet, no blogs...not a good time. It's been a testing few weeks where such things are concerned and we are not sorted yet, but hope springs eternal. In the meantime, here are some of the things we have been up to here at Poltisko Farm: trips to the beach, though often well wrapped against t4h cold breezes blowing in over the ocean

A blog giveaway from the lovely Tracey of Funkeymonkey blogspot. I won a gorgeous Cath K mug which holds a goodly cuppa

The lovely package also included Green and Black's chocolate and a pretty soap along with these napkins which happen to match some of my mugs. Thank you so much Tracey x

Gardening has been very much on the agenda with tulips and forget-me-nots tangling together and surrounded by bluebells and fast-growing paeonies.

The one hundred bluebell bulbs sent as a present from Dave when I was pregnant with Isabella are spreading beautifully by the garden wall and mix with ramsons of pure white.

oh, how I love bluebells;



Walks in the woods with streams for both Bellas to play in, though Bella dog gets much wetter!

Translucent leaves against pale cold skies.

A three hour jaunt due to getting lost in the woods. Little Isabella did so well, especially considering she is recovering from chickenpox.

An outing for the youngest three to a local theme park, a treat from lovely big sister Matzen and her boyfriend. It was a treat for Dave and I too as we were childless for a whole five hours which NEVER happens! Lunch at an Italian restaurant was our treat to celebrate...yum.

Aren't they sweet? Thank you Matty xx

Yet more pottering in the garden

Delicate alchemilla holding crystals in her soft leaves

The seemingly endless billowing of blossoms heralding the coming fruit (I hope)

and some weeding. Aren't the dandelions prolific this year? Isabella tells me we need to make more dandelion wine and I realise I have not tasted last year's yet. I will report back on this.

They are pretty though.

And finally, our gorgeous girlie's fourth birthday.

We love you Isabella xxx

Hope to catch up with you all again soon. I miss you! x


  1. Firstly - miss you too! Have to pop across every so often for a dose of happy-Pipany-life (sorry it sounds like it hasn't been recently).
    I do love bluebells particularly when paired with Stitchwort and or Ramsons I think it is the shade of blue which works so very well with white.
    Happy birthday to a pretty little miss.

  2. Hi pipany,
    Lovely to hear from you!
    So many people seem to love the bluebells,they are popping up on so many blogs.You are so lucky in cornwall though you must be surrounded by them this time of year.
    I too love to see the dandelions,blow & make a wish! x

  3. Missed you too. What a lovely selection of photos, at least you've been enjoying yourselves whilst you've been missing.

    Sue xx

  4. Missed you too! Happy Birthday Isabella!

  5. We miss you too Pipany! How romantic to send you all those bluebell bulbs. How thoughtful too. Happy Birthday to the litle one! x

  6. Happy Birthday to your little poppet! hope she had a fantastic day. We are fighting the war with chickenpox in our little shed too!

    Love your pictures particularly of the bluebells such beautiful flowers. Love them.

    Hope things sort themselves out with regards to your computer. It is surprising how we get used to this strange little plastic boxes isnt it.

    Take care.

    MBB x

  7. Sorry to hear that the computer problems are ongoing Pipany - but you would never know it from this lovely post - the photos are wonderful! Belated happy birthday to Isabella. Bye for now, Lesley

  8. Pipany, thank you for the catch up. Hoping that you will soon be all re-connected and that we, your greedy public, will be treated to frequent posts.

    This post was so full of beauty and family love and ... just truly good vibes.

    Belated birthday wishes to the brand new four-year-old, Miss Isabella. Hoping her wish comes true.


  9. Pip, it sounds like it's all been a little chaotic and very busy, with some lovely moments in between. Hope you find a chance to catch your breath. And I hope Isabella enjoyed her birthday - her cake looked delicious!
    Much love,
    Diana x

  10. Happy birthday little Isabella and sorry to hear of your computer problems Pipany. I hope it's pretty much sorted?

    take care,

    Nina x

  11. How lovely to see a post from you Pipany. Quite made my morning.
    I love bluebells too, along with pretty much all Spring flowers, but the blues are extra special.
    Take care,
    P x

  12. Happy Birthday Isabella! Lovely to see your catch up photos, they are as beautiful as ever.

  13. Hello Pipany
    Thank you for popping by my place :-)
    Your photos are gorgeous and it looks as though your garden is full of colour. My heart skipped a beat at the thought of 100 bluebells - how marvelous and what a perfect gift. I do love bluebells so much - we have a couple in our garden, but I am most envious of your swathe of them!
    Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl :-)
    Wishing you lots of happy days,
    Denise x

  14. Hello, Lovely! It's so nice to hear from you! I just love your posts. I had fun with this one and zoomed in on some of your incredible flowers - just beautiful! Your daughter is precious.

    Oh, fiddle faddle, I've erased what I've written 3 times now. May I just leave an "I think you know what I mean" comment? I LOVE to hear from you when you visit me. LOVE it! However, my super long comments that I leave here are "free". Please don't feel any pressure about responding. I want sweetness and light for you! Okay, do you know what I mean? (You don't have to answer that.=])

    Love, Katy xo

  15. Goodness, I know she's four, as it's been over three years that we've 'known' one another - but still, she's getting to be a big girl, quickly!

  16. Hi Pipany,

    Congratulations on your daughters 4th birthday! Looks like your three youngest had a lovely day in the theme park. I can imagine how the feeling must be to have time for yourself, because we have three very sweet, but sometimes busy and chatty daughters! Love the bluebells! They are one of my favourites too.

    Happy weekend!

    groetjes Madelief

  17. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos Pip.

  18. Computer problems are truly frustrating - I feel your pain.

  19. Happy Birthday to Isabella.. 4 is such a grand age!
    hope your computer problems are sorted out soon pip... we miss you too : (

    have a lovely week
    with love
    ginny xx
    : )

  20. Miss you too Pipany - though haven't been around much myself lately hence the lateness of this comment - to wish Isabella a lovely but belated 4th birthday!

    Gorgeous photos of your garden with its 100 bluebells - ours are just beginning to fade now.

    I do hope your computer problems get sorted soon.


  21. Your garden must be a rainbow of colour, but I do agree, Bluebells take the centre stage :0)
    Lovely photos.

  22. Glad the parcel arrived safely.