Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Last Days.

And so the final day of the holiday arrives; Mr Davey is already back and the thought of some sort of order to the days is appealing despite the fact that I feel a little despair at the impending making of packed lunches. Hey ho.

Overall the weather here was nothing special and indeed is torrentially wet today reminding me how quickly the dry baked ground of the hen pen can imitate a mud bath. Delightful.

We managed some trips out and some relaxing in the flighty rays of the sun, but much of the holiday was spent wreaking long overdue order to the house - a task which is still in the doing. The pace will be slower now with work taking up the weekdays once more, but our living room is now cosy in readiness for autumn, fires having already been lit in the evenings as we sprawl on the cushions. Bliss.

Trips on our dear Mermaid were undertaken though less than intended. The arrival of a Seagull engine means we can go further afield (though we did once undertake a five hour rowing session up The Helford River to Frenchman's Creek. This I do not recommend!). One evening we piled the children into the boat, motored up the river past the quays and shops of Falmouth, moored up and collected fish & chips. These were scoffed greedily in the warm of the evening as we put up the sail and drifted back home. Another form of bliss and one which will stay in the children's minds I think for a long time to come.

We are truly lucky to live with this wonderful river and so much sea all around. I do so love Cornwall in all her guises.

So, as the evenings draw in we will no doubt play more games such as this bout of Risk. Davey and I are back on our ongoing chess tournament with me three games ahead in this new season! I am searching for a new knitting pattern as typically the ones I have don't appeal - why does that happen? Any suggestions anyone? I am craving a longish cardigan/jacket to wrap around me on cool days, so please forward any thoughts here.

And it is also time to get back to regular blogging and catching up with friends such as Diana as we are long overdue a coffee/wine/food/chat/knitting session and I miss her. Walter too of course.

Here's to all that's ahead x


  1. I am glad that you have had a good holiday - I must admit that I do not miss doing the school packed lunches now mine are older! But I have one left, and the thought of the school run is not enticing at all - all those dark mornings ahead - yuk. I was just wondering about lighting the fire, it is so cold - then feeling that it must be far too early - you have made me feel much better!

    Pomona x

  2. I just read and reread your summers worth of posts....How gloriously beautiful they are...somehow I missed the one with the bag you made with the berries..so lovely...anything with berries really does well in embroidery....what a heavenly place you live...cornwall is on my list of places so see someday!! thanks for a wonderful picture visit!!

  3. Sounds like you've had a lovely summer holiday even if the weather hasn't always been the best (and yes it is awful here today too!) You're trip up the river to get fish and chips has me so envious, how perfect it sounds (plus I am starving - may just have to have oven fish and chips for lunch - not as good as the real thing but the best I can do! hehe). Hope you're getting back into work ok - I'm finding it quite difficult to get back into the routine after my summer off! Doing ok today tho, and getting on with those badges ;) Have a lovely week xxx

  4. You are indeed very lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country.
    Going to get your chips in a boat sounds idyllic. :)
    Vivienne x

  5. Here's to the holidays Pip - it sounds like you had a really wonderful time. It's very Autumnal here today.

    Nina x

  6. Lovely to see your post today, Pipany. The description of your seaside family summer sounds lovely, and I'm glad you've got lots of work done on your house. Hope you get some nice autumn days weather wise soon, so you can take some of your gorgeous berry photos. (I still have your postcard pic of the basket of blue plums up in my studio from last year and still love it too).
    Have a lovely week.
    Helen x

  7. I just told my OH about your evening boat trip and eating fish and chips whilst drifting home....we both just sighed...we really wish we could live in that part of the world too.


  8. Beautiful - just excuse me while I dive head first into that luscious bowl of plums...

    PS: Your children will remember that day. I have similar memories of similar trips down the Cleddau river here in Pembrokeshire, sharing fish and chips with the seagulls. What lucky children!

  9. I love the photographs on your blog, Pip. Especially those misty, dreamy ones of Penryn river and the Falmouth coast (miss them awfully since living over here in landlocked Camborne! lol).
    Can you believe it - Louisa is coming home to get married in October at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Falmouth! Obviously, beach photos will have to be included at some point during the wedding day.
    Lovely to see photos of your expanding family - special love to Lauren!

  10. have you tried the lana Grossa website? they do free download models ( model of the month, it's worth going back a few years if you can't find what you are after in the recent collection)

    your account of the summerholidays makes me green with envy :D even the refurbishment , something that is badly needed in this house.... but with a man who takes just 10 days off a year, and working silly hours the rest of the year, I won't get any of that.....

  11. Hi Pipany,

    Lucky you to still have a few days of holiday left. In our part of Holland the holiday ended five weeks ago, but it seems much longer....

    It must be a delight to have a boat and live so close to the river. Your outings with the family always sound like lots of fun!

    Enjoy you chess!

    Happy evening,

    Madelief x

  12. Just totally lovely photos, Pipany. Are the flowers agapanthus? I love them! I always wanted to grow them but my winters are too harsh here.

  13. Hello Pipany! I saw your name as a winner on Pomona's giveaway, and thought back to the time when we met up. Hope your enterprise is doing well.