Thursday, 29 September 2011

Mists, Fruitfulness and Glittering Jewels.

Today the garden basks not in sunshine but soft, silencing mist and as I walk I can hear only the dank sounds of dripping trees, the moisture falling from over-burdened leaves to plip-plop gently onto the sodden beds below. The apples on the Cornish Gillyflower are almost ready and I twist one to see if it will fall; not quite there yet and so I pick one of the rosy windfalls from beneath tree by the writing room to munch on my way.

All around are jewels; chains and ropes of glistening diamonds which, even in this misty light, shine and twinkle, catching my eye as they drape from every available branch like some jeweller pedalling his wares.

The hedges also glisten but with bramble berries of such a deep rich hue that I cannot resist picking them despite knowing it takes forever to remove the stain of purple juice from my hands. Not ideal when I will be working on fine cream linen in just a short while.

I hear a scuttling, scurrying behind and turn to catch Flossie lumbering towards me in her lopsided manner. Yet again she has decided to fly the coop - quite literally - and join me in a morning perusal. She is a sweetie and I pick her up for a quick cuddle before popping her back into the pen with her pals.

Yesterday the garden was finally bathed in golden sun, the heat making it sizzle after so much rain, but typically I was out of action, laid low by the horrible bug doing the rounds of our neighbourhood. I spent the afternoon in my bed watching listlessly as the sun lit up the bright skies. Most annoying but today I feel fine other than a pathetic need to lie down after every task. If only the sun would return...

Seed heads are sticky and full, almost on that point of ripeness that will see them burst and drop ready to start the cycle again. This is the curiously intricate seed head of the Crocosmia Lucifer.

So, brambles

and fruitfulness

and glistening jewels. It must be autumn.

Oh, the mist has lifted and the sun is back - hurrah! x

P.S. Next time I have a post about a wonderful blog giveaway I won!


  1. We have had some damp misty mornings, but now it is sweltering here - so hot that I can't face turning out the B&B bedrooms and just want to lie on a sofa! I love the lyrical way that you have written about autumn - goes beautifully with the lovely pictures.

    Pomona x

  2. What a lovely post. Those sparkles do indeed look like the jeweller has been around. Or a very ornate chandlier for the fairys.

    Love the pictures and your gorgeous prose.

    MBB x

  3. Pipany, your close-up views of all that spells autumn are spectacular!

  4. A very beautiful post, with the most delicious photos! The water droplets like sparkling chains are just amazing, really beautifully captured. Hope you're feeling better...those bugs are horrendous! Take care. Helen x

  5. I've never seen such beautiful photos of dew-heavy spider's webs before!

    It is so hot in Leeds at the moment.

  6. Stunning photos of beautiful 'diamonds'. x

  7. Lovely photos - I have been watching the spiders build webs and waiting for the heavy dews to turn them sparkly too - but so far no luck

  8. Did you see the pig with the hippie hairstyle in your last bramble picture?

    Lovely blog, as usual. I am a true addict of Pipany blogs.
    Hope you feel stronger soon and that the sun returns to lovely Cornwall.

  9. Such a glorious bejewelled summer-becomes-autumn morning so beautifully captured :D
    Here the sun has been blazing since first thing and the heat is almost unbearable :(
    I hope your energy soon returns x

  10. Hello Pipany,

    What beautiful words and pictures!

    Lou xxx

  11. just found your blog and am watching mrs Beeton and browsing, what a fab evening! I have a brood of children too and love sewing & making but never really seem to have time! Gorgeous photos xx

  12. Heavenly Pipany! I am sighing with pleasure and feel a little as if I have indulged in a generous portion of apple and blackberry crumble bathed in custard.

    Autumn fruit are so very seductive.

    I agree with Pomona: here in France we are having an indian summer with temperatures over 30°C. We are ferociously enjoying these days as we know they will not last.

    Have a beautiful time Pipany. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  13. We have had brilliant sunshine the past few days , so much so that I caught the sun on my face this morning whilst digging at the allotment - unintentional of course . Love those water droplets , really beautiful.

  14. Lovely, lovely photos and very atmospheric with all that dew but all the same I'm glad the sun finally came out. Hope you're feeling a lot better, it's miserable to be feeling to grim at the best of times but definitely not in this glorious weather. My tights have come off again!!

  15. Beautiful pictures - I love the sparkling jewels - and those apples look so delicious. Your cuddly Flossie looks like the identical twin of my cuddly Amelia.

  16. Such a beautiful place you inhabit Pipany!....Your photographs capture all its loveliness...
    Hope you are feeling much better today and able to enjoy your crafting...those viruses really are dreadful things!
    Susan x

  17. Who needs diamonds and rubies when autumn jewels are everywhere?

  18. Pipany, your post drips with glistening beauty. I love your happy blog because it's always so full of positive energy. Hope your weekend is filled with loveliness.

  19. Hope you are feeling much better now. Beautiful photos as usual. I love this time of year especially the glorious sun we are having in Sussex which enhances all the beauty around us. Poor year for blackberries though. Karen X

  20. Wow - those jewels and your words with words magically woven together.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

    Nina x

  21. What beautiful photographs and words to convey the season of mists and fruitfullness. We too have a "Flossie" only our's is called Betty and she is always escaping the pen to see what we are up to.

  22. Gorgeous photos! I have a fear of spiders, but those 'diamond' webs look stunning.

  23. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!