Thursday, 8 September 2011

Hips and Hens and Happy Colours.

Billowy, blustery winds have scattered the wild rose hips from the branches festooning the camellia outside our bedroom window covering the path in scarlet globes which we inevitably squish in our race to the car for the school run. I can't quite decide if it is pretty or a bizarre rendering of a gothic autumn wedding where the aisle has spatters of blood strewn in place of flowers!

The remaining hips glisten in the weak sunlight that washes the scene after the rain and makes me want to race outside to gather them for the freezer before they all disappear, but work must come first and there are already bags full from last year's harvest which I haven't yet used. So many ideas, so little accomplished it seems. Ah well, the birds make use of them whatever I do.

Little Isabella has appointed herself the task of collecting the eggs on her return from school. We have struck a deal: eggs can be collected but only after changing out of the school uniform. Never has this been done with such speed. How a little bribery goes a long way (though egg collecting is an odd one even I will admit, when sweets would be a more usual inducement)!

The hens seem to have a particular fondness for Isabella and they spend a good deal of time together in all weathers, Isabella in her gardening coat and wellies, the hens generally sodden. Glancing out of the kitchen window I can usually see her wheeling them around in her little wheelbarrow and checking the nest box for the day's layings which she pops into her pockets in the same manner as I do. I am of course notorious for forgetting this fact as I get sidetracked by a bit of weeding, the familiar sound of a cracking egg making me wince at the thought of the mess I will have to clean out. Bella is far more focused!

The Michaelmas daisies are flowering profusely and a haze of purple, lilac and mauve sways in the breeze. A bunch picked for the house enables me to enjoy them for longer than my trips to feed the poultry allow; the constant dodging of heavy showers isn't exactly conducive to a slow perusal of our extremely tired looking borders.

My search for a knitting pattern carries on. I have a few ideas in mind from Ravelry, but can't seem to settle to one in particular. I have toyed with Breakwater and even finally have the right needle sizes and yet I still prevaricate. I do love my new circular needle set though - just look at the beautiful colours. Who needs to actually 'do' anything with them! Hmm, you do Pip as that would be an incredible waste of money otherwise. On with the search...

Till next time x


  1. What a lovely picture you paint of your little girl and the chickens.:)
    I have needle envy now!!
    Vivienne x

  2. I love collecting the hens eggs too, it feels like you have found real treasure. Lovely that Isabella gets so much pleasure playing with the hens, love it that she wheels them around in her wheel barrow.

  3. A gorgeous post today, Pipany! I loved seeing the lucious red rosehips there, and the gorgeous michaelmas daisies too. How lovely that Isabella loves the chickens and collects the eggs. I smiled at the thought of you putting the egg in your pocket and forgetting it was there while you got sidetracked doing something else...yes, that would be me too!
    Have a happy day!
    Helen x

  4. Lovely description of oncoming fall in your area. What do you do with the frozen rosehips? We have lots in our area, but I've never collected them, just admired them!
    --Kathleen (in Canada)

  5. Beautiful photos, Pipany. I love how little Isabella is so very carefully holding the eggs. Sweet!

  6. Those needles are gorgeous, jewel like.

    Hens are a no go for us - not enough garden space, too many whippets - so I love it when folk share their henny stories. And doesn't Isabella look happy with her hands full of eggs :D

  7. what a lovely post, and so nice your little girl is so involved with the hens.

  8. Hello! just found your blog through Pomona's and wanted to say what beautiful photos you have in yours! I spent a few days in Cornwall last week, visiting my brother, and I loved the place.

  9. Love the pictures. I have brought a big bunch of hawthorn berries in from the garden and they are so lovely. Such a gorgeous time and very early arriving this year. Karen X

  10. Lovely to see a couple of new posts from you, Pipany. Life goes on at your house, and your little one grows at an alarming rate - can she really be in school?! I, too, put eggs in my pockets and forget that they're there - I need a more-focused helper!

  11. I love those needles! And I remember when egg collecting was a treat - now they tend to see it as a chore!

    Pomona x

  12. Love that top photograph Pipany - the colours sing out!
    P xx