Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Continuing Tale of Headless Pip.

A mixed baggage of a post today with a little colour to start us off and make us feel that spring is out there somewhere, hidden in the grey clouds and intermittent drizzle, and ready to leap out at any given moment. Yes, a little optimistic, but it is nearly March after all and with that lovely thought in mind may I introduce the stunningly flamboyant flowers of the camellia 'Debbie' which is blooming right outside our kitchen window.

There are bright, fresh shoots appearing on the Rambling Rector rose, a present from my bestest friend for my birthday. I am having such fun planning on the best place to plant it, though I have almost settled on letting this manic rambler clamber through the hedge and up the old oak tree in wild abandon, showering the bed below with confetti petals and scenting summer evenings with its delicious scent.

And then there are the snowdrops still flowering for all they're worth. pretty scent if you get close to them you know.

So, having cheered you just a little I hope, I now intend to take it further with yet more comedy shots of the headless Pipany. Actually, the aim is really to show you my lovely new summer top knitted for me by the newly-ish taught and highly talented Mr Davey. Isn't it pretty?

I can't tell you how hard I find it taking pictures of myself. How does one pose? What look does one adopt? Grief, I so couldn't be Kate Moss...well, obviously that goes on so many levels!

Anyhow, enough of my preening. The top is really comfortable, much heavier than it looks so should be quite warm I think and has the prettiest hemline. I can see me wearing this on the beach a lot this year as long as we get some sun of course. Thank you Dave and for anyone interested, the wool (which is more like fabric ribbon) is called Sirdar Surfer and is on sale at Blacksheep Wools for £1.00 a ball - this top took 5 balls. Easy to knit with and very fast too. Oh, and that's me looking incredibly uncomfortable as my head is finally revealed.

This was the sky earlier this morning and it doesn't look set to change. A dirty sky full of glowering and forboding, a sky set to pour its cargo stright on my head whenever I step through the door.

I think it may be a day to snuggle down on the sofa with this...I wonder if Isabella will agree?

What are you up to today? x


  1. Lovely photo's as ever.Even the headless and ones! (I know how you feel I hate having my photo taken - so I always look really miserable or cross in them.)

    Love your new top. What a talented DH you have there. Such a lovely colour too.

    We have been having a little sun today and its not as cold as it has been, which is rather lifting.Snuggling up on the sofa with some yarn sounds like a great idea to me.


  2. A lovely post Pipany! Please include your head in future fashion shots. You have such a pretty face you know and are very nice to look at! The top looks lovely and I am jealous that your man can knit! Today is grey and miserable and I have to go out to the shops later. For now I am beginning to tackle the gigantic task of sorting out my craft/spare/junk room!!! x

  3. It's lovely to 'see' you! I am a complete cowrad about showing photos of myself, but you look so lovely in that top it's good to see your head too!

  4. I'm well impressed!!! - it looks good both with and without your head!!! - I live about 12 minutes away from Black sheep wools and it is too tempting i can tell you!!!!

  5. Hmmmmm, looks like spring to me. Are those pictures from your garden right now?! That sky DOES look foreboding though. = \ The sweater(s) are BEAUTIFUL and you were you new one well! (very sincerely!)

    Love, Katy

  6. Ahem! I mean you WEAR the sweater well!

  7. That's a lovely top. Clever Mr Davey! I'm currently awaiting a lovely parcel from Blacksheep Wools - full or Sirdar Crofter DK and chunky. Can't wait. Might have to look at Surfer now too...!
    PS: Ditto to what Simone says.

  8. 'aaawwwww' isn't that Mr Davey such a clever man and such a lovely colour too Pipany though I think I prefer you with head.

    take care and enjoy your snuggling,

    Nina xxxx

  9. Mr Davey is very talented, you look lovely in your new top. We had a huge pile of snow last night sadly for Twiglet it didn't mean another snow day off school :)
    Twiggy x

  10. The top looks lovely. The colour is very pretty. So are you, headless or otherwise. You did a very good modeling job.

  11. And very nice you look too. The jumper is pretty good as well - what a fantastic hubby to knit you a sweater.
    I have finished the Sirdar Crofter one like your but I don't look quire so svelte in it as you do. I will try and take a picture soon.

  12. Today? Some work, some reading, some knitting and some Olympic Games watching.
    Beautiful top - Mr Davey is very talented!

  13. I'm off to check out Blacksheep Wools now! Its a very lovely top. John still refers to my knitting as sewing so I really don't think there's much hope that he'lll ever give it a go himself - sigh!

    It looks as if you are much further towrds spring than we are up here - mind you we were further north, in Aviemore, at the weekend and they are very deep under snow still. Juliex

  14. Lovely signs of spring here...and Pip looking lovely in Davey's new creation. That man has talent! He didn't hang about, did he...and the bottom edge looks so good. Three cheers for Davey! And you for looking lovely.
    D xxx

  15. hello my lovely x
    love your top ... clever Davey. love it that Elias is also knitting. years ago my mum taught my nephew to knit and my dad observed this and asked if she could teach him too.she did and he made a polar bear toy for iz when she was born.... he still knits today.
    hope you are all well,
    much love ginny x

  16. The photos are lovely, especially the one with the head!!

    Lovely jumper, what a talented man you have.

    Sue xx

  17. I adore your top Pipany, the colour is perfect for you - what a clever man you have there!

    Your Camellia is gorgeous and so are the pretty little snowdrops. I love it when the teeniest buds appear on roses - spring is in the air!

    Jeanne x

  18. A very lovely head too when it popped out from the top of the frame. The top looks great, lovely neckline. I'd wear it over t-shirts now as I wouldn't want to wait for that elusive warm weather.

    Hope you get down to that snuggling. My plans are a to dye the grey roots as being dark haired like you I'd be white now if I didn't. Then feeling half my age again I'll attack the day with gusto. I hope.

    Have a lovely weekend. The weather looks perfect down there.

    Lisa x