Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Things To Make Me Smile.

I thought I would share some of the things which are bringing a smile to my face and making me think how the simplest of things are what make life so good. First up are roses - beautiful, wonderful roses in delicate shades of palest pink flushed through with a deeper rose as in the bunch I bought for Mr Davey for no other reason than I love him.

Or the sumptuously layered rose with its petals of cream tinged with soft butter and almost-caramel, the type of rose that makes me think of Edwardian ladies and the richness of fabric revealing its many colours in the softest of folds. I am well aware I may be the only one who knows what I am rambling about, but do speak up if you understand so I don't feel quite so alone in my meandering imaginings!

This creamy flower was delivered to my door yesterday as the center of a gorgeous tied posy nestled in a pretty vase containing hyacinths and gerbera and daisies. It also came with a box of the most rich and amazing chocolates, the whole a present for me from our beautiful daughter, Lauren. I can't tell you how surprised and thrilled I was, but for once I was rendered speechless and that truly does not happen often. In fact the last time was when Davey proposed in our garden by a the light of a lantern hung from the cherry tree with almost all our children with us, some friends and the loveliest, most beautiful of speeches from Dave leading up to it, so thank you my lovely Lauren for managing to silence me once more and for making your Mama's day x

Other things to smile at? Well, this mess is only a part of our garden and my goodness does it ever need sorting. It makes me smile though because I am desperate to get out there and hack away; one of my favourite tasks is to bring an overgrown flower bed back to order, albeit a loose version of order as I can't bear rigid, formal borders. I like them to flow and gently tangle, so as soon as I can I shall be out there with my secateurs as this is just a little too much flowing and tangling even for me.

A clear out of my over-burdened coat pockets brought this sea treasure to light. How many times I find pockets full of such finds.

I so love the sea and the changing shades of blue and green. Two necklaces hang on my dressing table where they remind me daily of the ever-changing ocean, both Christmas presents, both oft worn and both very lovely. This dainty one is from sweet Matzen

and this long rope of turquoise wooden beads is from dear Tom and his lovely girlfriend, Lynne.

I love them both.

And lastly in today's list of things to make me smile are the delicate snowdrops outside our kitchen window. Dainty, pure, serene - I just love them (though honesty impels me to say this is a photo from last year as I just cannot seem to get a decent picture of them this year...yet!).

What's making you smile today? x


  1. Actually your blog has cheered me up no end Pip...especially the shells, now I'm looking forward to long beach walks in warmer weather.

  2. Oh Pipany I do so understand! Lovely post as alwys and what mother wouldn't be thrilled to get such a lovely gift? Like you I am waiting to get out into the garden for a good tidy up but like you I love the natural look so wouldn't want (even if I could achieve) neat tidy borders of regimented plants. Thanks again for sharing such a lovely post.

    Jane x

  3. I am a big lover of 'sea treasure',we are always hunting for more especially seaglass.
    I too have some lovely seaglass jewellery,all of which has come from cornwall. x

  4. My snowdrops are only just emerging too compared to last year when they were looking lovely by now.
    Ah, roses always make me think of Edwardian ladies and crinolines so you're not alone there Pip!
    Like you I can't wait to get out in the garden - I have lots of plans for this year - it won't be long now!

    Posting my 100th post has made me smile today ...

    Jeanne x

  5. How lovely - your photos are beautiful.

    We don't get such pretty shells on our beach but do get some stones in a lovely deep dusky pink - I'm just about to take the dog down there.

    My mother loves snowdrops and had hundreds in her old garden. The Edwardian reference made me smile as it is one of my favourite periods for clothes & design.

    Lovely post

  6. Your post is making me smile today Pipany. With your beautiful photos and sentiments I can't help but smile.
    Bertie x

  7. like Fairy nuff says your blog and photos always make me feel tranquil - you are so right - the garden is such a mess but the weather at the moment here doesn't make you want to go outside like you after a visit to the beach Ijust HAVE to pick up shells!so loolking forward to coming to Cornwall at the end of April - have just booked!

  8. So beautiful, Pipany. Roses ALWAYS make me smile!

  9. Your blog always makes me smile Pipany. I love how you write coupled with your beautiful photography.x

  10. Wow that snowdrop picture is really gorgeous Pipany. What's making me smile today - well saw two friends, and my godson. He has such cute baby curls!

  11. Your pictures made me smile, lovely roses and necklaces x x

  12. What made me smile today? Your roses, your shells and your necklaces and the emotion your daughter's gesture stirred in you. And the homemade plum chutney I age with my cold chicken and baked potato at supper; and the successful scouring of charity shops and 'pound' shops for items I need to collect as props for my eldest daughter's Year 6 musical; and the sunshine and frost first thing this morning. So beautiful.

  13. ps: oops, typo: '...the cold chicken I ATE with my baked potato'!! (Heaven's above, why am I so pedantic??)

  14. Your photos of the shells and pebbles are stunning. Love the way light is shining on/through them. The snow drop makes me long for spring oh, so much! I got my first seed catalog today, and that made me smile. :) (Normally I would have got them earlier, but I forgot to send my change of address to my favorite seed companies until a few weeks ago.)

  15. What makes me smile?....a picture of the littlest fairy which I have stuck to my computer at work. It is snowing and she is wearing a woolly hat and grinning a cheeky grin. When it gets dull here, which is most of the day, she cheers me up! Soon be the weekend, yippee. Dev x

  16. Yup, your blog! How on earth do you get those pics so clear and crisp? Just gorgeous gorgeous.
    Today the dog is mainly throwing up which doesn't make me smile!

    Huge thanks for your words on mine..
    big hugs

  17. Lots of nice things here Pip, gosh we all need cheering up I am sure. I do love sea treasure.

  18. Yes! I do know what you mean about the fabric. Beautiful! I love the picture of the snow drop. Thanks for including it!


  19. In all honesty this post!! Those shells, that snowdrop and the way that first necklace is almost exactly sea glass! I can almost smell the salt and feel my hair tangle!

  20. Well yes, your blog makes me smile. It's always so beautiful, so serene and calm. Just one complaint. There isn't a cake! (Kidding!) Those roses are beautiful and I know exactly what you mean about folds of material and Edwardian ladies - so you're not alone in your meandering imaginings!

    One thing did make me smile here today - just the perfect shade of orange nail polish found by chance in Tesco of all places. I don't really do nail polish, but I do do orange and now have one very happy thumbnail!