Sunday, 21 February 2010

A Chilly St Ives and a Fast Learner.

So, who's the latest to learn to knit in our houselhold?

Ahh, it's Elias. I taught him how to knit on Friday afternoon and he is now to be found curled up all over the place, knitting needles to hand and with a fast-growing garter stitch scarf falling from the needles. That's the eight person I have started on the knitting path now and the clacking of needles can be heard in almost every room!

The half term flew by all too quickly with a stroll through pretty St Ives to finish. Such a cold, dark day quite in contrast to the brighter days we have been experiencing here of late, though even the depressing drizzle didn't stop us from finding things worth looking at. Beautiful traditional crab pots being woven on the quayside...

by this man who chattered away as he worked.

Such wonderful work isn't it?

It was so very cold and needless to say, Isabella managed to wander in and out of the saltwater puddles formed in the sand gulleys, drenching her shoes and socks - her wellies were by the back door covered in mud from our gardening efforts earlier in the week. Lucy, Dave and I very sensibly stayed dry!

A jumble of boats sat in front of lichen-clothed houses

with brightly coloured fishing boats waiting for the tide's return.

Plenty to scavenge along the way.

And yet more boats propped along walkways.

Half term now over and a new week begun. Let's hope it's as good as the last.
Bye for now x


  1. Great job with the knitting. That's it, get em while they're young. lol.

    Lovely photos I can almost smell that sea air.

  2. Hello Pipany,

    Those woven crab pots are quite beautiful. It's grand to see that some such traditional crafts are still being practiced. Please do some photos sometime (if you've not done so already and I missed them) of crabs caught in such baskets.

    Glad that you are keeping the knitting gene going.

    As always, you weekends with the time spent in your beautiful outdoors just make me so envious.

    Even so, thank you for sharing your marvelous part of the world with the rest of us. xo

  3. Lovely photos :)

    Little son has asked me to teach him to knit - I guess thats next on the list.

  4. Lovely photos, Isabella really is a little water baby isn't she, who else would want wet feet at this time of year?

    Sue xx

  5. As always a fabulous post with some stunning photography Pipany. Love those woven lobster pots and the boat pics are beautiful too. You must have your own little cottage industry of knitters now then!

  6. Thank you for sharing your days out Pipany. I can almost taste the salt in the air! Well done on your new knitting recruit! x

  7. We had snow here again yesterday. It's becoming a little tedious now. I really enjoyed your photographs. Well done to your son on his knitting - I haven't got a clue!


  8. I wish you'd come and teach me!!


  9. How nice to see a man person knitting for a change. I taught littlest fairy last year, but sadly she gets distracted very quickly. I live in hope that one day she wil enjoy crafting as much as I do, but then when I think back to being her age, I never made things but I did read an awful lot. A bit of escapism from all the bad going on around me. It filled the void. Now I can't imagine not making things.

    Good luck with the weather, raining cats and dogs and hippos here. Torrential! dev x

  10. Oh Pipany, you'be brought back memories of our lovely holiday in Cornwall last September! I remember seeing this chap on the beach at St Ives ... his pots are magnificent. We glimpsed him through the window whilst having lunch and went down for a closer look!

    Lovely photos of boats and I have to say you are fast becoming the pied piper of knitting!

    Have a wonderful week. Jeanne x

  11. Oh ! to be in St Ives again....

    Great about the knitting !

  12. Beautiful coastal pictures Pip and so vibrant even if the day does look verrrrry chilly - bbbbrrrrrrrrr!

    Is your little Lucy sporting a new hair style?? It really suits her.

    take care and hope your having a lovely, lovely day,

    Nina xxxx

  13. My heart is in St Ives - even when it is cold! What a fabulous job the Lobster Pot weaver has!1 They dont tell you about jobs like that when you get your "careers advice" at school. xx

  14. Impressive knitting and crab pots (nice to see that art hasn't died out). Such lovely photographs - it's as if you live in some gorgeous, exotic place where the sun always shines. Of course you do - it's called Cornwall!

  15. Go Elias Go! Think you turned me onto knitting from a distance too!

  16. those crabpots are wonderful - are you not far from St Ives?

  17. A household that knits--I LOVE that! And such fun to see your outing near the sea... can almost smell the salty air through the photo! Happy Week to you all, Pipany :o) ((HUGS))

  18. What a lovely post, those crab pots are wonderful and its good to see an old skill still in use. St Ives looks great, even in the faded cold winter air of February.

    Sending love
    Julia x x x

  19. Gosh, I just love those crab pots. I weave baskets myself and just ordered a whole bunch of English basket willow cuttings so hopefully in the next year or two will have a endless supply of it.

  20. The Great Dane is a good knitter - they learn in school - boys and girls - in Denmark.
    Lovely photos, as always.

  21. I wish I could knit!
    Your pictures are lovely as always. I am off to Lyme Regis soon, can't wait to be neat the sea again. I have been couped up indoors for too long!
    It is so good to see old crafts still being used. I loved to watch the men laying the hedges when I had the cottage in the Cotswolds.x

  22. I loved the photos of the crab pots being woven.

    Now have visions of intense clicking of needles at yours in the evenings!

  23. What a lovely post. I so enjoyed the photos.

  24. Love your blog! I really want to be by the sea now!