Monday, 15 February 2010

We Have Mostly Been...

Grief, i don't appear to have blogged for ages. Where has the time gone I wonder? Ah well, it may have flown, but plenty of good things have happened along the journey: a day of chat, knitting, teas, coffees, wine (!), food and laughter took place last Friday as Diana and I had one of our meet ups. Such a lovely, perfect day as I knew it would be. We always find so much to say and the day honestly just flows, this time ending with a very late meal of Thai green curry which interrupted the frantic knitting taking place - Dave, me and Diana all clicking away for all we were worth.

We also managed a brief walk on Gyllynvase Beach where the ever-sociable Walter payed with new pals.

Other good things? Well knitting is still featuring fairly high on the list, so let's see where we are at (and apologies if this is deadly boring for some of you, but take heart as it could all turn to gardening or dressmaking at any moment knowing the way my butterfly mind works). Dave having finished his gorgeous jumper for Isabella has decided he wants to knit a summery top for me. I would like to point out at this point that I will neither look like the lithe blonde lady in the following picture, nor will I be seen modelling said garment with one thumb casually hooked over my bikini bottoms despite the cackling from Dave and Diana at the thought!

The 'wool' - Sirdar Surfer - is actually more like strips of fabric with an amazing stretchiness to it. Having been started on Friday night, the front is already almost complete. Very fast and very lovely. I am quite taken with this.

My boucle type charcoal horror is finally finished and now just needs me to sew it up, a job I will hopefully get to later today. Despite my moans about this wool - Sirdar Nomad - I must say I have fallen in love with the lightness of the finished pieces and can see it would make a very warm, soft jumper, but the jury is still out on whether I will actually like it once completed. Very hard to tell for some reason, but pictures to follow soon.

A trip into town saw the children once more sitting on the floor of the wool shop like all well trained, children should do. I had intended to choose my next project in order to spur me on with the charcoal one, but Mr Davey spotted a hooded sweater he fancied and before I knew it I had agreed to knit it for him - fourteen blasted balls of wool worth! Yes, 14!!! Oh, but it is such gorgeous wool that I could hardly refuse could I?

Apart from knitting we have...cooked plenty of meals. I think this picture sums up life here with the girls helping to cook, glasses of Cava for me and Dave, and a plate of empty oyster sheels lurking nearby. Not a bad life really.

More walks are planned to take advantage of the beautiful sunshine which keeps appearing, warming the courtyard and even suggesting a sit down without coats could be possible.

No doubt the beach will feature.

And hopefully gardening will also take place with the breaking of buds and the wonderful early spring light shining through new growth.

What have you planned for the week ahead?

Bye for now x


  1. What a lovely weekend. Love the new top that Dave is knitting for you.

  2. I understand children and shop floor syndrome, I have the same experience in the sugar craft shop, they are very well behaved but only becaue Io bribe them with crisps!

  3. Lovely photos again - you really should make some of them into cards and sell them they are so beautiful (not the ones of the balls of wool perhaps though!)

    I am sure that charcoal sweater will look great and be a lovely foil for all sorts of colours. I am sure you will look lovely in your new summer top but maybe pushing your bikini bottoms down with one thumb is not to be recommended!

    Have a lovely week - is it half term with you?


  4. So full of gorgeosity! Lovely!

  5. I love that last photo, so sweet! We are going to be enjoying half term with lots of fun visits to oceanariums & play parks...and squeezing some knitting/crafting in when I can! x

  6. Hello Pipany, I've had to set my knitting aside for the past four days ... Thurs-Sun, since I was at the shop ... but today's a day off. You've inspired me to get those needles clicking again. I've got some bright colored slippers almost completed, and yes, another pair of socks, too!


  7. Lovely times judging by your pictures!
    This week, Im hoping to paint more, work on my ripple blanket, bake stuff, eat things and do alot of pootling...yes, definatly feels like a week for pootling.

    Much love
    Julia x x x

  8. Bored with knitting? No way! But don't tempt me with all that lovely wool - I'm still in a Crofter phase (and the wool shop was closed when I went to town today or there would be more...) Gorgeous dog photos - they look like the pages of a posh catalogue! Can't wait to see the photo of you in that top, thumb casually hooked - you know you want to!

  9. Now that's my idea of cooking! Looks like you all had a lovely weekend. Your charcoal knit looke like a little creature all of its own.

    Week ahead for me includes lots of washing and packing ahead of a few days away next week. We're off to Centre Parcs which is so oddly not us but yet is fantastic - if you knwo what I mean. Anyway it's just the best time of year to go and spend all day in a sub-tropical swimming paradise without shelling out for a trip to the West Indies!

    Oh and I'm out for a last hurrah meal with my very,very pregnant sister. 3 weeks and counting 'til the bump lands so we're steering clear of curry!

    Have a lovely week.
    Stephx - apologies for rambling!

  10. lovely photos as always - your pictures of the beach and shells over the last few months has made me long for Cornwall so have booked ahouse in St ives for the last week in April - can't wait! - keep on inspiring me too with all this gorgous wool!

  11. lovely post & pics.

    Just saying on another blog - my teens just want to sleep - all week. Suits me ! xx

  12. Such wonderful knitting this winter, Pipany! I love the new knitted top--that stetchy "wool" looks fun to work with. No way I'd knit such to wear with a bathing suit either--I don't do bathing suits anymore...LOL! Such lovely days you've been having... Break in the snow here, so we've been taking lovely walks and enjoying some sunshine--at last! Happy week to you all :o) ((HUGS))

  13. The industry! I look forward to a photo of that hooded top you're making for your Dave.
    Over here the blossoms are out all over and I am thinking about raised beds and renewed planters - but just thinking and not a lot of doing.

  14. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me Pip, especially with the lovely Diana and Walter to share the fun!

    I'm afraid its work and more work for me this week - with several deadlines looming and not much time for anything else!

    Have a good half-term week (?)

    Jeanne x

  15. Didn't we have a lovely time! Sounds like Davey's knitting is progressing well, I'm so impressed! We will be insisting on that bikini pose you know, there will be no escape! Love the pics with Walter and Isabella. I do have a feeling he's having a wee in the last one...he does go like a girl sometimes!!
    Hope your week is going well. Eek! It's nearly wednesday, how did that happen?
    D xxx