Friday, 5 February 2010

Friday's Smiles.

Friday's smiles are for mucky, clouds that look as though they need a long soak and a whitening sachet or two.

Someone had a go at the edges...

but gave up on the enormity of the task it seems.

Friday's smiles are also for the warm sunshine which swept the clouds away leaving blue sky and brighter hues in their wake.

Who could fail to smile at wibbly wobbly, shimmery, ripply reflections?

Or golden celandines glistening by the pond?

Who could fail to smile at the sight of mouth-watering rhubarb sprouting its crinkly leaves from the leafy debris and showing that gorgeous pinky-red stalk suggesting crumbles and pies and wine?

I am certainly smiling at the new fabrics arriving in my sewing room

At dainty hearts and deliciously slubby linens and many others that I haven't yet photographed.

So much more to show and smile at, but maybe they'll be for another day. In the meantime I am smiling at the thought of a game of chess by the fire this evening; a glass of wine and my knitting; an outing with Tom (eldest son) for his birthday on Sunday (Happy Birthday my gorgeous one x) and hopefully plenty of other small, but delicious delights.

Hope your weekend will be something to smile about too x


  1. Lovely post Pipany. Wishing you lots of happy smiles this weekend.

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  3. Thanks so much for coming and visiting on my baby site! That made me gasp with joy! (Actually, it was such a big gasp that David was concerned that I needed to, "breathe, Mommy, breathe!) I am just amazed at the computer. I've been resisting it for so long. I just didn't know that it could be so refreshing and such a meeting of minds.

    I love your beautiful photos and (being transplanted from the sea) revel in a sight of the ocean. Not to mention that I love cuddly, cute little girls - what a happy thought!

    I was working on my blog page and realized that I had added all of the blogs that I'm following except for yours. SORRY! it's fixed now.


  4. Pipany thank you so much for your heart warming post. Pictures to lift the spirits. Thank you for the lovely comments you left for me yesterday too. I am going out in the garden to see if there is any life in the rhurbarb patch, oh and by the way - I love your mucky clouds!!! x have a lovely weekend.x

  5. Thank you for that serene post Pipany...beautiful I love tranquil waters and celandines!

    Hope the sun shines on the birthday celebrations.

    Salle x

  6. Such a lovely post! Love the new fabrics.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    I loved your gorgeous photos on your last post!
    Rachel x

  7. Have a wonderful weekend Pip. I've gotten in a right old pickle, I thought you were writing about sea bass.....haha!!

  8. I'm always very inspired by your blogs. I must do a Pipany-inspired smiles blog. Unfortunately now I'm knitting again (thanks to you) I might not have time! Gorgeous photographs, as ever, and I just love the colour of the sail on that boat.

  9. what a heartening sight is the rhubarb! - and I just love those fabrics - where are they from please? and what are you planing for them

  10. I love your pictures Pipany. Thank you so much for sharing them. The rhubarb in our garden is nowhere near as advanced as yours - just about poking through. Happy smiles from me too.

  11. Indeed plenty to smile about in your lovely patch Pipany. Wishing you a lovely weekend too.
    Bertie x

  12. Those clouds are amazing ...

    We have a very lovely day here today which has brought a big smile to my face!

    Happy Birthday to Tom for Sunday - hope you have a lovely day out and a lovely weekend. Jeanne x

  13. such lovely photographs - I love tan sails on boats !

  14. Celandines! Oh how wonderful, I've got two snowdrops and that's it!

    Love your new fabrics, I've got a thing for red.

    Enjoy what sound like lovely plans for this weekend.

  15. Such a sweet post! Those clouds, the fabrics, that pretty little girlie smile. It's just not fair that you are having lovely things popping through the ground already! I want spring and I want it NOW!

  16. Your posts are so uplifting Pipany. Hope you are having a great weekend with your lovely family.
    twiggy x

  17. Just popped in to see you ,the weekend is now over. Hope it was full of happy smiles for you and your family. I love your new fabrics and your mucky clouds. My Hellebores are making their presence,spring I hope is on the way.

  18. Your corner of Cornwall looks so beautiful altho' I'm sure some of it is down to your lovely photos. I'd love to explore Cornwall properly sometime.

    The new fabrics are beautiful. I wonder what you are planning for them?!