Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Half Term Holidays.

The half term holidays are turning into the loveliest of breaks: lazy mornings with coffee and knitting, brunches of pancakes, maple syrup and crispy bacon and walks to favourite places such as Coombe which I have blogged about a time or two before. Such pretty houses nestling by the river's edge.

Banks filled with snowdrops glistening with droplets from the spring-fine showers, the type that barely register yet leave you covered with a shimmering coating.

Tiny orchards of gnarled trees and picturesque gateways such as these.

Laneside stalls where you least expect them, tucked away and almost hidden on barely used tracks.

The next one saw us purchase two pretty pots full of snowdrops for the princely sum of 75p per pot! If only there had been more.

All so lovely.

Then down the lane toward the river once more

to look at the boats moored along the banks

and watch the sprinkling of raindrops playing on the water as we took shelter under the twisted branches of Kea plum trees which dip into the river when the tide is high and scratch at your hair as you wander the pathway when the tide is low.

Once home we put the snowdrops on the ledge by the front door where we could smell their delicate perfume every time we come up the steps. I will plant them in the green once they have finished flowering - I love the fun of choosing where to place things and think these would be pretty under the hedge by the courtyard where they can spread to their hearts content and we can appreciate them as we sit wrapped up with mugs of tea in chilly hands.

The weather is slowly improving here with a real warmth in the air today. I am hoping the blue skies last as I need to work in the sewing room in a mo - yes, I am still running a business, just not so moved to chat about it at the moment. This of course is because I am working on designs and as ever am struggling with the actuality of getting things exactly as I want them, but there will be more on this soon as I am nearly there.

Later today I will take the children out into the garden and start the clearing away of winter debris to allow spring to burst forth. The children can collect the eggs, though if I don't get baking soon we will run out of bowls to put them in!

More walks are also planned though whether beaches, rivers or woodlands feature only time will tell.

Most likely a mix of all if we can manage it.

Bound to be more photos like these I imagine.

Somehow boats always pop up in my blogs don't they? Hard not to be taken by their beauty when you are pretty much surrounded by them.

Well, after that mammoth post I will leave you with a picture to make you smile: moving on from the headless model of yesteryear we now have the strangely positioned model of today. Pipany shows you the boucle jumper which despite unpromising beginnings is now being worn almost constantly. Warm enough to require little beneath (ooh, squire!!!), light enough to be comfy not bulky and just peachy with skirts or jeans. A success then. Shame about the model!

Have fun x


  1. Beautiful model, no shame there!
    Thank you for taking me on your lovely walk, I miss these and hope to do some soon.
    Gorgeous snowdrops ;0 x

  2. Unfortunately I'm stuck at my desk today so it was lovely taking this virtual walk with you Pip. The sun is just coming out now and shining through my study window!
    I'm sure we saw that pretty house in Coombe on our visit to Cornwall last year! Gorgeous photos as ever and your little snowdrops are delightful.

    Beautiful jumper and model by the way!!

    Jeanne x

  3. OH! SPRING!!! You must live in Wonderland, Alice! The model has a lovely french flair - I love her bobbed hair! Love Kate

  4. This brought back wonderful memories of when my two daughters were at school. I used to live for half term...a lie in and then the day to ramble where our humour took us. Beautiful blog Pipany.

  5. Lovely jumper and lovely person inside it, don't put yourself down so. We have had snowy walks lately, but now the thaw has begun in earnest, fingers crossed. I really need to feel some sun on my bones for a change. Dev x

  6. Thank you for taking us around your lovely part of the world. I feel so inspired and uplifted by your posts Pipany. We had sun here today for the first time in a long time and I felt so much better for it. The jumper and the model look perfect to me. x

  7. That jumper turned out a treat - I love it. Stop being so coy!!

  8. A visit to your blog is like having a walk in the countryside. Your photos are amazing and you live in such a beautiful area too. Your porse is so evocative that I could almost feel the rain whilst sheltering form the shower and smell the scent of the flowers. Thanks you so much for sharing.

    That sweater is lovely and the model looks good to me too!


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  10. Oops! that should read prose not porse and sheltering from not form! So eager to tell you how much I enjoyed my walk with you I couldn't get my fingers working properly!

  11. Your week sounds idealic so far, your photography takes me right there. I just love snowdrops too, hope when I retuns to the UK we will have some flowering in our garden. The jumper btw loos fab, as do you. x

  12. You can take as many of these pictures as you like pipany as i never tire of pics of cornwall & all that cornwall is!!
    Enjoy the rest of the hols. x

  13. 'Aahhhhh' but that's such a lovely 'stike a pose' Pipany.

    It's day like yours when I miss living near the countryside - no snowdrops on the beach!!

    take care Pip and enjoy the rest of the holidays,

    Nina xxxxxxx

  14. lovely photos and post as always - the jumper looks great

  15. Sigh. Lovely photos - must do that walk at Coombe sometime. Methinks you're having a lovely half term. Your jumper looks great - you finished it off so quickly!
    D xxxx

  16. You live in such a beautiful place. Your jumper (we say pullover) is very nice and the model does it justice!

  17. A very 'Vogue' pose there Pip!!

    I wish I could set up a little stall like to one you came across, we have so many pretty things that I would like to surprise passers by with, but unfortunately we don't have any passers by!!

    Thanks for sharing your walk, felt almost like Spring for a mo!

    Sue xx

  18. Idyllic... how lovely even in the rain .

    My daughter has been baking so using up some of the eggs - but I have started to sell a few at the gate and am putting the money in a pot for... a rainy day

  19. What lovely day... and so mans signs of spring--such delight! Thank you for taking us on this lovely walk. The jumper is wonderful--it looks very warm and cosy. Enjoy this holiday week, and happy weekend ahead :o) ((HUGS))

  20. Beautifully modelled my dear!
    Snowdrops are wonderful and that walk was fab, thanks Pipany.

  21. You look quite lovely! And these photos of yours are driving me crazy for spring, Pipany! They are so beautiful!

  22. oh, this post was like heaven... and spring shall be here soon, too. can't wait.
    you look gorgeous!

  23. It's lovely (model and jumper).
    I do envy you your warmth. It has been very cold here today although warmed up by some homemade shortbread!
    Wonderful photos as always!

  24. Half term holidays are fab aren't they?? Lovely photos Pipany, glad you're all having lots of fun.
    Twiggy x

  25. These pictures really do take us along with you on your beautiful walk. I have to leave another comment because I've found myself coming back to take the walk again. Finally, I showed my husband. "Look how wonderful this is!" He felt the same as I do. We can practically smell the earth and feel the moist air of spring and thaw. It's been frozen for months here and we still have a way to go. You have no idea how refreshing this post has been. No idea!

    Thanks so much with a hug and a kiss for it! Katy

  26. Lovely post - when the snowdrops come up next year they will be a lovely reminder of this week walks...

  27. Hi Pip, just had a read of your last few blogs, beautiful, just beautiful - what else would I expect? Very impressed with knitting, yours and Dave's, and as ever just charmed by Isabella, she is a true beauty.
    Will be back soon - your beautiful blog is just the tonic I need some days!

  28. What a glamourous girl I spy!

    Looks like you're having a lovely break, and a bit of nice weather too. You won't believe this but there's almost six inches of the white stuff outside my window now! Spring feels along way off yet.

    What a joy to discover that little stall, there'd definitely have been something coming home with me too!
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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  30. Your spring photos are breathtaking. You live in such a beautiful place. :)