Monday, 8 March 2010

All sorts.

Lots of pictures to share with you today starting with this little visitor to our snowdrops. I know I said the other day that those photos would probably be the last of these pretty flowers for the year, but as I sat on the step in warm sunshine on Friday I suddenly spotted something moving around...

Such a gorgeous contrast with the pure white of the petals.

I watched for ages as it scurried up and down, in and out, occasionally flexing its wings.

They really are one of the prettiest of insects aren't they?

It is the first ladybird Ihave seen this year so far an tells me the weather is definitely warming though it seems hard to tell sometimes. gradually little creatures are coming out of hibernation.

I could have gone on clicking away for indefinitely.

We had a lovely weekend full of friends and family as the big build up for Lucy's twelfth birthay began - don't these birthdays get ever-longer? It is actually today, but a sleepover was to be fitted into the weekend first and her three sweet friends stayed over on Saturday night to eat a party tea (yes, pre-teen they may be but they still wanted a party tea...hurrah!). Davey's chocolate cake was top of the list of course.

Presents were opened and most had a cupcake theme as Lucy is apparently known as the Cake Goddess by her friends!

Sunday was a beautiful bright, billowy, blustery day with a freezing easterly wind that brought tears to the eye and the surfers onto the seas once more.

Jade green waters positively bubbled and frothed onto the clean golden sand.

This is the other Bella in our lives, my friend Lou's gorgeous girlie. She raced and caught sticks, the icy winds whipping her up as much as the seas. She was very tempted to join the surfers a time or two, but decided to leave it as her board was at home!

It really was the most exhilarating morning.

Even the sporty ones decided to just watch for a while as nature showed off for us all.


Well that's it for today. Thank you for the lovely comments on my new Lauren tote bags which are already selling well. Looking forward to showing the next products as they are a little departure from my usual.

Happy birthday Lucy-Lou, our sweet, precious, funny, clever and totally beautiful girl. We love you xxxxxxxxx

Bye for now x


  1. Catching up reading your blog is a lovely start to my Monday. I have sea envy - those photos are fantastic. I think your pretty ladybird is a 'good' one. My brother's house in Surrey seems to be infested with those 'foreign' ones. Your snowdrops are way ahead of ours up in the Welsh hills.
    Happy Birthday Lucy!

  2. What a beautiful weekend. Happy Birthday to Lucy too! x

  3. Happy Birthday Lucy, love ginny , isabella and immie xxxx....
    lovely photos pip x

  4. Happy happy birthday Lucy! Sounds like you've had a wonderful weekend for starters. Did you save me some cake? Lovely of the ladybird to drop by too...!
    Diana and Walter dog xxx

  5. Happy Birthday Lucy. Such lovely pictures again Pip. I can put up with the cold as long as we can have this glorious sunshine that we've had the past few days. It really lifts the spirits doesn't it?


  6. Very pretty birthday girl. I am with you on the length of birthday celebrations nowadays. What with family treats, party, sleepovers etc, littlest Fairy's was getting on for a week long! Haven't managed the beach yet, it is just sooo darn cold! Dev x

  7. Wow Ladybirds, chocolate cake and a beautiful cornish sea. Sounds like the most perfect weekend to me.

    Wishing your lovely girl a most happy birthday!


  8. Happy Birthday Lucy!The cake looks delicious!
    Such pretty ladybird photos!Spring is definitely here!
    Have a lovely week!
    Rachel x

  9. what agorgous cake - looks like she had a great birthday

  10. Happy Birthday to beautiful Lucy! Lucy, your smile is a gift to all who see it.


  11. Dear Pip,

    this post just breathes loveliness! The quiet of the moments watching the lady bug, the joy of celebrating your beautiful daughters life (and friend with adorable stockings) in the sunshine, the raw, awesomeness of the noisy ocean ...

    Ahhh ... thanks for sharing!

    Love, Kate xo

  12. What a sweet weekend... Lucy looks so happy--may she have beautiful year! The snowdrop and ladybird (sounds like a child's story title!)--bliss! Happy Week to you all, Pipany :o) ((HUGS))

  13. What glorious photos - you're really making me want to move to your part of the country!

    Happy Birthday to Lucy!

  14. Stunning ladybird pics, and how I wish I was by that sea. Hope Lucy's had a terrific birthday.

  15. Happy birthday Lucy!

    Looks like you had a bright, sunny weekend Pip - those pictures of the surf and the ladybird on the snowdrop lift your spirits!

    Jeanne x

  16. This is the second post I've read today featuring ladybugs - I love them!
    We also had a birthday party here on the weekend - My Lillypad turned 23 on Saturday. Her cake looked very much like the one at your house.

  17. Gorgeous photos. Happy birthday Lucy.
    Twiggy x

  18. Lovely ladybird photographs and the beach is just stunning. Happy birthday to Lucy too.

    PS: There's a tag and an award waiting for you at my blog. xx

  19. I love visiting your blog, the pictures are always wonderful - I dont know which one is my favourite today, the ladybird and snowdrops are amazing, yet the gorgeous beach pics are spoil us!
    Im glad your daughter enjoyed her birthday, I reckon that cake was rather nice by the look of it!

    Sending you love - dont forget Im having a little giveaway this week, so if you get time, stop by!

    Julia x x x

  20. fantastic photos. I think you've got your sunshine and ours too!

  21. Lovely photos of the surf. Happy belated birthday to lovely Lucy.

  22. Happy Birthday to Lucy! That chocolate cake is a thing of great beauty!
    Love the ladybird pics too.

  23. We have had lots of ladybirds, too! It's nice to see the snowdrops - I have just planted lots in my garden - we dug them up from my dear departed grandma's house before it is sold, so they will always remind me of days gone by.

    Pomona x

  24. Two lovely posts Pipany. The bags are wonderful, as are the snowdrop and ladybird and birthday pics. Hasn't this dry, bright and sunny spell been wonderful? Bye for now, Lesley

  25. Absolutely stunning photos! What a gift you have. :0)
    Thank you for sharing with us ...... but I do think that the sea looks verrrrrrrrry cold!
    Val xx

  26. Hi Pipany...I've been thinking of you and just stopped by to say hi!

  27. I miss your Cornwall and hope all is well.