Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Newts and Things.

They're back! Yes, I'm afraid it's the time of year when my obsession with the newt begins and as I was ambling around the garden over the weekend, pulling a little of the winter debris from the garden this little chap crawled onto my hand. How gorgeous he is and our wildlife pond is absolutely teeming with them.

Just look at those tiny 'hands'.

I tried to photograph them in the water, but it is a hopeless task which I will no doubt spend far too much time trying to achieve as is my wont.

A wander round in the all too brief sun revealed progress in the borders with soft pulmonaria bringing bees forward to investigate

A haze of blue forming under the little brambley apple tree

We have been 'enjoying' some rather wet, blustery walks of late. Sunday saw us strolling through the fields by Old Mawnan Church to Parson's Beach.

Bright sulphur-yellow gorse wafted its coconut bun scent as we walked

and the leaden sky should have warned us of the rain about to drench us.

Isabella took care to drench herself ... just for a change.

I was very atmospheric as the light darkened

and the rain drifted slowly across the water

A last look at the rocks before heading once more for home

Isabella carried by Daddy and wrapped in his jacket to keep her wet, muddy little body warm.

That's me for today - are you sure you can't see the newts in the pond? No, me neither...sigh.

Have a lovely day x


  1. Lovely as always Pipany. Poor Daddy though with no coat to keep him warm!! Love your stunning photos and that walk looks well worth a dampening in the rain. I quite enjoy walking in the rain if I am going home to get dry soon don't you?

    Jane x

  2. That Newt is so cute!!
    Lovely post Pipany!
    Rachel x

  3. One of my early memories is of paddling in the school pond trying to catch the newts. We would put them in big sweet jars and keep them on the windowsill, poor things.

    Pippa xx

  4. Just realised I have written 'I was very atmospheric'!!! Hmm, must check what I have written in future!

  5. Beautiful newt. And lovely pictures of your garden and pond. Even though I couldnt see the newts in it! lol.

    Looked a lovely walk, a bit chilly for daddy though on the way home!


  6. Lovely post Pip. Sounds like another lovely walk I can add to my list. I love old churches and when we were in Mylor church last year we saw a bat...amazing. Plus we were able to walk around the headland towards St Anthony Head.


  7. Pipany, thank you for the close-up newt photo. I truly do not think that I have ever before seen a newt (well, except perhaps in a textbook.) See how deprived we city folks are?

    Your walk with the family must have been delightful...even the chilly damp walk homewards. I'm pretty sure that you all had a marvelous warming up in the kitchen afterwards.


  8. If I can see the Easter Bunny disappearing over the backyard wall when we just get home from church, I can see newts in the pond!

    Oh, Pipany, these photos are so absolutely gorgeous!

    I think about your walks often, actually - they're perfect to my mind. We have lovely walks here but they're the same ones over and over. How can I express how I feel when I see those rutted paths that you follow?! When I was little, if I saw a path - through hedges, in a side garden, even through clothes in the department store - I would follow it. I was constantly lost. Seeing where a trail follows, I don't know, there must be something symbolic to it. I think it's the same feeling I have when I read a novel and, even though I don't know what's going to happen, I know that there's a precircumscribed (is that the word?) path laid out for the hero or heroine. It's thrilling to follow. All this to say, "I love taking walks with you and your family." Such precious times, aren't they?

    Thanks for sharing spring and flowers and rain!

    Love, Katy

  9. Hmmmmm, by the way, you're not related to Gussy finknottle now, are you???

  10. I love newts and frogs and toads!!! How lucky to have newts in your pond. I once had one that lived in the greenhouse growbag! Lovely bright post Pipany. Here the sky has darkened and the heavens have opened. The rain is lashing down. Who'd have thought it was spring!!! x

  11. Love that walk, probably told you before...again thanks for some lovely memories...
    I've got a couple of friends coming to stay next week who live in Falmouth, there will be SO much catching up to do whilst they are here ...can't wait!!
    Take care

  12. Such a sweet little newt!

    Lovely post Pip, why is it that Cornwall always looks completely luscious and gorgeous - even with leaden skies and rain!!

    Have a wonderful Easter!

    Jeanne x

  13. Hip hip hooray for newts, and yours in particular Pipany - how I envy your lovely little pond colony.

    I'm also rather in love with your forget-me-nots


  14. What a lovely post. I can almost smell the sea and the flowers...and I'm sure I saw something move over there!. Your photos are lovely and bring it all so near. Thanks.
    Jenny x

  15. Oh I have been away for tooo long Pipany. At last though we have the internet at home and I can catch up. Don't sadly have time to comment on all the missed posts butI have enjoyed my catch up with your family. My goodness but Isabella is stretching. Gorgeous girl. Really needed that blast of sun and flowers as it is snowing up here. Huh!!

  16. We're all about newts and frogs over here this week too. In fact they're all trying to cross the roads and everyone is out hoping to help them.
    Lovely walk!

  17. We use to have newts in our cellar in our old house, but only have frogs in thepond here, I think your newts a beautiful, in a newty sort of way!

  18. Where has the time gone? The newts are back, lovely photos Pipany - of the flowers too. I was delighted to spot a tiny clump of Speedwell yesterday!

  19. My youngest son said on sunday that he wondered if Pips newts were back in her pond and he is delighted they are and what a lovely picture. I picked some pulmonaria today growing round our compost bins. Hope your weather improves; wet and windy here in Sussex. Karen X

  20. Ooo... so many magic moments... even the newts! :o) ((HUGS))

  21. My garden is still so brown and green! How lovely to see the forget-me-nots out. And how fantastic to have newts in yours, amazing creatures.

    Hope you warmed up quickly. Have a super weekend.

  22. Your photos are beautiful as always Pipany. Who would have thought newts were so sweet? Have a lovely Easter with your lovely brood.
    Twiggy x

  23. Wonderful photos of your family fun - have a Happy Easter.

  24. thank you for showing us the newt - It's been far too long since I saw one in the wild