Monday, 22 March 2010

A Flowery Post.

Hello again. Thank you for all the lovely get well wishes for my sweet friend who is indeed recovering a little now. Wouldn't some sunshine help? Today we have rain...again. It was bright first thing and I raced out with the camera before the wind rose bringing torrential rain in its wake. A touch of spring is what I was after and I found it in these clusters of primroses

The winter flowering cherry is very late this year, but looks so beautiful now with its froth of blossoms.

Forget-me-nots scatter there vibrant blue throughout the borders

and will eventually entwine with the myriad tulips now showing promise despite being planted so late (February!!!). Just goes to show it is always worth a shot doesn't it?

Inside, the window is lit by this pretty miniature rose

Such swirly skirts and even a delicate waft of perfume.

All very lovely, but in truth I want the sun to accompany me, warm on my back as I plant these little beauties.

I can't wait.

Have a lovely Monday x


  1. Gosh you're so much further along with your spring than we are! Gorgeous flowers, I can't wait until Argyll is blooming. A happy Monday to you too. I'm off to see if I have any lambs and then jump on a horse for a bit :o)

  2. Beautiful flowers Pipany. I bet your garden is a delight at the moment. We haven't got much in flower yet but the daffodils have decided to show their faces at last!!! x

  3. Such gorgeous flowers. I saw my first primrose here today too. The poor thing was being lashed by rain, but was pluckily holding its own. It will be interesting to see how much sooner your tulip blooms compared to mine here. I've got leaves so far, but no buds. Have a good week. xx

  4. Spring... GLORIOUS SPRING... these flowers are beguiling... Oh, I can' wait for real spring to get here! :o) Happy Week, Pipany ((HUGS))

  5. Such pretty flowers.

    Love love the rose in your window, one of my favourite flowers!

    Lets hope the sun comes out again very soon!


  6. Hooray! Spring! The brown dead everything that has been uncovered here is so beautiful to us. It holds so much promise but I must say, your flowers make my heart sing!

    Love, Katy x

  7. Beautiful flowers! Yesterday was very springlike! Not so today, we have rain this afternoon! I shall just look at your flowers instead!
    Have a lovely week!
    Rachel x

  8. You have forget me nots out!!! I am so jealous, all I have out at the moment is one manky daisy!

  9. Lovely flowery photos Pipany. We have just come back from a trip to Salisbury and noticed loads of primroses in bloom on the banks in places - real Springtime flowers. Your cherry looks beautiful and that rose is lovely too I can almost smell it!

    Thanks for sharing.


  10. isn't nature great - all that cold and snow but Spring always returns!

  11. Ooh what floral loveliness, enough to cheer you up even on the dreariest of days. Can't believe your forget-me-nots are out; mine still look liek miniature weeds!

    Have a lovley week Pip.

  12. OH lovely, spring laden pictures! I gasped in astonishment at the flowering cherry - up here, our cherry trees are still tiny buds on wintery looking twigs - I forget how much warmer the south west can be compared to our chilly northern climes (and wonders out loud why on earth did I move back up country??!!)

    Sending love
    Julia x x x

  13. We barely have anything visible yet - just a few snowdrops - not even the daffs are out! But you have my all time favourite to enjoy ..... Forget me nots!
    I love them. Thank you for sharing your Spring with us!
    Val xx

  14. Dear Pipany, Could you please help me? You had mentioned a few weeks ago that you hadn't been notified of my newer posts. Are you supposed to be? Have been notified lately? To be exact, I am seeing that my latest post from Saturday is not updating anywhere. It was a whopper of a post and a labor of love and I'm so sad that it's not showing up in people's blog rolls!

    If you could let me know, I would so appreciate it! and, please, just trash this yucky comment that just doesn't belong in the discussion after your beautfiul post!

    Thanks! Katy