Thursday, 18 March 2010

Hello Again.

It's been a while, a long, long while, since I last managed to post here. A mix of things have meant little time has been found to pop onto the computer, though I have sometimes managed a quick peek to see what you are all up to. A very special and dear friend has been hit by a truly hideous bout of poorliness and agreed after a little (lot) of persuasion to stay here until she is well agin - very selfish of me really as I get to spend lots of time with her. Other things have been going on in the meantime such as walks every day with her gorgeous dog and our lovely children at Tehidy Woods.

A very pretty afternoon.

Sam and Isabella cutting out pastry animals together; I love that our twenty year old is still happy to play with his three year old sister.

Walks on various beaches with Bella and Bella!

Rolling over and over down a grassy bank...

Mist rolling gently in across the bay coating the scene in an ethereal haze.

Noticing the beauty all around

That's it for now I'm afraid. Not the best of pictures, but more soon as things are now getting back to normal. By the way, thank you so much for all the lovely emails asking if things were ok - what an amazing bunch you are!

Have fun x


  1. As always Pipany a lovely post. Sorry that your friend has been poorly and am sure that some time spent with you will have speeded her recovery. Take care.

    Jane x

  2. Best wishes to your friend for a complete and speedy recovery.

  3. I wondered where you was Pipany but did not like to ask. I hope your friend is getting better. I bet staying with you is a tonic in itself. Lovely pictures! x

  4. The pleasure of a dear friend staying for a longer visit is one of the things that I look forward to as I get older and the children will be out of the house.

    I hope that your friend will recover completely in the security of your joy filled home.

  5. Sorry to hear about your poorly friend. I hope she has a speedy recovery. I have a feeling she's in safe hands. Nice to see you back in blogland - I'd popped over earlier today to see if you were around. I'd quite missed my weekly virtual trip to Cornwall! As always, lovely pictures. Thanks. xx

  6. Good to hear your voice again Pipany it sounds like you have been very busy - not selfish at all.

    take care and I hope all is better?

    Nina x

  7. I love the picture of big boy and little girl together - one to treasure forever. Hope the poorliness improves - such a lovely haven as you have must make a difference.

    Pomona x

  8. I'm so glad to hear from you. I've actually missed you! (and Jeanne from Cottage Garden for that matter...) Life sounds very pleasant and mild and, isn't it nice to be off of the computer for a while? It's just lovely that you're able to help your friend and give her sanctuary and it's so wonderful that she can accept it. Your post is full of a lovely, mild peacefulness.

    Love, Katy xo

  9. I always love your photos, there is always such a gentleness to them. Lovely post and I do hope your friend is feeling better.

  10. Hi, Pipany! So very sorry to hear your friend is so ill...wishing her all the best for quick recovery and feeling well again. And that you two will have more fun time together once she is well. :o) Very glad in between it all there's been time to slow down, notice, enjoy, be... Thinking of you all ((HUGS))

  11. I did wonder if anything was wrong Pip. I'm glad that you are baack with us and hope yuor friend recovers quickly.


  12. Lovely photos. I hope your friend is soon on the mend, take care of each other.
    twiggy x

  13. Lovely pictures and a lovely post. Hope your friend will soon be better. Best wishes, Lesley

  14. What a lovely post Pipany! I have a black and white Bella too!
    Have a lovely weekend :0)
    Val xx

  15. Best wishes to your friend Pipany!
    I'm sure she will start to feel better if she is spending time with you!
    Thanks for the kind compliment on my heart! You're such a sweetie!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Rachel x

  16. Hey - another Cornish bird! My best friend lives near Tehidy woods - it's lovely there. (Although last time we visited I got a bit freaked out by the squirrels who had my 2 year old surrounded!)

  17. Your children are beautiful, Pipany. I hope you're coping o.k with what sounds like an incredibly busy time for you. And I hope your pal is starting to feel better, isn't she fortunate to have such a wonderful friend as you. Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  18. Glad everything is OK Pipany, although I'm sorry to hear about your poorly friend. I too have been away from blogging and commenting for a while - it can be difficult I know fitting everything in.
    A lovely gentle post as always - I'm always calmed after visiting your blog and sharing your wonderful walks.

    Take care.

    Jeanne x