Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Last of the Snowdrops.

Much as I am so desperately pleased to see the gentle arrival of spring, I shall miss the sight of these brave little flowers by the front doorstep. I thought I would share them for probably the last time this year before the delicate petals fall and leave us till next.

These are the ones we bought from Coombe by the river. they will be planted soon into the ground by the courtyard where I hope they will gradually spread.

I'm afraid I didn't use my tripod and this combined with such billowy breezes means they are all a little out of focus. Less haste and all that, I guess.

Such deliciously blue skies behind with a pleasing scattering of pillow clouds. All so pretty, but very, very cold. I have barely warmed up all day and even sewed with mitts on this morning!

No complaining though because the sun is there, cold or not and that means spring is on its way to me.

So, it's almost time to say goodbye for now little snowdrops and thank you for cheering my winter days.

Hope the sun shines for you too x


  1. It's glorious here today too. We've been admiring the snowdrops and aconites on our walk home from school and wondering whether there will be any daffodils in bloom in time for the Daffodil Festival in 2 weeks' time ...

  2. They are so pretty with their little tips of green. Wonderful photos Pip, tripod or not!
    It's been blue skies all the way here too - hurray!

    Jeanne x

  3. I love the delicate appearance and hardiness of snowdrops. I didn't get too many this year - just one little clump. Your snowdrops are very pretty with their little touches of green. x

  4. What beautiful photos! We have a few snowdrops, but everything is so late here this year they have not been in full flower for very long.

    Pomona x

  5. Very pretty pictures (even without your tripod. = ] ) Why is it that I am so desirous for bulb flowers in the spring and so quick to put off the planting of them in the fall. I had a gorgeous row of established daffodils growing along the stone wall that I allowed Tom to dig up because I just couldn't muster enough oomph to rescue them - last fall, of course! I'm enjoying your spring flowers in their stead. Thank you!

    Love, Katy x

  6. Lovely photos - snowdrops are so gorgeous.

    I guess Cornwall is a tad ahead of Suffolk as our snowdrops are far from over.

  7. ours are only just coming out in the north West