Thursday, 1 April 2010

Beachy Days.

Rain and cold and cloudy, but with breaks in-between. Spring then? April is here and Easter lurks just around the corner, my favourite time of year (well, along with autumn that is). Bright, breezy walks in dazzling light...

A very low tide allowing wellies to squelch into the sand.

In the hedgerows swirls of golden lichen hug the branches

and form intricate patterns to follow on their journey.

We play follow my leader through fields and lanes down to the sea once more

and splash through puddles on the way home.

Another day, a brighter sky.

A dog who loves to play in the sea

A beautiful growing-up-girl already tanned from the Cornish winds.

Isabella lookink a little like Lawrence of Arabia thanks to a weird combination of hats to protect her ears after a recent infection.

Razor shells and limpets and...

deep dark pools

and pretty seaweeds

of all kinds

Just lovely

don't you think?

Bye for now x


  1. Oh I do think it's lovely! As always a real breath of fresh Cornish air - we too have sunshine today and everything looks really springlike.


  2. Oh I so want to be in cornwall right now!
    Beautiful photos Pipany!
    Happy Easter!
    Rachel x

  3. Yes,Pipany, really lovely! I am hatching a plan to move in next door so that I can go on lovely walks to the sea with you and hear your lovely girls' laughter!

    Love, Katy

  4. Wow amazing photo's, cornish scenery is just so beautiful!
    Have a lovely Easter break.
    Big Hugs

  5. Beautiful! I especially like the lichen.

  6. We are lucky to live here, no? Can't imagine living in a city at all!
    Have a great Easter weekend x

  7. Delurking to say how much I appreciate your photos of beautiful Cornwall. I also wanted to thank you for drawing my attention to the Crofter jumper some time ago! I'm in the processing of making one of these for my daughter and it has been a dream to knit.

  8. Pipany, I totally agree about the loveliness of all you show us.

    Best wishes for a lovely Easter, too. xo

  9. Oh i am so looking forward to Cornwall on April 24th - do you want anything bringing from the Black Sheep?

  10. Hi Pip,
    Thanfully it didn't rain today...but hey, weekend forecast is not great...
    love these beachy pics, blustery and cheerful. Help has arrived my end to help consume the easter egg stash. On the other hand, I don't mind if he doesn't!
    Have a great weekend, all of you!
    D xx

  11. Wonderful,wonderful,wonderful. Happy Easter Pip. x

  12. Beautiful pictures, all of them, but I am especially impressed with the colours and shapes in the deep dark pools.

  13. Oh this little seaside trip is a bright and breezy as ever Pipany. Limpets, happy little girls, rock pools, seaweed. Oh yes, I'm happy alright xx

  14. Thank you for sharing those beautiful pics. Happy Easter to you all.

  15. Oh Yes very lovely, the weather still looks Brisk tho as my Dad would say ;-)

  16. Love your pictures and blog!!

  17. You live in such a beautiful country. It is so neat to watch Spring unfold in Cornwall through your photos. Happy Easter!

  18. BLISS!! Hope you & yours had a sweet Easter holiday, Pipany... and that the Easter Bunny was generous too. ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

  19. Endless rain and cold have just made the beach a distant memory for now. Virtually the whole of the Easter hols have been a wash out. Did see some blue sky this afternoon, briefly!! Enjoy the rest of the week. Dev x

  20. What gorgeous freshness you're picture convey Pip. The sun finally appeared here today (Wednesday after Easter!) so we made hay up at the allotment, well not literally, then headed off to the canal side pub for tea outside. Just lovely.

    Hope Isabella is feeling much better. Hope the sun keeps shining for you all.
    love Stephx

  21. Just catching up with you Pip. Hope you and yours had a wonderful Easter.

    Your walks look idyllic and you capture the feeling so well. Lovely rockpools full of all sorts of creatures. Simply lovely.

    Jeanne x

  22. Thank you for your lovely posting .... I feel as if I had had a little holiday by the sea!
    Val xx

  23. Lovely photos as usual. Hope you all had a lovely Easter x x x