Monday, 19 April 2010

Spring Unfolds.

So much is happening in the garden now, the promise of more to come while pretty blossoms break out all around. The Merryweather damson is frothing away in the little woodland bed.

Tulips in all shades of orange and red and pink are opening, more by the day and yellow ones still only beginning to show colour.

The sloe is in full flow, pretty bright white blooms against dark, brittle stems. It will scatter its confetti onto the campfire below.

All around scarlet tulips vie with blue, blue muscari, the gooseberry bush forming a spiky contrast.

Snow white magnolia stellata is covered in cup-shaped blooms in the duck pen. The shape is so much prettier than is usual as they have 'pruned' the lower shoots over the years to form an elegant posy of the branches. Good things from bad maybe?

These are some of the tulips I planted at the end of February proving that anything in horticulture is worth a try if you don't mind the odd failure. All the ones I planted this late are covered in buds and seem none the worse for it....this time.

A hazy-ish view through part of the garden to the old, battered greenhouse behind.

On another note, Elias makes amazing pasta and he and Dave made this wonderful ravioli filled with homemade pesto. So delicious.

This morning Isabella and I went to Swanpool beach and saw these beauties sailing serenely past on the calm ocean waters.

So beautiful

I could have stayed there for ages with the hot sun beating down even this early in the day.

And on they swam oblivious to anything but themselves.

Last post update: it was Belgium - we mostly stayed in the pretty town of Ghent which I loved for its very chilled out Cornish feel, but there are also one or two pics of Brussels in there. Well done to those who guessed and I truly will catch up on blogs soon!

That's all for today. Have fun x


  1. Mmm,homemade ravioli, how wonderful! Love your pictures of the swans, so serene!
    have a lovely day!
    Rachel x

  2. Wow homemade ravioli! clever boy.

    Love all your flowers the tulips look beautiful. Lovely tranquil pictures as always.

    Loved the Belgium trip photo's in your last post too.

    MBB x

  3. A beautiful post Pipany. Elias has inspired me to have a go at home made pasta! The swan photos are especially beautiful with the sun reflecting on the water. The gardens are picking up nicely now with all the buds and spring flowers coming out. x

  4. Oooohhhh blossom and bursting flowers - it feels sooo Spring like 'hooray!'

    Have a lovely week Pip,

    Nina xxxxxx

  5. can I borrow your boy? we could sure use some handmade pasta around here! Your photos are just beautiful, as always...and I just looked at your last blog and your daughter are gorgeous! and it looks like a lovely time in Belgium!

  6. Thank you, Pipany, for revealing the beautiful mystery location.

    Also many thanks for letting us see your garden, the fabulous chef at his creative best, and the graceful floating swans.

    What serenity! (Yes, I know you are also running around like crazy!)


  7. This is so beautiful and it's so nice to have you back! Spring seems to be in full swing. It's only just starting to gain momentum here. I've never seen wild swans - I've only ever read about them in Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales.

    That's so funny about Belgium and Brussels. I was going to come back and say that my brain kept saying "Brussel sprouts" ALL weekend. I'm not joking. The power of the subconscious, eh?

    Pipany, our Halle dog had 9 puppies in the wee hours of Saturday morning! Just feel like shouting it to the world!

    Love, Katy xo

  8. As always a lovely tranquil post Pipany. That ravioli looks good - would he come round and make me some do you think?! The swans added a further dose of tranquility - are you like them paddling furiously trying to keep everything working beneath that calm cool exterior?

    Jane x

  9. Beautiful photos of the swans. I've never seen them at Swanpool but an appropriate place for them I guess!

  10. Hi Pipany,

    Such pretty pictures of your garden and the swans!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  11. Ravioli looks good. Mmmm. Great pictures too.

  12. Your pictures are really charming. Spring is such a wonderful season and you have really captured it.

  13. The photo of the black swans and sparkles on the water is stunning. Beautiful flowers and the ravioli is making me hungry!

  14. Hi, Pipany! Great to see you back here... and LOVELY spring magic here! Homemade ravioli...Haven't made that or lasagna in ages. Such fun to see about your trip to Belgium--it looks so beautiful there! Glad you had some fun away--always does the body good. :o) Happy Days to you all ((HUGS))

  15. Those photographs of the swans are so tranquil, it looks like a lovely moment...thank you for sharing, it has lifted the spirits somewhat today!

    Julia x x x

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  17. How funny....I deleted my above comment because it came up in my husband's name. Anyway...what I said was:

    Hi Pipany! Lovely gardening photos. But, I must say, your pink tulips have captured my heart! Quite exquisite, I think

  18. Have loved viewing your pictorial record of Spring unfolding - the flowers are just wonderful aren't they? I like the look of the pasta too, Mmmm! Bye for now, Lesley

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  20. Pipany, your photos are always so lovely and clear. What kind of camera do you use? Mine is about to die. I guess when I take pics! I'm hoping that I can wangle one for my birthday. =S

  21. Beautiful blog Pipany. I havent been reading any lately, but felt like a bit of refreshment, so came to yours as its always lovely.

  22. I missed your last few blogs, so have been having a lovely catch up. Lovely to see your gorgeous spring flowers and yummy pasta too. (And a fabulous trip to Belgium too - lucky thing, loved the photos!)

  23. I don't know how, but I missed this post Pip! Lovely, lovely flowers blooming in the Cornish sun. The pink tulip is especially lovely.

    I had an idea your trip was to Belgium! It looks lovely in any case and has cetainly whetted my appetite for a trip to the low countries:-)


  24. Hi Pip. Just to let you know that you've won my giveaway. If you could leave your details via my comments they won't be published.


  25. It's all looking ravishing over here - and you've been on your travels too!

  26. Is it really called Swanpool beach? How appropriate!
    Fabulous pictures Pipany. Homemade raviolli sounds divine.