Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Guess Where!

Guess where I've been!

There were hat shops

and cake shops

and medieval architecture

by the riverside.

I was lucky enough to spend time alone with my pretty girl walking around the lanes

and travelling on trains to new places

where we walked... and walked ...and walked.

Though we did manage to fit in a little lazing too (on a manmade beach - a tiny clue maybe?)

Such fun, but lovely to be back in sunny Cornwall too.

So, any ideas where we went?

P.s. Thank you to everyone who emailed to check I am ok. I will get back to you all shortly you lovely people x


  1. Oh do tell! I thought at first it was Amsterdam but then noticed that one of the buildings was named in French and those cakes had a French look about them too and the French do like a man made beach don't they? But then again it might be somewhere altogher different - can't wait to find out!


  2. Love the buildings, they're so ornate. I know where, but am not going to say, and have really enjoyed looking at your photos Pipany. What a pretty place. Glad that you were able to enjoy fun times with your daughter. Lesley

  3. glad you had a good time but haven't got a clue!

  4. I have no idea but it all looks fabulous. You and your daughter make a very pretty picture!

  5. Hi Pip,
    You're such a tease! French-speaking, though I'd hesitate to say exactly where. Looks like you and Lauren had a wonderful time together, you lucky things!
    Diana xx

  6. I was WONDERING where you were but decided that you were enjoying life and didn't have a moment to blog. I didn't realize how right I was!

    Hmmm... American girl that I am, I've only been to the British Isles. I wanted to guess France but it doesn't seem quite foofy enough for that. That bridge in the background and the hedge garden look so french, though. I can't wait to find out but I'm so glad that you had an adventure with your lovely lady! I thought someplace Dutch, too, because of the buildings but... I know that I've seen that church. In the book about St. Nicholas? Hmmmmm..... I love guessing games! =]

    Welcome Back!!!

    Love, Katy xo

  7. Pipany, I am not going to guess the place, but will only say that it was a beautiful place.

    We definitely missed you!

    You and your daughter are such beauties! You added to the charm of the mystery location.

    Please do tell us more. xo

  8. Okay, I wanted to say Belgium or some such place because it's a little like french but not quite. I have to tell you something funny, though, that happened this very morning. I have made a friend from Holland. Her name is Madelief and, on her latest post, she showed us a picture of some buildings that were on a familiar walk of hers. "OH!," I said. "Do you know of Pipany? She takes us on the most beautiful walks!" Well, do you know? She came and visited and loved your memoirs here. This happened JUST this morning. Now, I must say that those buildings looked just like her building. Hmmmm! I've heard that British ladies like to go to Scheveningen (or so the ads for British Airways tell me.) Am I tremendously off??? Do not they speak several languages in The Hague? (Aren't Schev. and Hag. the same place?=P ) Isn't the harbor altered there? If it were so, that would be the most amazing coincidence!

    Anyway, I'm going to tell my brain to STOP working on it.

    Toodleloo! Katy

  9. I want to say Holland...but I'm not sure. You look like you had the most wondeful time together...I kept scrolling down waiting for you to say that there were also fabric shops, but it seems that you've either been to somewhere where such a thing does not exist or that you really were concentrated purely on the mummy/daughter time! Much love, Florence x

  10. Hey Pip,

    I must of missed this posting - holidays!!

    I haven't a clue, but cakes and lazing on a beach - sounds good to me, realllllly good.

    take care,

    Nina xxx

  11. I thought Bruges but looks too big somehow. Am dying to know. Do tell.

  12. I also thought of Amsterdam!

  13. It looka a lot like Bruges too me, but a little too big! It all looks wonderful wherever it is!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Rachel x

  14. I'm thinking Bruge? Do I get a prize if I'm right
    Pipany?! 'Cos I'm convinced it's Bruge. At first i thought Brussels, but then there's all that water, so now I think Bruge, definitely! What a wonderful time you had, such fab weather. Love Vanessa xxx

  15. P.S. I've just opened my website, very exciting, I talk about it on my blog today. Love Vanessa xxx

  16. It all looks beautiful Pipany but I haven't got a clue where it is!!x

  17. oooo lovely, you look like twins !!
    Twiggy x

  18. Good to see you back Pip - wondered where you were and in fact I'm still wondering!! ... could it be Bruges maybe but then I didn't know they had a man-made beach ... Holland perhaps, but not Amsterdam. I can't wait to find out now!

    Good to hear you had a lovely time with your girl:-)

    Happy weekend.


  19. Gosh, thought you had run away to sea. Glad to see you back and blogging - lovely pics - Belgium?

  20. I love how much mother and daughter look alike!! just gorgeous the both of you .xx