Monday, 4 July 2011

Day Tripping.

Not much to say for once but plenty of pictures of a Sunday pootle on the river in Mermaid. Impossibly blue skies matched by equally blue seas as we aimed for Trefusis Beach.

The harbour is busy now with a myriad craft including the local ferry boats which go to the Helford, St Mawes and up the river to Truro and Malpas. I know I'm name-dropping but I'm aware a few of you know the area and may like to think back to some of these familiar places.

We made our way past Flushing quay - so pretty with its gorgeous houses high on the banks which belonged to the Packet captains in their heyday. They always make me think of Verity Blamey waiting for Andrew to return as she looks along the harbour from her window (Poldark again - please read all 12 forthwith!)

Once on the beach we ate, paddled, drowsed in the hot sun and just enjoyed that wonderful sense of rest that comes from stepping off a boat onto warm sands where you can't do anything other than 'be'.

There was enough breeze out on the water to ensure plenty of entertainment

and Isabella provided yet more as she had a lesson in swimming with Daddy. She actually swam two strokes on her own!

Could that face possibly smile any wider?

A little snooze under a fluffy towel was in order after so much activity

and then a spot of fishing on the way home - no fish were caught in the making of this blog (as flipping usual!)

but we had fun...

as did this lot who had escaped yet again to take up residence in the garden in our absence...hmmm, there will be words.

See you soon x


  1. Pipany, I think that the Mermaid crew are all fabulous! Someday, on some voyage (perhaps when holiday folks will depart those seas) fish will be caught.

    Good to see Isabella, with her longer than long eyelashes is learning how to swim with a very good teacher.

    Lucy is such a beauty...hoping that she is using lots of sunscreen to protect that complexion. Know she is, but just want to send her a compliment.

    Elias is a fine sailor.

    Now...where was your picture, Ms Pipany? Perhaps on the next voyage?

    Best wishes.

  2. Pipany, your photographs are just gorgeous. I feel as if I have been transported to Cornwall for the day! It looks so idyllic! I am lucky to have a Breton husband and to have lived by the sea for a few years to know that your little paradise on earth looks a little familiar but when you think of those living in sprawling suburbs who never have any contact with such beauty....

    Your children look adorable. Are they getting tired with the end of term approaching? School has broken up here so now I have 2 months with the children to look forward to ;-)

  3. What a wonderful adventure! We had a small sailboat when I was a little girl and I have super memories of family togetherness and just a sense of the special. I'm so happy for your family, Pip!!! AND, you are (not for the first time) making me wish, desperately, that I had a little girl! Sweetness!!!

    Love, Kate xxo

  4. Wonderful Pipany - I feel I have been there now.

  5. I love your seaside pictures so much, Pipany. There is no blue like a seaside blue, with that special light on it and I find it sooo uplifting! Your family times look very happy and well done Isabella on swimming her first two strokes! Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  6. Thank you so much for bringing the seaside to land locked Malvern! Lovely postx

  7. I am so envious when I read these posts!! What an idyllic day! I feel as though I have stepped into a scene from Enid now to look for lashings of ginger beer!! LOL!! Cx

  8. You shouldn't do this to me - every time I visit your blog I start making plans to move west! The light is so different in your part of the world, and the sea so blue ...

    Pomona x

  9. Such picturesque pootling. Lovely.

  10. Such wonderful pictures Pip.

    Don't you just love it when your little ones are all tired out from a day on the beach and snuggle up for a snooze.

    It must be all that big girl swimming.

    take care and I hope Lucy is feeling much better.

    Nina x

  11. great post - glad your weather has improved again

  12. Lovely lazy days. We've broken up now and I could just do with Mermaid to take us somewhere picturesque, Hyde Park doesn't sound quite so appealing does it? x

  13. What a beautiful place. Have you considered approaching the tourist board for a sponsorship agreement!

  14. Oh this makes me want to pop along to the seaside right now!
    What a fabulous weekend!
    My husband is working in Ilfracombe today, in fact all week, although he assures me he can't get out of the car as it's raining so heavily!
    Rachel x

  15. Dear Pipany,

    What a lovely outing you had! We live close by the sea too, but somehow it looks different in Cornwall! Much more peaceful.

    Hope the sun will appear again soon :-)!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x