Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A Ramble on the Need for Patience

Good grief, she's posting again! I'm sure this won't last but it is quite nice to be somewhat back in the flow of blogging for the moment. And I am feeling a little better today; thank you to those who sent get well wishes x. In between the fuzzy headed moments we have been busy quaffing our tiny bottles of mead, a honey drink we made some years ago, but have only recently decided tastes more like nectar than the earwax of former times. Some things are best left - in this case, about ten years!

We have decided to make more of this delicious, rather sherry-like wine now that we can taste the point of it and have named Midsummer's Day as the designated day for so doing, hence it shall forever more be known as Midsummer Mead. It is so easy to make and even easier to drink as this oh so flattering picture shows: blurry image, blurry eyes and tipsy angled; we had a great time making it!

Other things happening here which have required some patience to achieve include the smashing of a money box by our not-so-little Lucy who has been saving for a DS thingy (technical term you know) for a very long time now. We are very proud of her as she has not once bemoaned the fact that we haven't merely handed her the money for the thing, has actively enjoyed the saving for it and has enjoyed the having of it even more. I really believe there is so much to be said for learning the value of things in this way, don't you? I also feel that this sweet girl can wear wellies with a style sadly lacking in her bleary eyed mother!

The cherries are continuing to ripen making this the best year we have had for the pretty earrings. They are sweet and juicy but alas the birds have finally discovered them. How much longer will they last?

Ah well, we'll just have to eat as many as we can before they are gone for yet another year. Soft and warm in the rare Cornish sunshine, juices dribbling through sticky fingers...Mmmm.

The designing of items goes on apace and new contacts with potential stockists are being made. It is a busy time, but I am feeling as though the tide is pulling me along and I am happy to drift along with it, seeing what presents itself and letting a few ideas float away to see where they land like so many colourful balloons upon the breeze.

Boats and berries and fluttery insects are being worked onto fabric, the threads drawing themselves along almost separate to me as my mind wanders as freely as my fingers over the cloth. It feels good to allow things to unfold in this way rather than forcing the ideas out of my often-stressed head. Sometimes it is right not to allow the need to earn, the need to produce to over-ride the very creativity that is necessary to have a viable business in the first place and I must remember that a little more often than I do.

Having said that of course, I am as ever a complicated soul who is such a strange mix of practicality and head-in-the-clouds, of realist and romantic all at once that even as I applaud the need for creativity I know I must keep a weather eye on things to ensure that my business is just that: a business and not a hobby. And so, before I go, may I thank those of you who have ordered from me both past and present, and thank those who have lightened the load of my shelves a little by purchasing one of the Beach Bags I blogged of yesterday.

Yes, a complex creature is a Pipany requiring much in the way of patience. Thank heavens for a Davey to complete the mix x


  1. Lovely cherries in a lovely bowl! It must be difficult keeping the balance between creative brain and business brain, and to develop on both fronts. They seem to be in separate boxes in my life, and I am always being pulled between the two!

    Hope you will come and join in my giveaway now that you feel a little less fuzzy!

    Pomona x

  2. You're so right Pipany. I have recently made an awe inspiring discovery. The less I worry about work and money the more it appears. I think somehoe that stressing can stall the process of letting it in. One of these spooky phenomena which I don't understand but welcome all the same. Thanks for a lovely post.

  3. The two of you look great on the photo! It must have been fun making mead.

    The cherries look delicious!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  4. Lovely photos! Well done to your daughter for saving up the money for the DS! They appreciate things more when they do this! Cx

  5. Well done daughter!! She looks so pleased..
    Lovely photo of you 2.
    Take care

  6. Pipany, I am feeling a need for that mead recipie! Glad you mentioned about the 10 years though as I have previously been dissapointed at the horribleness of year old mead... Lovely cherry pics, I am going to 'pin' one of them!

  7. That's a wonderfully happy dual portrait of you and Dave.

    That's a great photo of lovely Lucy finding her funds.

    And then, the cherries!

    Pipany, you are so wise to let your imagination be fed, and to allow that inspiration to have prominance over the notion of driving business. It's making these unique Pipany pieces that is making your business succeed.


  8. oh mead, I did it once with with rhubarb for a perfectly poached desert- and a perfectly poached brain!

    Please send some of your patience down my way

  9. Those cherries look gorgeous! I've nominated you for a versatile blogger award, go visit my site to pick it us www.soeasylife.com
    all best

  10. Any chance of sharing your mead recipe? We have been looking for different ways of using some of our honey up? Dev x p.s glad you feeling a bit better.

  11. Hello there Pipany, I think this is the first comment I have left on your blog since I started following your Cornish blog!

    I'm sure your reflections on the dreamer and realist struck a cord with many of your readers for there are many wonderful, creative souls out there enjoying your posts. I for one feel exactly the same as you. For many years I had to keep my feet tethered to the ground (not always easy when living by the windyswept Normandy sea) but now I am living in the Loire Valley among the finest gardens I find my imagination cannot be silenced anymore. Sometimes it just runs away with me altogether. When I get a little weary of the humdrum side of life I remind myself that, surely,it must be good for one's state of balance to dip into the mundane. However I dream of having days to hand during which I can just make!

    Enjoy the mead.

  12. I want to make mead! Lovely post, and love the cherries. Rachel x

  13. Just been catching up here and all is lovely as ever. Great pic of you and Dave and your lovely daughter.