Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Autumn Colours.

Strangely turbulent skies over the bay this morning as Isabella and I wasted some time by strolling across the beach. Lowering skies that belied the sunshine warming our backs. Complete contrast to the scenes of golden hues by the river only a mile away, only ten minutes later.

I like the contrast, the shadowy clouds of dusky blue shot with ochre and sulphur

and the autumnal glow of trees reflected in still waters. Colours so gentle yet strong in the same way as the delicate reds of wild poppies

Someone else enjoyed it too, though jumped feet in the air at the grinding sound of a ship's anchor dropping out in the bay, the sound echoing in the still morning.



The two faces of autumn. Which do you prefer?

Have a lovely day x


  1. Well as I'm trying to get up to the lottie I would prefer the sunshine. I don't know anyone else who could make the Penryn river look so beautiful. Have a good day.

  2. As always a beautiful post - I love those reflections in the water but it's hard to choose between the lowering clouds and the golden trees maybe it's the contrast between them both that is so very appealing - as with life in general we need brightness as well as sombre shades!


  3. Both are beautiful so I can't choose. Perhaps that says alot about me, I like variety and contrasts. I could never get sick of those river views and the boats, or your lovely blog xo

  4. The contrast is wonderful but I plump for the golden colours. Those photos along the river really make everything appear crisp, calm and very Autumnal. And with that sunshine, just a little bit warmer - brrrrr!


  5. All the skies are wonderful.
    All create a different mood.
    Today our sky is boring not even a nive grey, just that heady dull grey.

  6. I am drawn to golden colours but I like both. I like any sky that has something going on, be it turbulent swirly clouds or fluffy white ones. Today is a 'sexless' sky just outside London. The sky is one shade of light grey, hanging low and making me feel quite claustophobic! x

  7. Do you know what Pipany I would have to say at this very moment in time and from your pictures it would have to be the sea, but then it's the low hanging clouds that are doing it for me.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  8. I cant begin to choose my favourite picture today - my goodness, I would give my right arm to be walking your walk this afternoon, but you probably wouldnt want me with you, Im not very healthy at the moment and my coughing and snuffling would probably ruin the ambience!

    thank you for cheering up my day!

    Love Julia xxx

  9. What fantastic photo's.
    I can't choose as I like both also depends what mood i'm in.

    Joanne x

  10. I love extremes . . . wild and windy, calm and misty - thunder, heavy snow . . . but I do enjoy the sun. If I had to choose I would go for the wild . . .

  11. Lovely lovely photos! I absoloutely love the Fal estuary especially the King Harry Ferry! Being an Emmett and all that! I am a quarter Cornish does that count!

    Hoping to be in your neck of the woods over Christmas, I CANT WAIT to get my toes back on Cornish soil, thanks for the beautiful pics, reminds me why I cant stay away too long!

    Sarah x

  12. I'd say sunshine any day, yet you have made those louring skies look heavenly!

    Pomona x

  13. Hi pipany,
    more lovely pics,but i must say the sky wins my heart. The skies of cornwall always amaze me,they are so wonderful & can change in a blink of an eye. xx

  14. So beautiful. Our autumn colors are quickly turning to the greys of winter, so it is wonderful to see the colors that others are enjoying

  15. I'm thinking that a dress made of fabric that looks like that sky would be stunning ... I think I have a one track mind!! xx

  16. I love the lowering ones. Hate the rain but love the wind.

  17. Lovely, lovely, lovely...that sky is awesome...would love to see this in person! But your sea photos always win my heart!

  18. They are such beautiful photos Pipany that I simply can't choose - they are all so evocative. I do love the one of little Isabella playing on the sand though!

    Jeanne x